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How to access blocked adult sites in Philippines

In 2016, ranked the Philippines among the top 10 nations with the most internet freedoms. Despite their impressive score, however, Philippines is far from censorship-free, and the restrictions seem to be tightening up. Earlier this week, BBC News reported that a number of local ISPs began blocking

How to install Kodi on Windows

If you’ve heard of Kodi then you’ve probably heard it’s a great new way to get access to TV content, Sports, Movies and a whole lot more. However, installing Kodi can be a daunting prospect. The reality is it’s really simple and no matter what your technical skill

Best VPN for British Expats

Finding a good VPN if you’re a British expat can be hard but it need not be. In this guide I’m taking a look at 5 of the best VPN providers for British Expats which will help you make a purchasing decision. There are a couple of

Best VPN for Chromebook

In this article I’m going to show you the Best VPN for Chromebook detailing 5 different providers and highlighting their positives and negatives to help you make a purchasing decision. Finding a good and reliable VPN service can be difficult in itself but when throwing the fact