What’s going on in the VPN World: June 2016


June is an interesting month for VPN use. If you’re after streaming sports overseas using a VPN then this month and the proceeding ones will see a VPN become a very handy tool indeed.

With the Euro 2016 football tournament less than a week away a VPN will let you watch all the matches regardless of where you are in the world. If football isn’t your game then there are other sporting events such as Wimbledon, the Tour De France, and the Olympics to look forward to.

If you’re not into sport at all then it goes without saying, using a VPN can greatly increase your online privacy both at home or out and about using public Wi-Fi and with plenty of providers offering sporting or summer sales now is a good time to bag yourself a VPN bargain and keep yourself secure.

IPVanish gives India a boost

IPVanish has for a long time been one of the biggest VPN providers in terms of locations and countries covered. This month and last they’ve been expanding adding new servers across the globe.

India has recently seen a boom in VPN use with leading paper The Times of India even reporting on the uptake. To keep up with this explosion in use and help users from outside India access services like Hotstar, IPVanish has added a brand new server location to their list in none other than Mumbai, India.

India VPN server

Not only have they added Mumbai to their collection but they also added 4 extra servers in Hyderabad. This brings the overall locations available in India to 5 with over 18 servers in the country alone.

Not content with boosting the power in India a further collection of servers were added to their Zurich – Switzerland, Guadalajara – Mexico and Athens – Greece locations.

So if you’re looking for a VPN provider that has a wealth of server availability then IPVanish could very well be for you. Check out our latest review of their service or click the button below to visit their site.

ExpressVPN launch updated Android client

ExpressVPN is a provider that moves at a fast pace when it comes to their software and app development.

This month they launched their updated version of their Android client v5.0.

The new update includes a variety of changes with one of the most interesting being the possibility to get connected and find the locations you want to connect to even easier. This is great news if you just want to connect quickly and forget about the VPN service.

ExpressVPN Android v5.0

v5.0 makes it even easier to connect.

Securing your mobile device can often be a pain. If you switch it off or reset then you have to remember to launch the app and connect again. The latest edition of the ExpressVPN app does away with this with the new “Reconnect on Android Startup” option. No longer will you have to manually launch the app and connect.

To round off the updates ExpressVPN have made contacting support, changing your VPN protocol and accessing your account details even easier from within the side menu of the app meaning you can control your account all from your mobile device without the need for any desktop intervention.

Check out the latest review of the ExpressVPN service or visit their site using the link below.

VyprVPN introduces Alipay

VyprVPN this month launched the introduction of Alipay as a payment method.

As VPN use around the world expands paying for a service is often one of the hardest parts of the job for those located in less than mainstream countries.

China being one of the biggest consumers of VPN services has many localised payment methods including Alipay but not all providers accept these localised payment methods making it difficult for Chinese users to signup.

VyprVPN has expanded their offering by introducing the new digital wallet option Alipay which is available to use as a payment method for all new users.

With servers in Hong Kong and surrounding countries plus the proprietary VPN protocol Chameleon which is suitable for bypassing the great firewall of China, the new Chinese based payment method will be a welcomed addition.

Take a look at our recent VyprVPN review or click the button below to visit their site.