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ISPs looking to roll back new FCC privacy rules

New FCC Rules on how ISPs can use customer data came into force in the US on January 3rd, but already they look likely to be overturned. The new rules, which we reported on back in November, required ISPs to get customers to opt-in before being able

Pokémon Go banned in China

Pokémon Go was unquestionably the gaming sensation of 2016. It swept around the world, picking up legions of fans everywhere it went and being downloaded more than 100 million times by the end of August. It became a massive sensation in Asia especially, where it went live

WhatsApp encryption backdoor identified

WhatsApp has made a big deal of its end-to-end encryption, claiming that it guarantees the privacy of its user’s communications. So, it will come as something of a revelation to many of its users that WhatsApp contains a security backdoor which enables parent company Facebook and potentially

New Windows 10 Privacy Dashboard introduced

The reception Microsoft received for its Windows 10 operating system was, to say the least mixed. But from a privacy perspective, there was no ambiguity to be found. Windows 10 was found to be hovering up user data to send back to Microsoft and people weren’t happy.

Iran censorship regime blocks porn as far away as Hong Kong

Iran’s regime of internet censorship has long been blocking pornographic content in the Islamic state, but in recent days it seems their system has been rather overreaching itself. As we have reported previously, Iran is currently rolling out what it describes as a “domestic internet” system, which