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A Manchester United v Liverpool match is probably one of the fiercest Premier League fixtures in the history of the league, but the FA Cup is a different beast.

This Sunday, Manchester United face Liverpool after a disappointing draw in the Premier League.

If you’re as excited to watch this as I am then you’ve probably been looking for all manner of sources to watch. Unless you’ve got an expensive cable subscription then your options are severely limited, especially if you’re outside the UK.

A quick search of Google will throw up thousands of highly-questionable streams of the match that are not only illegal to watch but also extremely poor quality. They also put the security of your computer or other device at risk with sketchy adverts and downloads.

Below I’m going to show you how you can watch a completely legitimate stream of the Manchester United vs Liverpool match using a simple ‘VPN‘ app.

Step 1: Choose a VPN app

There are hundreds of different VPNs to choose from and they all sound much the same.

Not all are suitable for watching the Manchester United vs Liverpool match because they don’t have what is known as a ‘UK Server’ which will enable you to watch the official stream on the official UK network, BBC iPlayer.

My recommendation is to use ExpressVPN but there are others and if you’ve got time to check out the competition then these are my top three picks to watch the game:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Surfshark
  3. VyprVPN

All you need to do is choose one of the three from above. They’ll each cost you a couple of pounds or dollars per month but you’ll only need a 1-month package to watch the United v Liverpool match.

You can, of course, use it to watch other matches in that time too.

30-day money back guarantee

Step 2: Download the VPN app

Once you’ve signed up for one of the three providers above you should download their app.

Apps are available for Android and Apple iOS phones and tablets, computers running Windows or Mac OS plus devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

If you’re using a mobile device then simply search your regular app store for the name of the VPN service you signed up for, for example, ‘ExpressVPN’.

Or if you’ve got a computer or laptop download the app directly from the provider’s website. On the ExpressVPN website, you’ll find it in the ‘Products’ section.

Step 3: Connect to a UK Server

Now you’ve got the VPN app installed it’s simply a case of connecting to a UK server.

The first time you open the app you’ll likely need to login or activate it.

Then press ‘Selected Server‘ and choose ‘United Kingdom‘.

You may need to also press ‘Connect‘ if the app doesn’t automatically connect for you.

ExpressVPN connecting to the UK

Unlock iPlayer anywhere.

Once the app has connected all you need to do is visit the BBC iPlayer site or use their app where you can watch Manchester v Liverpool live.

Don’t forget this is the completely official stream for the UK but you can now watch free from anywhere in the world.

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When is Manchester United vs Liverpool shown

Liverpool travel to Old Trafford on 24th January 2020 for their second meeting in only a few weeks.

Kick off is 5 pm UK time which is 6 pm on mainland Europe.

Recap: Watch Liverpool vs Manchester United live

To watch the Liverpool vs Manchester United match live this Sunday you’ll need to get a VPN app.

This will allow you to watch an official stream of the match from the UK anywhere in the world.

Sign up for ExpressVPN and download their app. Then connect to the UK on the app.

You can now watch the full Liverpool vs Manchester United match live on BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world.

Where in the world are you going to be watching the match from and what are your predictions? I would love to know so pop a comment in the comments section below.


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