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New survey shows US citizens Trump privacy concerns

A new survey has suggested that American internet users are more worried about their online privacy and security than they were a year ago. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the focus of much of this concern was aimed at new President Donald Trump and his administration. As we have reported

Amnesty highlight Kazakhstan social media crackdown

The actions of the government of Kazakhstan does not typically attract too much in the way of international attention. But its remote central Asian location and low profile does not mean it escapes the eyes of human rights campaigners. And last week Amnesty International published a report

App to detects online censorship & surveillance launched

A new app has been launched into the Apple and Android App Stores which can be used to detect, monitor, and report online surveillance and censorship around the world. The app is part of the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI), a five-year programme sponsored by the

Best VPN for Taiwan 2017: Our Top 5 Picks

In the recently published Freedom in the World report by the Freedom House organization, Taiwan has been classified as the freest country in Asia. Unlike neighbouring China, citizens of Taiwan enjoy a full range of civil liberties including access to a free and uncensored internet. But that

EU to ban Netflix from using IP address to block users

Netflix was making plenty of headlines this time last year after adopting a deliberately hostile stance again VPN users in an effort to appease the copyright holders whose products their service depends on. One year on, and legislation about to be finalised in the EU Parliament looks

Human Rights group highlight Russia’s online martial law

A new report from Russian human rights organisation Agora has highlighted further evidence of the crackdown on internet freedom in Russia, at the same time as main opposition leader Alexia Navalny has been convicted of embezzlement. Agora is a group which brings together around 50 lawyers who