VPNCompare.co.uk was started in August 2013 by tech blogger, Christopher Seward. Initially with the sole goal of comparing public VPN services the site expanded to include regular articles, reviews, news, opinion and more. The site covers the VPN, privacy, security and encryption arena. In April 2015 the site was acquired by TwistedFingers Ltd. to expand the reach of the site and recruit more writers to cover VPN and other related topics.

The site has had over 2 million page views and helped over 1 million users compare VPN providers and keep up to date with news and information on content streaming, privacy, encryption and security online.

Why the site was started

Like many people out there site creator Christopher Seward started off not knowing what a VPN was, why he needed one or which was the best VPN service. After all, he has the luxury of living in a country that allows freedom of speech, has many privacy laws and at the end of it, he lives in a democracy. If he doesn’t like the way the country is going, he can vote and make a stand. However, those freedoms and freedom of privacy are ever being eroded.

The sad reality is that no matter which country you live in we are now all under surveillance, with recent stories covering the news from people like Edward Snowden, he soon realised that his and your privacy can not be guaranteed and as a UK citizen his government is constantly adding new websites to an ever growing list of “banned sites” that he, out of his own choice is not allowed to visit.

So, perhaps he wanted to visit one of these sites, he didn’t want to engage in any illegal activity, but for research, the simple fact is, he couldn’t! Now to him, this isn’t really acceptable, nor is it acceptable to have what he does on the internet snooped upon. He doesn’t expect to have the government looking through his windows, he doesn’t expect someone to travel with him in his car, he doesn’t board the train and expect to have someone sit close to watch his every move, he had had enough and he didn’t want this to be happening to his internet connection.

How the site aims to help you

So with this in mind he created VPNCompare – to run about, find out about the best VPN services out there and tell you about them so you can compare them quickly and make a decision on which will best suit your needs. He also decided to create an easy to use comparison guide so within easy sight you can see the features & functions of each service.

One thing we do know is we all deserve the privacy we should enjoy in every day life when we’re using the internet, the majority of people aren’t bad and aren’t up to things that are illegal, so why shouldn’t we help protect our privacy and make use of one of the many great VPN services out there?

We hope you find the best VPN service comparison guide useful and drop your comments in our blog posts. To sum up, we hope you’ll find the Virtual Private Network service you’re after and find the best VPN service for your needs.