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Nigerian telco’s to block Skype and WhatsApp for profit

Telecoms companies in Nigeria have been suffering revenue losses in recent years as a result of the huge increase in international calls which are now being made over the internet using services like Skype and WhatsApp. But rather than take the course of action which any healthy

Save 30% off IPVanish for Privacy Week 2017

IPVanish our top rated VPN provider are offering a massive 30% off this week. In what they have dubbed their “Privacy Week” IPVanish are doing their bit to raise awareness of online privacy and allowing you as the customer to save a bundle of cash off their VPN

Russian Online Censor suggests under-10’s internet ban

Remarkable comments from the head of Russia’s online censorship body, the Rozcomnadzor, have emerged in which he says that children aged under 10 shouldn’t use the internet. The man in question is Alexander Zharov and the comments were made in a question and answer session with

New survey shows US citizens Trump privacy concerns

A new survey has suggested that American internet users are more worried about their online privacy and security than they were a year ago. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the focus of much of this concern was aimed at new President Donald Trump and his administration. As we have reported

Amnesty highlight Kazakhstan social media crackdown

The actions of the government of Kazakhstan does not typically attract too much in the way of international attention. But its remote central Asian location and low profile does not mean it escapes the eyes of human rights campaigners. And last week Amnesty International published a report