Watch Manchester Utd vs Real Madrid UEFA Super Cup live online free

UEFA Super Cup

Manchester United take on Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup and we’ve got the details you need to watch the entire match online completely free from anywhere in the world.

If you’ve already tried to search for a place to watch Man Utd vs Real Madrid you’ll probably have come across plenty of dodgy websites that promise to stream the match live.

The most likely outcome is these streams will be terrible quality, keep buffering and more worryingly probably install some nasty trojans or viruses on your computer, tablet or phone.

Let’s not forget they’re completely illegal too. In this guide we’re going to show you by using an app called a VPN how you can watch on an official stream.

With the method below you can watch the entire UEFA Super Cup match live online for free on an official stream. Keep reading below to find out how.

Watch Manchester Utd vs Real Madrid UEFA Super Cup

In the UK the match is being shown on BT Sport which is subscription only and in many countries it’s also reserved for expensive cable networks.

In Russia however, the match is being streamed live online completely free on the MatchTV! network which is the official broadcaster in Russia.

If you try to access this stream directly you’ll be blocked but with a small app called a VPN you can unblock this and watch from anywhere in the world.

Just follow the simple instructions below and you can watch the UEFA Super Cup in no time.

Watch Man Utd vs Real Madrid UEFA Super Cup live online free:

  1. Visit the VPN provider VyprVPN.
  2. Click Start a Free Trial.
  3. Select either plan and complete the sign-up process (You get a 3-day free trial but need to enter payment details).
  4. Download the VyprVPN app from your app store or their software from the VPN Apps area of their website.
  5. Once installed run the app or software and login.
  6. Press the Location Icon. Select Russia.
  7. Press Connect.

Once the app or software has connected all you need to do is visit the Match TV! Live Stream page at kick-off time and you can watch the UEFA Super Cup live from anywhere in the world.

If you get stuck or think connection will be difficult take a look at the 3 simple steps needed on both the app and software in the images below.

Android / Apple:

VyprVPN Android Russia

Android App.

Windows / Mac:

VyprVPN Russia Server

PC Software.

Once you’ve finished watching Manchester Utd vs Real Madrid UEFA Super Cup all you need to do is click Disconnect.

Your internet connection will return to normal.

It’s worth keeping hold of the VPN service because you’ll be able to watch other football such as the Spanish Super Cup between Barcelona and Real Madrid and most of the English Premier League entirely for free.

Alternative VPN Providers

There are alternative VPN providers available and you don’t need to stick with VyprVPN.

If you’ve got time to do a bit of searching about then you’ll need to find a VPN provider that has a Russian “VPN Server”. Without one it won’t be suitable.

You should also be aware that streaming video is speed intensive so you need to ensure the service you’re signing up to is fast enough for video streaming.

A good place to start if you don’t want to use VyprVPN are the following two providers:

Manchester Utd vs Real Madrid

Coverage of the Manchester United vs Real Madrid UEFA Super Cup starts from 19:40 BST (UK) so you can tune in with your VPN service from then.

The match takes place tonight on Tuesday, 8th August 2017.

The UEFA Super Cup is the meeting of the Champions League winner, Real Madrid versus the Europa League winner, Manchester United.

Manchester United did rather poorly in the Champions League and were quickly moved on to the Europa League which they eventually won. After some squad strengthening they’re in with a shot at winning the UEFA Super Cup.

The 42nd edition of the cup will take place at the Philip II Arena in Skopje, Macedonia.

The match will be refereed by Italian Gianluca Rocchi.

Manchester United have featured three times in the UEFA Super Cup but only won once and you need to go back as far as 1991 to find that win.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, is a regular sight in the cup having taken part in no less than 5 events, winning all 3 of the last they have taken part in. Real Madrid won in 2002, 2014 and 2016.

So if you want to see two of the biggest teams in Europe go head to head just get yourself a VPN, follow the instructions above and tune in.

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