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Best VPN for Free 2017: Our Top 5 Choices

Free VPN providers are rubbish. I’ll be honest. Sure, they cost nothing which is great but apart from that, they’re really not the best. Most of us don’t want to pay for services when we can get them for free and that extends to VPN services which

Best VPN for ISP Throttling: Our Top 5 Choices

No matter what ISP you’re with or in what country nearly all employ some kind of Throttling. Throttling can be called many different names but is often referred to as Traffic Throttling or Traffic Shaping. Basically, it’s a nice way of saying “we’re going to slow your

Best VPN for TalkTalk: Our Top 5 Choices

In this article I’m taking a look at the Best VPN for TalkTalk. If you’ve got a TalkTalk subscription in the UK and you’re looking for the best VPN service to use it with then it can be difficult and lengthy process. There is just so much

Best VPN for iPad 2017: Our Top 5 Choices

Tablet computers have revolutionized the personal computer marketplace and it is Apple’s iPad which is the dominant player. Since its launch in 2010, more than 338 million devices have been sold at an estimated rate of 79 every minute. 80% of the tablet web traffic comes from

Best VPN for BT Infinity: Our Top 5 Choices

Choosing the Best VPN for BT Infinity can be a minefield. There are literally thousands of VPN providers available now and if you’re finding it hard to make a choice then you’re not alone. Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing a selection of the most