How to watch Peacock TV in the UK

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Are you a fan of Peacock TV? Would you like to watch Peacock in the UK?

If the answer is, Yes, then great, because we’ve got the details on how you can watch Peacock in the UK or anywhere else.

Peacock TV is now available in the UK on Sky TV and Now TV. That’s great, but as you may already have found out, the service on offer in the UK is different to the US version and not all Peacock original content is available there.

So, if you want to watch Peacock TV in UK (the real Peacock TV that is) you really need to unblock Peacock TV USA.

Quick-Guide: How to watch Peacock TV

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and login to their app.
  3. Select the United States.
  4. Connect and head to Peacock.

If you are a US expat living in the UK, or even if you are a native citizen of the UK, and you wish to get all the free content available on Peacock TV, unblocking the US version of Peacock TV in UK is the way to do it.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to watch Peacock TV, once you know what needs doing, so don’t worry if you are not tech-savvy. You don’t need to be. All you need to do is follow a few steps that I will outline below.

So, if you want to know how to watch Peacock in the UK, all you need to do is keep on reading.

What you’re going to need to watch Peacock TV in the UK

The original Peacock TV service launched in the US through NBC TV, which means that you would need to be located in the US to access it.

While there are Peacock TV UK versions now available on Sky UK, Sky Q and Now TV, if you want to access Peacock TV in all its glory, you need to unblock Peacock TV USA.

It is not possible to access Peacock TV account or subscription packages from the USA if you are based abroad. So, if you live in the UK (or elsewhere) you will need to use an app known as a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

VPNs are online privacy, security, and anonymity apps that can let you stream Peacock TV from the USA in the UK and right around the world.

They can also let you access other streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, no matter where in the world you happen to be as well.

Learn more

Discover more about what a VPN is in detail.

The primary purpose of a VPN is to keep people safe online and provide them with private internet access. However, a quirk of how VPNs work is that they allow you to alter your location by masking your IP address.

Switching between IP addresses will allow you to fool streaming services like Peacock TV Premium into letting you access their content from anywhere in the world including the UK.

By signing up for a VPN, you will be able to unblock Peacock TV and enjoy NBC News, Jimmy Fallon, live sports and more of the excellent content Peacock TV offers from the UK and any other country too for that matter.

It can unblock most TV services for UK users, and help you stream anything you want on the internet from almost any other country in the world.

All you have to do is connect your VPN to a server located in the USA and once you have done that, the Peacock TV website will revert to the US version and you will be able to either download Peacock TV or otherwise access your Peacock TV subscription and Peacock account from the UK and beyond.

Where can I get a VPN to access Peacock TV?

The key decision when it comes to watching Peacock TV in the UK is choosing the right VPN for the job as well as the right VPN to suit your needs.

There are hundreds of different VPN providers out there which can help you watch Peacock in the UK, but having so many of them can make choosing the right one seem a little confusing.

We have tested all the top VPNs and if you keep reading, we will reveal which VPNs we believe are the best VPNs to watch peacock TV in UK.

But before we tell you our top recommendations, here is a rundown of the key features that you need to look for in a VPN to use for watching Peacock TV in UK.

US servers

If you want to watch the US version of Peacock TV in UK, you will need to connect your VPN to a US-based server.

To do that, it helps to have a good selection of VPN servers based in the US available to you.

All of the VPNs we recommend offer a wide selection of US-based VPN servers in different locations across the country to help you get the US IP Address that you need.

Fast Connection Speeds

Peacock streaming UK requires both fast and stable internet connections.

When we test VPNs, this is one of the first things we look out for and all of our recommended VPNs will offer fast and reliable connection speeds ideal to watch Peacock TV in the UK.

Apps for the right streaming devices

If you want to use a VPN to help you watch Peacock TV in the UK, you obviously need that VPN to work on the devices you use for Peacock UK streaming.

