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The Huawei debate: no smoke without fire

Controversial Chinese telecommunications company Huawei has been in the news here in the UK in a big way this week. The headlines have been spawned by a controversial decision from British Prime Minister Theresa May to allow the company to play a role in the development of

How VPN use is hitting piracy sites ad revenue

The merits of using a VPN are increasingly well known. They offer you online security, privacy, and the ability to unlock blocked content around the world. But new reports suggest they could also be playing a role in the battle against online privacy too. Yes, that’s right,

Austria planning to ban internet anonymity

There are a number of countries which have tried to ban online anonymity. Most of them are brutal authoritarian regimes like Communist China, Iran, and Russia. But now there is a new name to add to the list and this one is a picturesque and democratic Alpine

UK porn age verification scheme to go live on 15th July

The UK Government has confirmed that their controversial and ill-thought through porn age verification scheme will go live on 15th July this year. The announcement comes as even the body tasked with overseeing the new arrangements admits that it will not stop young people from accessing explicit content