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Personal data from 30 million Facebook accounts stolen

Last month, Facebook reported a security breach that was thought to have compromised between 50 and 90 million accounts. But now there is good news… well, sort of. Over the weekend, Facebook has proudly confirmed that actually only 30 million users have been affected. Swathes of private data

NordVPN first VPN to receive Speedtest Recommended Badge

Ookla, the internet speed-testing company behind the popular speedtest.net website have awarded one of their ‘Speedtest Recommended’ badges to a VPN for the very first time. And the recipient is one of our top recommended providers, NordVPN. VPNs are often thought to slow down internet connections as they

VPN seller given three-year jail sentence in China

Chinese authorities have confirmed that they have handed down a three-year jail sentence to a man convicted of selling VPNs illegally. It is just the latest example of the systematic crackdown on online freedoms being perpetrated by the Communist regime in China. It is believed to be

Is Canada going to tax the internet to pay musicians more?

There is an ongoing public debate in Canada about copyright protection and how to compensate musicians, film producers and other content creators for perceived lost revenue as a result of online piracy. In principle, that all sounds very reasonable, but one stakeholder in the debate has made

Democrats publish Internet Bill of Rights

The current Republican administration has already lost a huge number of votes over its systematic erosion of individual online rights in favour of ISPs and other big tech companies. And it seems that the Democrat Party has cottoned on to the fact that there is a big