NordVPN release Amazon Fire TV Stick app

Hot on the heels of other providers, leading VPN service NordVPN has unleashed their first Amazon Fire TV Stick app. The app which works on both Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices allows users to protect their privacy and unblock region-restricted content directly on their

ISP survey reveals extent of cyber-security threat

A new survey of British Internet Service Providers (ISPs) has revealed the extent of the cyber-attacks they face and given a fascinating insight into how they are defending themselves and their users against an ever-growing threat. British ISPs under the cosh The survey, which was carried out

Best VPN for Steam gaming: Top 5 Choices

In this guide I’ll be rounding up the very best VPN services for use with Steam. If you’re a gamer and a PC gamer in particular then you’ll know how important every ‘ms’ is on your ping. Especially if you’re an FPS gamer or play any game

Apple launches new privacy website

As competitors like Google and Facebook have come in for a barrage of criticism in recent months of their disregard for user privacy, Apple has quietly kept its head down and continued to be judged on its actions. And they seem to be doing pretty well at

ZenMate bought by CyberGhost owner Kape Technologies

ZenMate VPN has become the latest online security and privacy company to be acquired by Kape Technologies, the technology investment vehicle of Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi. It is their second venture into the VPN market after their earlier purchase of CyberGhost VPN. ZenMate: a free and premium