How to watch PTV Sports in the UK

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If you are a fan of sports, you may be looking to expand your interests and find new streaming services that will allow you to gain access to games that are taking place far away, without much coverage.

One such service is PTV Sports from Pakistan.

If you are in the UK, this may be especially difficult, due to censorship and geo-restrictions, especially if you’re of Pakistani origin and looking for a way to watch homegrown TV.

Geo-restrictions are one of the reasons why you cannot access PTV Sports online from the UK, which is unfortunate, as it offers a massive amount of sports-related content.

However, where there is will – there is a way, and we know how you can reach it anyway. So we’ll be sharing this information with you in the guide below.

What do I need to watch?

As you may know, PTV Sports streams its excellent selection of content online, meaning that you can access it at pretty much any time.

That is – you could, if it were not only available in Pakistan, and blocked for those living in the UK, or anywhere else, for that matter.

However, thanks to online privacy tools, like VPNs, you can gain access regardless of the geo-restrictions. VPNs like ExpressVPN can easily bypass such restrictions and censorship, and grant you access instantly, and at high speeds.

Where can I get a VPN?

When it comes to Pakistan, it is difficult to find a VPN that works, even though there are dozens, if not hundreds of them out there.

However, ExpressVPN is one of the few VPNs that will be able to unblock PTV for you.

NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN are also a good choice, but you are free to use any VPN you wish, just make sure that it will actually work.

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How to use the VPN to watch

Once you have chosen a VPN to use, the rest is simple. Making a choice is truly the most challenging part, and after that, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to your chosen VPN’s website, for example, ExpressVPN and sign up.
  2. Pick a payment plan and enter your payment details.
  3. Download a dedicated app for a device you plan to use.
  4. Install the app, and launch it.
  5. Log into it and find a list of servers.
  6. Click ‘Selected Location‘ and choose Pakistan.
  7. That is it. You are now free to watch PTV Sports online without any restrictions.

ExpressVPN Pakistan

As you can see, the process is quick and painless, and while a VPN will cost you approximately $10 (~£5) per month, you will likely agree that this is a very affordable price for a completely open internet and access to loads of premium sports.

What is PTV?

PTV Sports is a cable and satellite sports television channel available in Pakistan. It is owned and operated by Pakistan Television Corporation, and it has been operating since January 2012.

Since it was launched, it has broadcast countless sports events, including football matches, tennis, cricket, and even hockey. It also shows the Olympic Games, national games of Pakistan, Asian games, in general, and World Universiade Games.

It also covers golf, boxing, squash, climbing, polo, badminton, taekwondo, baseball, heliskiing, and more. Whatever you wish to watch, the chances are that you will find it on PTV Sports.

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How does a VPN work?

A VPN can help you bypass restrictions and censorship by hiding your IP address.

Your IP is a significant source of information, especially for websites, which use it to determine whether you should have access to their content.

By hiding it, and replacing it with another, you can gain access to the content that would usually be unavailable to your region.

Is using a VPN legal?

Absolutely, VPNs are completely legal.

Their primary purpose is to serve as online privacy, security, and anonymity tools. Nobody can prevent you from securing yourself, and getting access to overseas content is a helpful side-effect.

Even so, it is still perfectly legal, as it does not break any laws, and VPN services are used by millions of users across the world daily to stay secure online.


PTV Sports is an excellent channel for those wishing to gain access to various sports events from around the world, and especially in Asia.

It is very diverse and enjoyable, but the problem is that it only works in Pakistan.

To access it in the UK or anywhere else, you will require a VPN, such as ExpressVPN. There are one or two other choices which you can find mentioned earlier in this guide.

With services like these, you can unblock any service on the internet, and gain access to all geo-restricted or censored content, for a great price.

So grab a VPN, download their app, connect to one of their Pakistan server options and enjoy watching PTV Sports in the UK or anywhere else in the world.


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