Watching Match of the Day abroad with VyprVPN

The classic British institute, Match of the Day. One of the most loved programmes on British TV and for very good reason. For those who love football, Match of the Day has become the jewel in the crown of football catch up. It has been many years since premium TV channels such as Sky and BT Sport picked up the rights to air the premiership matches and for many the cost just isn’t within budget, either that or the wife doesn’t think it’s worth it, one of the two.

So for years Match of the Day has been the best way for football fans to watch the highlights of not only their own team, but of all the matches played over the weekend. With its iconic theme tune, even none football fans could hum or whistle it out.

I’m about to head off on my travels soon and hate missing my favourite programmes, especially where football in concerned. Match of the Day is shown on the BBC which means online it is available to view either live or recorded on BBC iPlayer. Being abroad is going to mean that iPlayer is unavailable because any country outside the UK is blocked from viewing. Back in late 2013 I wrote an article on how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad, in it I tested various methods of accessing iPlayer abroad and came to the conclusion that a VPN service is the only way to go.

After testing a host of providers I discovered that VyprVPN was the best choice to watch because not only did they give you a 3 day trial to get the hang of the service and see it in action without paying, they also allowed streaming of both standard definition and high definition content from iPlayer without any issues, stuttering or buffering.

So with this in mind, I’ll be sure to be taking my handy VPN away with me, easily installed on both my Windows tablet and Android phone, it gives me the flexibility to be able to watch Match of the Day and the whole of iPlayer on either device while outside the UK.

If you’re interested yourself it is well worth testing out the service with their trial, the bonus of that is if you can’t figure it out or it just isn’t for you then you can cancel without being charged, although I’m sure once you discover how easy it is to watch Match of the Day abroad and other programmes from the BBC you really won’t want to cancel.

Time to get away from this British winter and enjoy British TV in the sun?

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