How to watch Lipinets vs Garcia IBF Light Welterweight Online

Watch Lipinets vs Garcia

In this guide you’ll learn how to watch the Lipinets vs Garcia IBF Light Welterweight. Plus the other fights on the night online from anywhere in the world on official streams practically for free.

This weekend sees Sergey Lipinets take on Mikey Garcia in what promises to be an explosive IBF Light Welterweight title fight. Alongside there are some decent other bouts taking place on the same evening such as Barthelemy vs Relikh.

Depending on where you are in the world depends what kind of access you get to watching boxing. Many countries won’t be showing the fight so if you want to catch up with all the action anywhere in the world we’ve got the details you need.

Most importantly there are no dodgy or illegal streams required either, below we show you in just 5 steps how you can watch an official stream of the fight in high quality practically for free.

Watch Lipinets vs Garcia IBF Light Welterweight Online

The Lipinets vs Garcia fight and others such as the Barthelemy vs Relikh fight are being shown completely for free on Russian TV.

The network called MatchTV! is also streaming the fights live online. If you visit the MatchTV! website and you’re outside Russia you’ll be blocked from viewing.

With a small app called a VPN, you can unblock these streams and watch them from any country in the world.

You’ll need to grab a VPN app which costs a couple of dollars (or pounds) for a whole month and then you’ll be able to watch all the action plus future fights.

Just follow the steps below to get in on the boxing action.

How to watch Lipinets vs Garcia and other fights live:

  1. Visit the VPN provider NordVPN by clicking here and sign up to their service.
  2. Go to the VPN Apps section of their website and download the correct app for your device.
  3. Install the app, run it and login with the account details you created when you signed up.
  4. On the map select Russia.
  5. If it doesn’t automatically connect then press the Connect button.

NordVPN Russia

The NordVPN app will now get about connecting you to Russia and do all the hard work for you.

It only takes 15 – 30 seconds for it to connect and the app will let you know once it’s connected.

After it’s connected all you need to do is visit the MatchTV! Live Stream page by clicking here. Instead of being blocked like you were previously you’ll be able to watch the live stream.

There are 3 hours of live coverage which includes the Lipinets vs Garcia, Barthelemy vs Relikh and other fights.

When is Lipinets vs Garcia on

Lipinets vs. Garcia takes place on Saturday, 10th March 2018.

Live coverage is expected to start from around 2:00 am GMT (UK Time) on Sunday 11th March in the morning.

That’s around 6:00 am Russian time, 9 pm New York time on 10th March, 6 pm California time on 10th March and 1 pm on March 11th in Sydney, Australia.

To find out the exact time of the start of the event in other countries use this World Time Converter.

Not only will you be able to watch Lipinets vs Garcia but you’ll also be able to watch the Barthelemy vs Relikh fight and a host of other fights which are on at the same event.

Are VPN services legal?

Yes, VPN services are 100% legal in nearly every country in the world.

Their purpose is to protect your online privacy and one of the features of that is to allow you to disguise what country you’re in.

When you change your country to Russia any website you visit thinks you’re in Russia.

It’s the reason why the MatchTV! website lets you watch the fights when you’re connect to the VPN.

If you tune in 7 hours before the event starts you’ll also be able to watch the Papazov vs. Bebraham and K. Johnson vs. P. Milas fights live from Germany using the same VPN service from NordVPN.

Lipinets vs Garcia and Barthelemy vs Relikh predictions

Sergey Lipinets is currently unbeaten with his 13-0 record with 10 KOs. He’s got the IBF Light Welterweight title in his sights and Mikey Garcia will be aiming to take that away from him.

Like any boxing fight it can go either way but Garcia is already planning for the future so it’s clear he sees himself passing Lipinets on his road to glory elsewhere.

Garcia is certainly favourite to win this fight and on paper, he’s the likely champ. Too much confidence could see him slip up though and as Lipinets is unbeaten it’s not a record he’ll want to be handing over too soon.

Rances Barthelemy vs Kiryl Relikh is a rematch after Barthelemy took the first fight. However, after controversial scoring, the bout was ordered to take place again.

If you’re putting money on it then Barthelemy is likely to take the win again, after all, most rematches end with the original winner retaining the win. However, if Relikh puts on a good show again and with a bit more of a convincing fight he could throw an upset for Barthelemy.

How to Watch Lipinets vs Garcia Recap

To watch all of the Lipinets vs Garcia fight and the other bouts taking place at the same event you’ll need to get yourself a VPN app. You can get one by clicking the button below.

A VPN will cost you a couple of dollars (or pounds). Once you’ve got one just follow the 5 simple steps earlier in this guide which show you how to use the VPN to stream the Lipinets vs Garcia fight live online on an official stream in high quality.

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