What’s going on in the VPN World: April 2016


VPN providers are often known to sneak out updates each and every month. From software and app updates to server expansions. Often these updates go unnoticed, some make the small pages of the provider’s blog and others just get rolled out without a word.

Next thing you know your provider has a ton of new VPN servers, their speeds have increased dramatically or you notice a change in their software or app. I’m rounding up the latest VPN news from April 2016 so you can see what the most popular VPN providers have been up to.

If you’re still looking for that ideal VPN provider then some of the latest updates from the leading VPN providers might just be the answer to your search.

IPVanish backs the EFF

IPVanish EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation or EFF as they are more commonly known are an organisation fighting for digital rights and defending civil liberties.

In a world with many wrongs they are often the organisation at the forefront of campaigns to right those wrongs and in the digital world they are to thank for many policy changes and actions against unjust situations.

Leading VPN provider IPVanish this month backed the EFF becoming a Leader Level donor to help them in the fight to continue their work for digital civil liberties.

IPVanish becomes the latest company to follow suit with ourselves at VPNCompare who are also a Leader Level donor to the EFF reaffirming their commitment to privacy and online rights.

After the Apple vs FBI battle fixated the world IPVanish were compelled to back the EFF in the fight for digital rights alongside offering a leading privacy orientated service. IPVanish said that they now offer both “lock and key” for personal data security and by backing the EFF alongside their award winning VPN service they’re certainly keeping to their word.

To find out more about IPVanish or sign-up to their service click the button below.

ExpressVPN launches Linux client and update iOS

If you’re a Linux user then in the VPN world you’re often overlooked. While Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS are covered by a wide range of providers Linux barely gets a look in.

This month ExpressVPN sought to put an end to that and launched their very first dedicated Linux client.

ExpressVPN Linux

As you would expect the Linux client is command line interface based but there are some surprising features. You can connect without having to download configuration files, the Linux client simply allows you to just select a server and go. No messing about with downloading and installing multiple configs.

The client will also keep tabs on server updates for you so the list of 100 locations and 78 countries available will always be automatically up to date. You’re also able to switch between the UDP and TCP protocol to find the best balance of reliability and speed for your connection.

iOS update

While Windows, Android and now even Linux have been feeling the love at ExpressVPN the iOS app was due an update. After releasing v5.0 of most of their major clients in recent months it’s now time for iOS to shine.

The interface of the iOS app for both iPhone and iPad has now been made more intuitive with a freshly updated design. Not only has the design had an overhaul but settings to choose a protocol to allow you to fix problem areas and speed up your mobile VPN connection.

If you’re a new user then the new in-app tour will guide you through all the settings and features allowing you to get more out of the app.

If you’re interested in taking a look at their new Linux client or their updated iOS app then click the button below.

StrongVPN expands network

It’s been a little quiet in the server expansion area from nearly all leading VPN providers in the past few months. Although it’s nothing new for the start of the year it is clear that StrongVPN is bucking this trend and have been busy introducing a mammoth amount of new locations and servers.

Last month and the start of 2016 StrongVPN have introduced a staggering 19 new VPN servers in 9 different cities.

The new additions include:

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Milan, Italy
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Molkom, Sweden
  • Chicago, USA
  • New York, USA
  • Phoenix, USA
  • Manchester, UK

If you want to check out their new servers or even their older ones, click the button below.

Christopher Seward

Author: Christopher Seward

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