5 of the Best VPN services for 2017

A VPN for 2017 should be top of your priority list but finding a good one can be troublesome. I’ve been testing a whole host VPN providers to bring you a list of 5 of the best for 2017. There is a huge difference in quality when

ISPs looking to roll back new FCC privacy rules

New FCC Rules on how ISPs can use customer data came into force in the US on January 3rd, but already they look likely to be overturned. The new rules, which we reported on back in November, required ISPs to get customers to opt-in before being able

5 of the Best VPNs for China 2017

If you live or are travelling to China then a VPN is essential. In this guide I’m looking at the Best VPN for China and comparing 5 leading providers. With so much outdated and inaccurate information this updated guide for 2017 will allow you to surf the

Pokémon Go banned in China

Pokémon Go was unquestionably the gaming sensation of 2016. It swept around the world, picking up legions of fans everywhere it went and being downloaded more than 100 million times by the end of August. It became a massive sensation in Asia especially, where it went live