When we test VPNs, we take a look to ensure that, not only are their apps user-friendly and well-designed, but that they are available for the streaming devices that you want to use as well.

Security and Privacy provisions

While security and privacy may not be a top priority if you are signing up for a VPN to allow you to stream Peacock TV in the UK, it is nonetheless still important.

If Peacock TV spots that you are using a VPN to watch their streaming service outside the USA, they could block your account or possibly worse.

It is therefore vital that you choose a VPN with strong encryption and privacy policies to avoid this.

Cost effective and money-back guarantee

Lastly, we know that times are tight and people need to cut their cloth accordingly. Peacock Premium is already a paid-for service and we are sure you don’t want to pay out any more than is necessary for a VPN on top of that.

So, in our testing, we always look at the price points available and only recommend VPNs that offer genuine value for money (as well as a decent money-back guarantee) for Peacock TV streaming.

Best VPN to watch Peacock TV in UK

We have tested all of the top premium VPN apps to see which is the best to use to watch Peacock TV in UK. The results are now in and here is a rundown of the top three VPNs for the job:

1. ExpressVPN

Mock up of ExpressVPN on different devices

Our top recommended VPN to watch peacock TV in UK is ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is, as the name suggests, one of the fastest and most reliable VPN providers on the market today. Its constantly fast speeds can be found across all of its server network which makes it ideal to watch Peacock TV in UK.

That server network is an important feature too.

It is a huge one covering 94 different countries and includes hundreds of US servers located across no fewer than 24 different US locations including multiple New York server options which are ideal for UK users if you want to watch Peacock TV in UK with the best possible speeds.

The ExpressVPN apps are excellent as well being easy to use. They are perfect for VPN novices and experts alike.

The cost of ExpressVPN is excellent as well, with the one year deal offering the best value for money as it comes with a 49% discount and three additional months free.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee which gives you almost a month to try them out.

If you want a VPN for Peacock streaming in the UK, you will not find a better option out there to let you access Peacock TV in UK than ExpressVPN.

30-day money back guarantee

2. NordVPN

NordVPN Deal

If you want to choose a VPN to watch Peacock TV in UK and are looking for a cost-effective and user-friendly option, then NordVPN is a good choice too.

It is one of the lowest priced premium VPNs on the market right now and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as standard for all users.

NordVPN’s apps are also very user friendly and are based around a world map making it super-easy to find and connect to a US server.

Whether you want to access your Peacock account on a mobile device, desktop device, a smart TV like Sky Glass, Apple TV, or any other device, NordVPN has an app for that.

There are lots of US-based VPN servers available as well; more than 1,970 across fifteen different US cities.

Connection speeds used to be NordVPN’s Achilles heel, bit no more. They are now super-fast and reliable across their whole network which makes them perfect to access Peacock TV in the UK.

With robust security and privacy protections thrown in too, it is little wonder that NordVPN is one of the most popular premium VPN providers on the market and is ideal if you want to access US Peacock TV content from the UK, or anywhere else for that matter.

3. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark Website screengrab

Our third recommendation of the best VPN to watch Peacock TV in the UK is Surfshark VPN.

Surfshark VPN is a relative newcomer to the VPN market but has really shaken things up, especially when it comes to accessing a streaming service like Peacock TV in the UK.

Surfshark VPN already offers fast and reliable speeds across the entirely of its sizeable VPN server network. This consists of more than 3,200 servers and in the US they offer no fewer than 25 different server locations.

There is a great range of apps which cover everything from mobile and desktop devices to smart TV UK devices like Apple TV and more. These are all easy to use and beginner-friendly.

Surfshark VPN also comes at very competitive prices and is the only VPN on our list of recommended VPN providers for Peacock TV that offers unlimited simultaneous connections, which means you can connect as many devices as you like at the same time on a single account.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee thrown into the mix as well, there is no denying that if you want a VPN to watch peacock TV in UK, Surfshark is another VPN you should definitely consider.

