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How to watch Hearts TV in Scotland and the UK

Are you a Hearts fan? Keen to see the latest highlights, interviews, reactions froim your team? Well, Hearts TV is the perfect online video service for you. Just one problem. Hearts TV is only available outside the UK. But don’t worry, in this guide, I will tell

Kaspersky VPN leaked details of visited websites

Russian internet security firm Kaspersky have been embarrassed by revelations that their in-house VPN has been leaking details of the websites users visit. But it seems they have failed to reward the security analyst who uncovered the vulnerability. The VPN offered by Kaspersky to their users is

Infowars, Alex Jones, and the online censorship debate

Anyone with even a passing interest in US politics in recent years cannot have helped but come across Infowars, the website, podcast, and TV channel run by the notorious Alex Jones. Like so much in American politics of late, Infowars has divided opinion across America, with many

Safe Wi-Fi: the Verizon VPN without a privacy policy

Last week, we reported on the news that one of America’s biggest and most data-hungry ISPs, Verizon, was launching its own VPN service. Called Safe Wi-Fi, Verizon claims that the service is intended to keep their users safe when connecting to public Wi-Fi and other insecure connections.