Australia raising encryption at ‘Five Eyes’ meeting

Australia is mounting a fresh attack on encrypted communications this week as the so-called ‘Five Eyes’ group of countries meets for the first time since the recent spate of terrorist attacks in the UK. As we have reported before, Australia has backed the stance taken by the

Australian Data Retentions law come under focus again

Ever since Australia’s National Get a VPN Day, there has been significant scrutiny, both inside and outside the country, of the impact of their new Data Retention laws. As readers, may recall, back in 2015, Australia’s Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill passed into law.

China forces local VPN service GreenVPN to close

Well-known Chinese VPN service GreenVPN has closed its doors after pressure from the Chinese authorities. GreenVPN which is little known outside China catered for Chinese users who wished to hop over the Chinese internet firewall. The firewall often referred to as the Great Firewall of China blocks

5 Best ways to boost your Wi-Fi Signal

One problem that some users encounter is a reduction in connection speeds when using Wi-Fi. In an age where we are accessing more and more data-intensive content, such as online media, this is not ideal. Connection speeds are also dependent on many factors, but starting with your

UK surveillance powers on hold as ECJ ruling looms

A number of UK public bodies are holding off requesting access to individual’s internet browser records until the European Court of Justice has handed down its judgement in a landmark legal case which could throw the legislation on its head. Bulk Data collection powers Regular users will