Step-by-step: watch Peacock TV in the UK

Choosing a VPN to watch Peacock TV in the UK is the hard part.

Setting up a VPN to watch Peacock TV in the UK is much easier than you might think. To help, we have compiled a simple step-by-step guide for you to follow, using ExpressVPN as an example.

If you choose a different VPN service, don’t panic. They all work in broadly the same way.

Step 1

Choose which VPN you wish to sign up for and use. We recommend ExpressVPN as the best VPN.

Step 2

Go to the ExpressVPN website and sign up for an account by entering your email, selecting a payment plan, and entering your payment details.

The annual deal is the best value as it comes with a 49% discount and three extra months for free.

Step 3

Next, you need to download the ExpressVPN app for the device you plan on watching Peacock TV. You can do it from the site or either the Apple app store or Google Play Store.

You can download the app onto as many devices as you like. ExpressVPN will let you have 8 simultaneous connections.

Step 4

Once you download the app, install it, launch it, and log in to your ExpressVPN account using the details you were given in step 2.

Step 5

You will then have to choose the country list and pick a VPN server located in the United States.

We recommend a New York server as it is closer to the UK so will offer the best speeds. You will need to wait a few moments while the ExpressVPN app connects you.

Step 6

Now you are all set for accessing Peacock TV from the USA. All you need to do is download the Peacock TV app and install the Peacock TV app onto your device.

You can easily watch Peacock TV through the Peacock TV website too if you prefer. If you’ve got a Peacock TV Premium subscription you can enjoy this too if you log into your Peacock TV subscription account.

ExpressVPN app connecting to a US server

Unlock Peacock anywhere using ExpressVPN.

30-day money back guarantee

How can I download Peacock TV in UK?

Depending on which device you wish to download the Peacock TV streaming service on and access Peacock TV in UK, the instructions may be slightly different.

But, since there are a lot of people who wish to stream Peacock TV in UK, we will explain how you can do it on several of the most popular devices.

After that, your VPN will ensure that you get unrestricted access to it.

If you want to watch Peacock TV in the UK via your Android TV or Android device, there is a very easy few-step guide that we can share with you right now, that will let you access the NBC Peacock streaming service.

Of course, in order to do this, you will have to already have your VPN installed, and your IP address switched to the one from the US. After that, here is what you need to do.

  1. Open your Android device.
  2. Locate the web-browser and visit the APK Pure website.
  3. Search for Peacock TV or use this direct link to the Peacock TV APK.
  4. Download and install the app when prompted.
  5. Connect to the United States on your VPN app (We recommend a New York server as it is closer).
  6. Open Peacock TV and enjoy the services.

If you are an Apple product user, then you might want to install the NBC Peacock TV app on your iPhone or iPad, and watch there. The process for Apple TV is also similar.

If so, the process is very similar, and it also has only a few steps for you to follow. Once again, we will assume that you already have your VPN installed and ready for use and have an existing Apple ID.

If so, follow these steps:

  1. Open your VPN app and connect to a US server (We recommend a New York server as it is closer) to change your IP address.
  2. Go to your iPhone’s or iPad’s (or Apple TV) Settings.
  3. Once inside, find an Apple ID option, and within, choose View Apple ID.
  4. Tap the Change Your Country or Region option, and choose a country from the list (US).
  5. Check the Terms and Conditions box, and click Agree.
  6. Provide the needed information that Apple requires.
  7. Download the Peacock app on your device.
  8. Create a free account with your email and password.
  9. Agree to the terms and conditions, and hit ‘Start Watching’.
  10. And, that’s it. You are now ready to watch any shows available.

Lastly, for Amazon Fire TV users, we also have a special guide in place that should help you install the Peacock streaming service on your device and access its content.

Once again, it is a very simple procedure that only requires the users to go through a few short steps.

