US raises China VPN ban with World Trade Organisation

The US Government has stepped into the debate about China’s proposed ban on VPNs after reporting the new policy to the World Trade Organisation (WTO). In a statement made to the WTO’s Services Council, the US representative claimed that the new rules appeared to create significant new

FTC advises VPN consumers to do their research

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is not the first place you would expect to be offering guidance on purchasing a VPN, especially given the US Government’s open hostility to online encryption. But that is what they have done in a blog posting on their official website.

VPN support dropped as Opera Max reborn Samsung Max

Opera Software the company behind the well-known web-browser retired their Opera Max product which had built-in VPN functionality to the great waste bin in the sky recently. It has since been picked up by Samsung and rebranded Samsung Max. The ‘Opera‘ now Samsung Max app is a