How to Watch Premier League Pass Outside New Zealand


Everyone loves the Premier League, right? But not everyone has access to it. Today I’m going to show you how you can watch every game on Premier League Pass from any country in the world.

PremierLeaguePass is a New Zealand based service which streams all the Premier League football matches from England officially online. It is available in New Zealand and Taiwan but outside of those two countries the service is restricted.

If you try to visit outside either of those countries then you’ll see a block message like the one below.

PLP Blocked

How can I bypass the Premier League Pass block

When you visit the PremierLeaguePass website it checks your internet connection to determine your location. As soon as it sees that you’re not in New Zealand or Taiwan it brings up that big annoying block screen.

The solution to watch Premier League Pass outside New Zealand and anywhere in the world is to get access to a New Zealand connection.

The way to do this is to use a service called a SmartDNS. A SmartDNS is similar to a VPN and it routes all your data at a SmartDNS provider meaning you don’t lose any speed and won’t suffer any buffering. The technical details aren’t important, all you have to know is using a SmartDNS will allow you to watch Premier League Pass anywhere in the world.

Don’t forget that you get access to ALL 380 games on Premier League Pass so unlike Sky Sports or BT Sport in the UK or other networks around the world you get access to every single match and not just a selection of matches meaning you’ll be able to watch every game.

So where can I get a SmartDNS

Right now you’re probably pretty confused but don’t worry a SmartDNS is really easy to use.

There are loads of companies that offer SmartDNS services but not all are compatible with Premier League Pass. One that I’ve tested and works extremely well is Overplay so I suggest you sign up there but feel free to Google other SmartDNS providers, just make sure they list Premier League Pass in their list of supported channels.

48 Hour Money Back Guarantee

Watch Premier League Pass from anywhere in the world. Test the service for 48 hours and if it’s not for you get a full refund.

Choose the SmartDNS option.

How do I use it to watch Premier League Pass

Step 1

First you should sign up to Overplay by following the link above.

Once you’ve signed up follow the instructions given at the Overplay Set-Up page for your device. You can use a SmartDNS on a PC, Mac, games consoles, TV boxes like the Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV plus a whole host of other devices.

Step 2

Now you’re set-up it’s time to visit the Premier League Pass website. If you’ve set the SmartDNS system up from Overplay correctly then instead of seeing the block message we saw earlier you’ll have access to the full site.

PremierLeaguePass unblocked

Hit the big “Subscribe Now” button on the Premier League Pass website and you’ll be presented with the package options. At the start of the season the price is NZ$199 but if you decide to sign up mid season then it is reduced to NZ$99.

Follow the sign up procedure and enter your details as normal. When it comes to the phone number section of the form make up a New Zealand phone number, you can see the style it should be in from the example on the form but don’t use the example number.

Congratulations, now sign-up is complete you have access to watch every single Premier League match of the season. Just login at kick-off and enjoy the games.

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