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E-commerce sites targeted in China’s VPN crackdown

China’s campaign against VPNs continues with domestic e-commerce sites such as Alibaba and Taobao the latest to find themselves in the firing line. As regular readers will know, the Chinese Communist Party has been cracking down even more on online freedoms this year in the run-up to

Ex-MI5 Chief speaks out in support of encryption

A surprising new voice has joined the outcry against Government plans to try and weaken encrypted messaging services, one which rather undermines the idea that the debate is a straight choice between encryption and security. Jonathan Evans, a former head of the British Intelligence agency MI5, has

Premier League successful in blocking IPTV providers

The new season of English Premier League football kicked off this weekend, which was great news for those football fans who have starved of their passion for the past couple of months. But for many of those trying to watch coverage of games through IPTV providers, it

IPVanish vs Hotspot Shield: 2017 Comparison

All VPNs have good points and bad ones which is one of the reasons why we are asked again and again how best to choose between providers. Both IPVanish and Hotspot Shield are well-known VPNs and many of our readers have approached us over which we would

How to access Bet365 in Spain

If you are a British expat living in Spain and want to know how to use your bet365 account from abroad, this article is the guide you have been looking for. With most of us gambling online these days, it can be hugely frustrating when you move

UPDATED: Indian Government censors Internet Archive

For reasons that still remain unclear, the Indian Government appears to have taken the highly unusual step of censoring the Internet Archive (also sometimes referred to as the Internet Wayback Machine). The vitally important Internet Archive The Internet Archive is a not-for-profit organisation which has been archiving