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VyprVPN Review


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VyprVPN is a market-leading VPN which continues to build on its strong foundations and has added an independently-verified no logs policy to its offering this year.


  • Independently verified no logs policy.
  • Strong encryption.
  • 3-day free trial.
  • Works well in China.
  • Custom Chameleon VPN protocol.


  • Not the cheapest.
  • Limited concurrent connections.
  • Speeds can be average.

VyprVPN is one of the big names in the VPN world, but there have been a few areas where their service has been lacking in recent times.

But they have made some big leaps forward in 2019. So, we have taken a fresh look at their service to see how it compares to the market in 2020.


VyprVPN’s pricing structure is a little more complicated than the majority of its rivals. You can choose between a monthly or annual subscription, but they also have two levels of subscription; basic and premium.

Those who opt for the basic plans are able to access the core features of VyprVPN’s service but can only connect a maximum of three devices at any one time.

If you choose their premium subscription, you can connect up to five devices and also benefit from their Chameleon Protocol and their VyprVPN Cloud feature (see below for more details).

The pricing structure for these two packages is as follows:

VyprVPN Basic:

  • Monthly – £6.90
  • Annual – £32.64 (£2.72 per month)

VyprVPN Premium:

  • Monthly – £9.25
  • Annual – £43.13 (3.59 per month)

VyprVPN Monthly Prices

For a monthly subscription, these prices are fairly high, but if you are willing to commit for a year, prices are much more competitive and we would strongly recommend you choose an annual subscription.

VyprVPN is also one of the few VPN providers that still offer a free trial too. Anyone can access their service for up to three days risk-free. You do have to enter payment details to access this free trial, but VyprVPN will not take any money off your card until the end of your three day trial period.

However, if you choose not to terminate your trial, you will be automatically billed for an annual Premium subscription. This can trip some users up, so be sure to go into this free trial with your eyes open.

VyprVPN no longer offers a free-trial.

Payment can be made by Visa and Mastercard as well as PayPal and, rather controversially, Alipay.

While this service makes it easier for users in China to subscribe, given this service’s close connections to the Communist regime in China, we would suggest avoiding this method of payment unless absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately for privacy-conscious users, VyprVPN does not accept payment by Bitcoin at the moment.



All VyprVPN subscribers can take advantage of the usual selection of VPN protocols. PPTPL2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN are available to everyone regardless of which package you choose.

If you opt for the Premium package, you will also be able to access their own unique Chameleon protocol which thwarts VPN blocking.

This is based on OpenVPN but has disguised headers which VyprVPN claims allows users to bypass online censorship in China and other countries around the world. In our testing, it seems to work pretty well.

The Chameleon protocol allows VyprVPN to access services like the BBC iPlayer and US Netflix which have tried to block VPN users from accessing their service. It doesn’t currently work on the UK Netflix, but few VPNs do at the moment.


Like most VPNs, VyprVPN makes a bit of a fuss about keeping no logs of any kind. In previous reviews, we have been somewhat critical of the amount of connection data they have retained, but that is no longer the case.

Last year saw VyprVPN’s No Logs guarantee independently audited by security company, Leviathan Security Group. They confirmed that VyprVPN not only have no logs of user content but that they also no longer retain any connection, metadata or identifying information either.

This independently verified no-logs guarantee means that VyprVPN now offers some of the best privacy protection of any VPN provider.

Server Locations

Over the past year, VyprVPN has continued to expand their server network. The latest additions have been in locations as diverse as Majuro, Algiers, Cairo, Athens, Riga, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Kiev, San Salvador, Montevideo, Macau, Male, and Karachi.

In total, VyprVPN has more than 700 servers and in 70 countries across six continents. This includes 10 different North American locations, 30 in Europe, and 14 in Asia.

VyprVPN users can benefit from in excess of 200,000 global IP Address. They claim that all of their servers are super-fast too.

It is not the biggest server network you will find, but it does offer an excellent spread of servers with all of the most popular locations well catered for.

Concurrent Connections

The number of concurrent connections you can use will depend on which subscription package you opt for. On the basic package, three simultaneous connections are available, while the Premium package offers five.

In an age when most VPNs offer a minimum of five and often more, this is at the lower end of the scale.

Three concurrent connections will be insufficient for many users. These days most of us have multiple devices and people often like to connect their families to their package too.

Five will be sufficient for most users, but with other providers offering up to 12, it would be nice to see VyprVPN following their lead in the coming year.

Other notable features

We have already touched on the three biggest special features of VyprVPN’s service, their 3-day free trial, independently-audited no logs guarantee and their unique Chameleon protocol.

Another feature which most other providers cannot match is that VyprVPN’s operator, Golden Frog, also owns and operates all of the servers VyprVPN makes use of. This is great for privacy-conscious users because it means that no third-party’s have access to their servers, ensuring a higher degree of data privacy and security.

