Wondering what all the column headings mean? Check our key and guide below the comparison table.

Best VPN Providers

RankCompany1 mth
6 mths
1 yr
Servers (+)
1ExpressVPN Small Logo

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6.6759.9599.95British Virgin IslandsWindows VPN App Mac VPN App Android VPN App iOS App
Linux VPN App Router App Fire TV App
2NordVPN Small Logo

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5.754269PanamaWindows VPN App Mac VPN App Android VPN App
iOS App Linux VPN App Fire TV App
3IPVanish Small Logo

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6.49-77.99USAWindows VPN App Mac VPN App
Android VPN App iOS App Fire TV App
4Cyberghost Small Logo

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5.9129.9449.50RomaniaWindows VPN App Mac VPN App
Android VPN App iOS App Fire TV App
5VPN.ac Small Logo

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93658RomaniaWindows VPN App Mac VPN App
Android VPN App iOS App Fire TV App
6VyprVPN Small Logo

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5.00-60SwitzerlandWindows VPN App Mac VPN App
Android VPN App iOS App
7PrivateInternetAccess Small Logo

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6.95-39.95USAWindows VPN App Mac VPN App
Android VPN App iOS App
8LiquidVPN Small Logo

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73257USAWindows VPN App Mac VPN App
Android VPN App
9StrongVPN Small Logo

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5.83-69.99USAWindows VPN App Mac VPN App
Android VPN App iOS App Fire TV App
10Proxy.sh Small Logo

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52540SeychellesWindows VPN App Mac VPN App
Android VPN App iOS App Linux VPN App
11HideMyAss Small Logo

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11.5249.9978.66UKWindows VPN App Mac VPN App
Android VPN App iOS App Linux VPN App
12Visit Provider's Site

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9.99-49.88CanadaWindows VPN App Mac VPN App
Android VPN App iOS App

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6.9935.9549.95Hong KongWindows VPN App3853
14CactusVPN Small Logo

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6.9931.9954.99Republic of MoldovaWindows VPN App Mac VPN App416
15TorGuard Small Logo

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9.9929.9959.99Nevis, West IndiesWindows VPN App Mac VPN App
Linux VPN App Android VPN App
16IBVPN Small Logo

7.9536.9569.95RomaniaWindows VPN App Mac VPN App
Android VPN App iOS App
17VPNSecure Small Logo


Last Updated : 26th January 2019

Know a good VPN provider or work for one yourself? Why not suggest it to us via our contact form and we’ll get it added to our comparison chart.


There are absolutely hundreds of VPN providers these days, in our comparison guide we’ve put together a list of some of the best VPN providers available. Searching for a provider can be a minefield which is why we don’t overload our comparison chart with too many providers.

Looking through the list in a downwards fashion you can see the name of the VPN provider and a link to the provider page. By clicking the “More details »” link for each provider you will be taken to a dedicated provider page which will list more in-depth details about that company. This includes certain details that aren’t available on the VPN comparison chart such as a full graphical map showing each providers server locations, a full list of countries in text format with flags to assist, details on their log policy, payment types, protocols and any VPN vouchers or coupons for that provider.

Clicking the logo of the provider in the comparison chart will take you straight to that providers website. For providers that we’ve reviewed you’ll find a “Full review »” link which will take you to a review of that provider, most of our reviews are very detailed although there are a summaries at the bottom for those who want to understand only the highlighted details.

1 mth, 6 mths, 1 yr

These three columns give the monthly, 6 month and yearly price in United States dollars. These columns are sortable by clicking the column headers which will sort based on highest to lowest and lowest to highest. To change the sort type just click more than once on the heading. Certain providers don’t offer 6 month priced packages which is why these areas are left blank.

Don’t forget the cheaper a VPN provider is does not always mean it is worse or indeed the same as a more expensive one, just as one that costs more doesn’t guarantee a better service. However, there are many additional features that some of the more expensive providers provide so researching each provider not just based on price is a good idea.

Company Reg.

Company Reg is dedicated to the jurisdiction of the parent company that owns the VPN provider. There is much talk from those in the privacy industry in regard to which jurisdiction is better for a VPN provider to operate under. While some have opted for more privacy centric countries such as Switzerland and off-shore locations like Panama and the Seychelles, others are operating under traditional locations such as the US and UK. Jurisdiction is personal preference and using this column allows you to quickly choose a VPN provider in a location most suitable for yourself.


The increase in popularity of mobile apps for devices such as Android and iOS has lead to an increase in custom software for both platforms and traditional systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux. Depicted by individual graphics it is easy to see which providers offer custom software for which devices.

If a provider doesn’t offer custom software it doesn’t mean that they won’t work with that device, it only means that manual set up will be required which is usually possible by following a guide on the site of the provider.

Icons symbolise Windows VPN App WindowsMac VPN App MacAndroid VPN App AndroidiOS App iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Linux VPN App Linux.

Torrents/File sharing

Different providers have different policies on Torrent access. In this column we have three available icons, Restrictions Apply RestrictedYes Allowed and No Not Allowed. Allowed and Not Allowed are self explanatory. Restricted means that the protocol of P2P and Torrent network is accessible but files that fall under copyrighted material will likely lead to account suspension either immediately or within so many warnings.

Server Country Locations

A total value of country locations is given in this column. This is not the total of servers, nor an indication of how many server locations are available in a certain country but purely the total number of countries available. This column is sortable by clicking the header to get lowest to highest and again clicking for highest to lowest.

Total Servers

This column displays the full count of servers available. Some providers have individual servers that can be connected to, while others use clusters of servers that you are automatically assigned on connection. This total number is the total number of servers across the providers network. This column is sortable also by clicking the header.


The total number of IP addresses available across the network of the provider. While some users prefer a smaller number, usually meaning many users share the same IP, others require a larger pool of IPs. This column can be sorted like others.


The search box is a way to highly customise the VPN comparison table. By entering key phrases such as “Android” or “USA” you can limit the results based on those queries. You can also combine queries with a space, for example “Romania Android” to display only providers in Romania that offer a custom Android app.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net