What’s going on in the VPN World: March 2017

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The Winter is finally coming to an end for much of the western world and with Summer to look forward to it’s no time to slack on your online security.

This month saw the revelation from Wikileaks that shows the CIA is able to snoop on many of the communications apps that we rely on even though they have encryption in place.

With news like this it makes it ever more imperative to take measures to secure your online privacy and with a VPN you can do this.

So let’s find out what the leading VPN providers have been up to in March 2017 to aid you in the fight to protect your privacy.

StrongVPN says Hej to Sweden

In Sweden they say “Hej” for “Hi” and this month StrongVPN have been sending a big “Hej” to the Nordic country.

Introducing their first ever servers in the capital Stockholm.

StrongVPN already had servers in Sweden in the lesser known city of Molkom but with an increase in demand they have opened three new servers in Sweden’s capital.

One server offering PPTP connections and two offering OpenVPN are available to use immediately for current customers and will be accessible to all future customers too.

Great place for a VPN server

Sweden, the home of The Pirate Bay is considered highly desirable in the privacy world and no push-over when it comes to protecting users’ data.

In fact, in 2013 the European Court of Justice fined Sweden some 3 million Euros for failing to implement the then EU Data Retention Directive in time because of debate around the protection of privacy against the need to combat crime effectively.

NordVPN introduce IPv6 leak protection and more

NordVPN have been the busiest VPN provider in the industry over the February and March period.

NordVPN introduced IPv6 leak protection which is great news because IPv4 addresses are running out.

As users start to be moved over to IPv6 addresses more regularly the chances of data leaking outside a VPN connection increases. NordVPN have introduced a feature within their software that protects this from happening.

TV streaming

This month sees NordVPN do away with their “Fast TV Streaming” servers because all US and UK VPN servers are being optimised for TV streaming.

This means servers in those locations will be able to handle more users and provide better speeds. With some of the best entertainment content being from both the US and UK this is great news for users.

Dedicated IP Addresses

As a final service update NordVPN introduced the ability to get a dedicated IP Address.

For a small additional fee users can get their very own IP Address in Buffalo – US, Frankfurt – Germany, Milton Keynes – UK or Amsterdam – Netherlands.

Users wishing to take advantage of the feature should contact NordVPN directly.

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