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Australia’s fightback against anti-encryption laws underway

The battle to roll back Australia’s new and highly controversial encryption legislation has begun. Privacy advocates and technology industry representatives have kept the issue firmly in the public eye since the law was rushed through Australia’s Parliament just before Christmas last year. Regular readers will recall that

187,000 people fell victim to Facebook’s fake VPN app

Figures released by Facebook to US Senator Richard Blumenthal have shown that a hugely controversial fake VPN app was used by a total of 187,000 people before being withdrawn. The Onavo controversy   Regular readers may recall that last year researchers took a close look at a

Court rules MI5 stored private data illegally for years

The High Court in London yesterday revealed that the British Security Service MI5 has been illegally stored the private data of millions of British citizens for years. MI5 has now been placed under special measures by the country’s Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office (IPCO). The case was brought

Dangers of lifetime VPN deals realised as 4TFY vanishes

Ever since Australia passed their highly controversial encryption and data retention laws last year, VPN use in the country has been on the rise. So, when a new VPN service was launched through a Kickstarter campaign, it is no surprise that it proved popular with Aussie internet