  1. Start by connecting your VPN to the US server (We recommend a New York server as it is closer) to mask your IP address, and going to Amazon’s website.
  2. Proceed to ‘My Account’.
  3. Seek out the Digital Content and Devices option.
  4. Click on Content and Devices.
  5. Next, find the Preferences tab.
  6. Inside, tap Country/Region Settings, and click on the drop-down arrow.
  7. Next to your current region, you will find a Change button. Click it
  8. Now, you need to enter a new address belonging to the region you are switching to. Websites such as Fake Address Generator can help you with that.
  9. After entering the new address, hit the Update button.
  10. After you are asked to confirm your new address, click Update.
  11. Your new region will now grant you access to new apps available for that region.
  12. Find the Peacock TV one, and install it on your Fire TV.
  13. Enjoy the shows and other content that Peacock TV has to offer.

How much is Peacock TV?

If you are looking to sign up for Peacock Premium, you have two different Peacock Premium subscription plans available that will allow you to stream Peacock in the UK.

They are available at both a monthly or annual price as follows:

  • Peacock Premium – US$5.99 a month \ US$59.99 a year
  • Peacock Premium Plus – US$11.99 a month \ US$119.99 a year

The main difference between these two Peacock TV subscription amounts is that Peacock TV Premium Plus is primarily ad-free and also lets you download and watch some titles offline.

If you are wondering about a Peacock subscription UK, that is not available as such but Peacock TV UK Sky viewers and Now TV viewers get the service included as part of their deals.

Is UK Peacock Included in a Sky Subscription?

Yes, the UK edition of Peacock is available for free for Sky TV customers and that means Peacock TV can also be accessed on Sky Glass, Sky Q Box, and Sky+.

Furthermore, you can get Peacock on NowTV as well.

However, we would note that the Peacock streaming service UK is not the full Peacock TV service you will get when you watch US Peacock TV in the UK.

So if you want to enjoy all the best Peacock TV content on the Peacock TV website or Peacock TV app, our advice is to use one of the Peacock TV VPNs we have recommended to access a Peacock TV premium plan where you are.

What to watch on Peacock TV?

There is so much great content available on unblocked Peacock TV that you won’t want to miss out. Here are some of the most popular Peacock TV content that you can watch with a Peacock TV entertainment pass right now:

  • Super Mario Bros Movie
  • WWE Network UK
  • NBC Universal TV channels
  • Love Island USA
  • The Big D
  • Tour de France
  • Sunday Night Football
  • Professional Golf
  • Major League Baseball
  • The Mindy Project
  • The Office
  • Parks and recreation
  • Battlestar Gallactica (Reboot)
  • Quantum Leap
  • Monk
  • Saved by the Bell (Reboot)
  • Queer as Folk (Reboot)
  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Reboot)

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much amazing content from NBC Universal and beyond available on Peacock in the UK. You absolutely don’t want to miss out.

The great thing about the premium VPN service (Virtual Private Network) is that it is not only for unblocking a single service.

In fact, you can use it not only for streaming Peacock TV in the UK, but to unblock most other streaming services, by switching through different IP addresses, if you pick a good premium VPN that is a fast and reliable VPN that is.

With the US IP addresses, specifically, you can do much more than just unblocking Peacock TV. Apart from Peacock TV, you can bypass geo restrictions and also unblock US Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu plus many more US streaming services.

Of course, it doesn’t have everything and you’re able to access other geo-restricted regions too, which include a different selection of movies and TV shows, all of which you can start streaming at lightning-fast speeds by connecting to US servers on your mobile and desktop devices, Apple TV, and more.

Then, there is the geo-restricted Disney+, which is only available in a handful of countries, with the US being one of them.

It features all of Disney’s content, plus a great deal more besides. But, you will need the best VPNs for UK with good download speeds and access to US servers to get it.

There is also US Amazon Prime, which is just as interesting to people in the UK and around the world.

And of course, a reliable VPN such as the ones we have recommended will do a lot more than unblock US Peacock in the UK.

