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UK Government pushes WhatsApp for encryption backdoor again

According to reports in the UK, a fresh request from the British Government for WhatsApp create a backdoor into their encrypted messaging service was refused earlier this year. The story, which was first reported on Sky News referenced an anonymous source from within the security industry who add support for many types of cryptocurrency payments one of the most innovative VPN providers have announced they are now accepting a huge range of cryptocurrency payment types. They have partnered with cryptocurrency payment provider CoinPayments to handle the secure payment transactions. Previously only accepting Bitcoin payments, are now able to accept up

UK Government publishes new Data Protection Bill

The UK has published its new Data Protection Bill, which the Government claims will “bring our data protection regime into the twenty-first century”. The bill which is part of the National Cyber Security Strategy is intended to find a balance between protecting data, penalising those who break

InvizBox 2 announced with Kickstarter launch

The team behind both the InvizBox and InvizBox Go have announced their latest security product, the InvizBox 2. The launch on Kickstarter is aiming to raise €50,000 over the next 35 days with the goal to bring this updated security device to market. InvizBox previously launched two