Hacked sites up by a third in 2016 says Google report

Google has published their ‘State of Website Security’ report for 2016, which claims that almost a third more websites were victims of hacking compared to a year previously. They say that 32% more websites fell victim to hackers, and even more worryingly they believe this upward trend

Privacy in China showing signs of improvement

Privacy is not something people typically associate with China. The authoritarian state has one of the most comprehensive surveillance systems in the world and very little that anyone there does is not open to government scrutiny at some stage. But it seems that, belatedly, China might be

US warrant means anyone using Google is a suspect

A US court has ruled that police can demand data from Google about everyone in a city who carried out a particular search rather than having to identify a suspect in what could prove to be a landmark ruling. Previously, US law required the police to both

Facebook & Twitter face Pakistan blasphemy conundrum

Facebook and Twitter have been put in a rather difficult position by the Pakistani authorities after they were asked to assist the government in identifying Pakistani citizens who have posted blasphemous content on the sites. The request includes identifying people within Pakistan to enable them to be