How to Watch Sony Crackle in UK and Other Countries

Sony Crackle on a TV

Wouldn’t it be great if Crackle was available in the UK?

It’s bursting full of free films, but sadly, it’s not available.

Right now you’ve got two choices. You can either pay for a subscription service like Netflix or Prime. Or go without (boo!).

Amazingly, it doesn’t need to be like that. In this guide I’ll be showing you how you can use a simple VPN app to stream Crackle in the United Kingdom.

Best of all, it requires minimal effort so even if you’re the worst person with tech, you can do this.

While this free-to-use online movie streaming website is convenient and easy to watch movies on, it is also blocked in most regions, including the UK.

So, if you like watching movies and you wish to learn how you can access Crackle from the UK, you have come to the right place.

To find out more and get watching, keep reading.

What you need to unlock it

The best way to unblock any service that is geo-restricted, censored, or unavailable in your region for any other reason is to use a VPN app.

VPN uses special technology that allows you to become semi-anonymous online and bypass restrictions by hiding your location.

Sounds complicated, right?

Well – it isn’t, and I’ll be showing you exactly how later in this guide.

Popcorn and movie reel

Using a VPN you can also connect to a different area which doesn’t suffer from the same restrictions, and access all that content that would usually be blocked and unavailable to you.

Plus aside from unblocking Crackle and getting a ton of free movies and shows, there are other uses too, but you’ll need to stick around to find out what they are.

Where to get a VPN?

There are many VPNs out there, so picking the right one is not that easy, especially since they are all different.

To make matters worse, out of some 500 that are available, not all work for use with Crackle.

My favourite service without question is ExpressVPN, and it’s the one I’ve regularly been using to view Crackle.

It has a massive number of servers located in 94 countries around the world. More importantly, it has excellent download speeds that are perfect for streaming.

hint: this means no pesky buffering!

It is also affordable – more so if you choose longer-lasting plans – and it uses advanced technology to protect you online, which is a great side feature I’ll explain later.

Best of all, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, should you change your mind and decide to cancel it.

Alternatively, there are some other suitable options.

NordVPN and CyberGhost stand out, but providers like IPVanish, Surfshark and Private Internet Access might also be up to the job – although I haven’t tested them.

30-day money back guarantee

How to unblock Crackle

So, if you are interested in getting access to Crackle by using a VPN, there are a few steps that you will have to take to set everything up.

Don’t worry; the process is neither long nor difficult and like I previously said, even if you’re rubbish with tech – you got this.

Here is what you must do:

  1. Choose a VPN you wish to use, again I recommend ExpressVPN. Go to its website, where you need to create an account and sign-up.
  2. Choose a payment plan. Taking longer plans come at a significant discount.
  3. Download their VPN app from the website or your regular app store.
  4. Install the app and log in.
  5. Find a list of servers within the app, and connect to a server in the US or Australia where Crackle is free.
  6. Go to Crackle, and enjoy any movie that the site has to offer.
ExpressVPN app connecting to a US server

Stream Crackle using ExpressVPN.

What can I watch on Sony Crackle?

It’s an excellent question.

You’re probably expecting the service to be full of low-budge, b-grade films. But you would be wrong – I know I was!

Sony Crackle is an online streaming website where you can stream plenty of top quality movies you want for free.

However, the service is only available in a handful of countries, including Australia, the US, and several of the Latin American countries. Although the latter requires a subscription.

But, you should also note that the service is working on expanding, with plans to soon reach the Caribbean and then expand further.

However, the UK isn’t currently in their sights and having been available in the past we’re betting on it not coming back officially any time soon.

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The service has numerous partners, including Sony Pictures, its subsidiaries, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, and many others.

It features many popular movies, such as Leon: The Professional, Snatch, District 9, Chinatown, Shutter Island, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Zodiac, Spider-man 3, Underworld and countless others.

Plus a whole load of TV shows and documentaries which include the likes of Going from Broke, Animal Tales, Hell’s Kitchen and Forensic Files.

30-day money back guarantee

What else can I use the VPN for?

Earlier I mentioned there are a couple of other benefits to a VPN.

The great thing about VPN technology is that it has all kinds of uses.

You can use it for unblocking any website, whether that be an overseas TV app, a game that’s only available in a particular region or many others.

You can unblock different regions of Netflix, thus expanding what content you can access through your Netflix app, and the same goes for most other streaming services.

You can also protect your privacy by hiding your online traffic, and ensuring that nobody will know what you do online.

With a VPN, you can be semi-anonymous on the internet, which is quite hard to achieve these days.


So, let’s have a quick recap.

You want to watch Sony Crackle, but you’re in the UK – right?

To do this, you’ll need a VPN app. My recommendation is to use ExpressVPN as they come with a 30-day money back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to test it.

There are a couple of other good options which I mentioned earlier in this guide.

Once you’ve signed up, download their app and login to it. Then pick the United States and connect.

All that’s left to do is visit the Sony Crackle website or use their app and enjoy a load of free movies and shows.


Ready to watch? Try our recommended VPN service provider.

  • Watch in any country
  • Quick to set up
  • Money back guarantee

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Author: Ali Raza

Ali is a journalist with a keen interest in VPN usage. He is an expert in the field and has been covering VPN related topics for VPNCompare and numerous well-respected publications for many years.


  1. Hi, Thanks for info. Is this for using on an internet connected tv, or just a computer, it doesn’t say? If for a tv, how do we set it up?

    • Christopher Seward

      Hi David,

      This would be more for a computer. Unfortunately for an internet connected TV you wouldn’t be able to install the VPN app.

      To watch on a TV you would need either an additional device like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or to buy a VPN router which is a more expensive option. Let me know if you need more details.

  2. ger broon

    This is not 100% accurate and is misleading, it forgets to metion that once you click on a movie you have to create an account and then you are asked for c details which needs a zip code so you are scuppered.

    • Christopher Seward

      Hi Ger,

      You can use any US zip code or have you tried the Australia version of the site?

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