VyprVPN works with many streaming services which is an improvement on past years. This includes the likes of BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Eurosport Player and it even unblocks Netflix.

Two other features which you might encounter are aimed at corporate customers rather than individual users. These are VyprVPN for Business and VyprVPN for Business Cloud.

The former offers the possibility to access worldwide business servers by multiple users per one subscription while the latter does the same but also throws in your own dedicated server and IP for every user on your corporate network too.


VyprVPN offers a huge range of dedicated apps for just about every device you can think of.

It is one of the biggest selections we have seen with a premium VPN and includes provisions for VPN routers, Smart TVs, QNAP, Blackphone, and Anonabox.

There are still a couple of omissions from the list though. There is not currently an app for Linux users. If you’re a Linux user then you will need to set up VyprVPN manually and while instructions are available on their website, it is not a process novice users should undertake.

There is also not currently an Amazon app, which means you cannot use VyprVPN with your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick without manual setup either.

But the apps that most people will use are the ones for Desktop and Mac computers and iOS and Android mobile devices and these are pretty impressive. Our most recent tests used their apps for Mac and iOS devices

When you first open the VyprVPN Mac app, it introduces you to a number of features. You have the choice to set VyprVPN to automatically connect whenever you are using an untrusted Wi-Fi network (and also set up trusted Wi-Fi networks).

In a feature unique to the Mac app, you can also customise your VPN connections for individual apps. This means you can choose to connect automatically when using certain apps and disconnect when using others.

You can also set up VyprVPN to automatically block malicious websites at this point as well as enable the kill switch feature, to ensure that if your internet connection is cut, no data will be leaked. All of these features are also available on the apps home page too, so it is easy to change them later.

One downside to the Mac app was that on setup it did require a change be made to your Mac settings in order to be able to connect.

This was easily done and the app automatically displayed step-by-step instructions, but it was still a little irritating and not something we have encountered with many other VPNs.

But in general terms, all of the VyprVPN apps are well designed and easy to use. They have been simplified from last year and, while they do feature a traffic graph on the homepage which might make them look complicated to novice users, this can safely be ignored.


In recent years, VyprVPN’s connection speeds have been mixed, to say the least. They have, generally speaking, been best described as average for some time now.

We have never found that connections speeds were so slow as to impact on daily usage. But we have never been blown away by their lightning-pace either. This has recently changed and as shown in our speed testing there has been a marked improvement in overall speeds.

We ran a test on VyprVPN by downloading a test file on a UK residential connection from different servers around the world. Our regular connection speed with no VPN connection was 40.72 Mbps.

  • UK – 34.42 Mbps
  • Netherlands – 32.40 Mbps
  • Switzerland – 31.46 Mbps
  • Sweden – 33.75 Mbps
  • France – 33.65 Mbps
  • New York, US – 29.84 Mbps
  • Australia – 26.24 Mbps

There are definitely faster VPNs out there, but for everyday usage, even downloading files and online streaming, VyprVPNs speeds are perfectly satisfactory.

Encryption & Policies:


VyprVPN’s encryption options vary slightly depending on which protocol you use but are generally up there with the market standard.

Their PPTP protocol only offers 128-bit encryption, which is not secure, but this is the case with all providers. L2TP/IPsec and Chameleon offers 256-bit as standard, while OpenVPN is available with both 256-bit and the rather unusual 160-bit encryption. This lower level of encryption should increase speeds but at the expense of security.

VyprVPN uses a 2048-bit RSA key for handshaking. This is on a par with most premium VPNs, but not as secure as some such as VPN.ac which have already upgraded to a 4096-bit key.

Privacy Policies

We have already touched on VyprVPN’s newly acquired status as an independently-verified no logs VPN provider. This independent verification means that you can be sure that VyprVPN is keeping absolutely no information about your connection, including metadata.

It is also worth noting that VyprVPN’s owner, Golden Frog is incorporated in Switzerland. Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution guarantees the right to privacy and they offer some of the most privacy-conscious laws in Europe.

That means it is unlikely that VyprVPN will come under any state pressure to hand over any details relating to their users.


VyprVPN has always been one of the most dependable VPNs around with quality security features and they have made real progress in the last twelve months.

Their server network has continued to expand, their encryption continues to be sound, and their speeds are still consistent and reasonably fast.

The biggest improvement in their service has come around privacy. Their independently-verified no user logs guarantee is a huge leap forward in an area where our review last year found their service to be wanting.

While their prices remain a little high, there are a few apps missing, and they could offer more concurrent connections, generally speaking, VyprVPN really is now one of the best all-round VPN providers on the market.

30-day money back guarantee

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