Full Disclosure

Honest review policy

Like anything in life, not all things are created equally.

This is especially true when it comes to the internet and websites in general. Due to this there are a lot of misconceptions about sites that fall under a certain category or within the umbrella of a specific topic.

To set our website apart from others similar we want to be as clear as possible about our site, its intentions and the way in which it is funded.

Firstly and most importantly we feel it is of utmost importance to explain that our site falls under the category of an “affiliate marketer” and to list the full way in which our site is funded and how it is able to continue to operate.

Below are the possible methods that generate revenue that allow our site to function :-

  1. Fees from referrals to providers
  2. Funded reviews

What are ‘Fees from referrals to providers?’

When following one of our links if you choose to sign up to a provider we will be paid a commission for referring you. If you do not agree with this practice you are free to type the URL of the VPN provider directly into your web-browser to avoid this.

What are ‘Funded reviews’?

Due to the size of the VPN market it is impossible for us to fully test, analyse and write reviews for every service. In very limited circumstances (Less than 5%) we will take payment for the physical time spent testing a service.

It does not affect the outcome of the review and is clearly noted in the review should this be the case.

It has often been the case that these reviews have scored lower compared to reviews which are not funded due to a lack of quality from the service.

Good causes

Funding helps our site continue to operate.

We also make a commitment to give a percentage of our profits back to privacy, digital rights, freedom of speech and censorship organisations through financial donations.

VPNCompare is a proud supporter of:

  • Let’s Encrypt
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
  • Open Rights Group (ORG)
  • Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI)
  • Open Source Initiative (OSI)

Service funding

Aside from those above two listed methods there are no other sources of funding for the site.

It takes an awful lot of time to run a site such as this, with researching, writing, building relationships with providers plus a whole host of other menial tasks – it really isn’t something that could be achieved to such a standard by running for free so to speak.

We do recommend certain providers in certain situations when we feel they are appropriate for the required task, if they aren’t suitable for a specific task then they will not be recommended, if you follow our recommendation and click the link we in many (but not all cases) receive a small fee at no cost to yourself for referring you, however, we do not receive any type of payment for the following :-

  • 95% of Reviews
  • Articles
  • Guides
  • Recommendations
  • Position listed in tables (such as our comparison guide)

Articles, Reviews and Guides are written with the opinion of the author and as a set rule we do not accept any form of payment to ensure that all opinions are unbiased.

When writing reviews, if a service is not up to standard then this will be written as fact and any good provider would appreciate the opportunity to rectify the negative aspects of the service, as can be seen in one of our past email conversations with a provider who received a less than favourable review :-

Honest review policy

To uphold integrity and honesty all reviews, articles and guides are associated with the author in question and as such by putting our name to what is written is our badge of honour. It could be so easy to write without disclosure of the author identity and as such we do so to retain integrity on our written word and suggestions.

We are committed to our principles and make this clear to all providers we have contact with :-

Honest review policy

We hope with our disclosure you fully understand our commitment to providing you the best service possible and the reasons why it is a requirement that to continue to operate we require to be funded.

Just as you may pay for your favourite print magazine, rather than charging for accessing the site we in theory pass those costs on to the provider should you sign up to a service and if you still don’t agree then you are fully entitled to visit any provider listed or suggested directly without using our links :-

Honest review policy

Honesty is the best policy and we hope you continue to enjoy our work.