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WhatsApp the latest site to fall victim to Chinese censors

The Chinese censors are on the march once more, with WhatsApp users in China feeling the brunt of their actions this time. The Facebook-owned encrypted messaging app appears to have been partially blocked in China, with multiple sources reporting that picture, video, and voice messages are no

Chinese hotel Waldorf Astoria blocks VPN access

China is back in the news for VPN restrictions this week as the hotel Waldorf Astoria removes VPN access as part of their service. China has given VPN services something of a rough time in recent years doing everything in their power to restrict their access. Up

Serious concerns raised about EU Copyright reform

The European Union is currently reviewing EU Copyright Law under the pretence of modernising them for the digital age. On the face of it that might not sound like such a bad idea, but sadly the reality is raising much greater concerns. When their first proposal was

Huge Response to Net Neutrality ‘Day of Action’

Net Neutrality has been back in the spotlight this week after Wednesday 12th July was declared as a ‘Day of Action’ in which everyone who cares about the issue, from big tech companies to individual users, was encouraged to protest online against the policies of the Federal Communications