It will have servers located all over the world, which makes it ideal for watching all sorts of different paid-for and free streaming service options. The entertainment world really is your oyster.

So put your VPN to good use and sign up for Peacock in the UK, as well as plenty of other services while also staying safe online.

The honest answer to the question can I watch Peacock TV in UK with a free VPN is probably not.

If you want to watch Peacock TV UK free, you can install the Peacock TV app on your devices but Peacock TV doesn’t offer a Peacock free trial anymore so getting Peacock TV free is nigh on impossible these days.

Even without Peacock TV free, you probably still want to watch Peacock for as little as possible, but scrimping on a VPN is not the answer.

A free VPN is not a reliable VPN when it comes to streaming. They usually have limited servers, slow speeds, and many actively block or throttle streaming services like Peacock TV because they know their services just can’t handle it.

Free VPNs can also be a huge security risk too with issues around malware, spyware, logging and selling user date, not to mention links with Communist China.

To really enjoy watching Peacock in the UK you need a reliable VPN. And as much as you want to watch Peacock free, a free VPN is not the answer.

Yes, watching Peacock in the UK with a VPN is completely legal.

However it’s important to note that it may be against the Peacock TV terms of use.

The Peacock TV terms of use state “The Peacock TV Services are for viewers in the United States (including its territories and possessions). You may not access or use the Peacock TV Services, or the applicable portion thereof, if you are outside of the United States (including its territories and possessions) or are barred from receiving the Peacock TV Services under these Terms.”

They go on to say, “We have the right to suspend your account for any reason, including due to a violation of these Terms.”

You can clarify this with the Peacock TV support is you like, but our reading of that is that Peacock TV doesn’t want you to watch Peacock in the UK with a VPN and if you do watch Peacock TV in the UK with a VPN, they may suspend or even cancel your account.

In practice we are unaware of anyone facing this (or indeed any) penalty for watching unblocked Peacock TV in UK, but it is important that Peacock TV UK users are aware of the possibility.


Recap of Top VPNs for Peacock TV in UK

In order to answer the question how to watch Peacock in the UK, we have tested all the top VPNs to see which are best at unblocking the Peacock TV app and website from the original (and best) US version of Peacock TV.

The best VPN to watch Peacock TV in the UK is ExpressVPN.

It is the prefect VPN for streaming with fast speeds, great apps, a ton of US servers, and reasonable prices plus a 30-day money-back guarantee that gives you loads of time to try before you buy.

The other two VPNs that performed well were NordVPN and Surfshark VPN. Both offer all the key features you need to watch Peacock TV in the UK, are very affordably priced, and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a VPN for Peacock TV in UK

In order to identify the best VPN to watch Peacock TV in the UK, we focused on premium VPN services with the following core features:

  • Fast Connection Speeds – essential for streaming.
  • US-based servers – to access the US version of Peacock TV rather than the watered-down Peacock TV UK.
  • The right apps – Covering all the most popular streaming devices.
  • Pricing – A cost effective VPN with a good money-back guarantee.
  • Security and Privacy – to ensure Peacock TV doesn’t spot that you are using a VPN.

Our Top Pick for the Best VPN for Peacock TV in UK

Focusing on all these key factors, we looked at all the best premium VPNs and have concluded that the best VPN for watching Peacock TV in the UK is ExpressVPN.

Its speeds are consistently reliable and fast, it has a huge range of apps covering of all devices you could realistically want to use, it has a huge selection of US servers, robust security and privacy protections, plus a great money-back guarantee.

Even better, you can use ExpressVPN to unblock many other streaming services as well as keep yourself totally safe online. It’s the ideal VPN and we can say with some confidence that Peacock TV fans won’t regret choosing ExpressVPN.


Ready to start watching? Get our Recommended VPN!

  • Quick to set up
  • Effortless to use
  • Beginner-friendly

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