Watch Jose Aldo vs Max Holloway UFC 212 live free online

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If you want to watch UFC 212: Jose Aldo vs Max Holloway online for free anywhere in the world then we’ve got the details below on how you can do this.

The Aldo vs Holloway fight is one of the most anticipated UFC fights in a long time and it promises to be some of the best MMA action this year.

Unfortunately this event is only available in some countries and if you happen to be in a country where it’s not available then we have a free alternative that will let you stream all the action live anywhere in the world.

Watch Jose Aldo vs Max Holloway UFC 212 live free online

All you need to watch the fight is a piece of software/app called a VPN. It will allow you to watch the official Russian stream of the fight anywhere in the world.

Below we show you where to get one and how you can use it to watch the entire Aldo vs Holloway fight.

How to watch Jose Aldo vs Max Holloway online:

  1. Visit the VPN provider VyprVPN by clicking here.
  2. Click “Start a Free Trial” and sign-up. (You get 3 free days)
  3. Once signed up click VPN Apps on their website and download the correct software or app for your device.
  4. Install, Run and Login to the software or app.
  5. Click the Location Icon (1.) and select Russia (2.).
  6. Press Connect (3.).
    VyprVPN Russia Server

    Windows Software.

The VyprVPN software or app will now take care of connection and after 15-30 seconds tell you that it has connected.

All you need to do now is visit the Russian TV streaming service MatchTV! by clicking here and you’ll be able to watch the entire Aldo vs Holloway fight.

It’s worth keeping hold of the VPN service because you’ll also be able to watch up and coming UFC fights like UFC Fight Night: Auckland featuring Mark Hunt vs. Derrick Lewis and Holly Holm vs. Bethe Correia.

You also can’t get another 3-day trial so keep hold of the service if you want to watch more UFC action.

What if I don’t use a VPN

If you don’t use a VPN then you won’t be able to watch the fight because you’ll be blocked from viewing.

The website showing the fight is the official stream intended for Russia. It knows what country you’re in and if you’re not in Russia then you’ll be blocked with the following message:

MatchTV blocked outside Russia

Which basically means you’re outside Russia so you can’t watch this stream.

A VPN alters your online location so it appears that you are in Russia. By following the guide above you appear in Russia so the MatchTV! website lets you watch the entire Aldo vs Holloway fight.

Alternative VPN services

If you don’t want to use VyprVPN for whatever reason then there are alternative VPN services out there.

You need to find one that offers a Russia “server”. Without one you won’t be able to stream the fight. A few more that are good and will work are:

The process is the same as VyprVPN above, just the layout of their software or apps will look different.

Jose Aldo vs Max Holloway UFC 212

UFC 212: Aldo vs Holloway will take place on June 3rd, 2017.

This featherweight title fight takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The fight will be shown on June 4th at 3am BST (UK) which is 4am CET and 12pm Australian time.

Current champion Jose Aldo will fight to retain his title from Max Holloway.

Aldo hailing from Brazil will have the pull of a home crowd but at just 170cm he is some 10cm shorter than opponent Holloway.

Whether the height advantage will be too much or the roar of the home crowd will spur Aldo on will be left to be seen.

With 26 wins, 0 draws and only 2 losses and the current title holder Aldo has to be the favourite for this fight but with 17 wins and just 3 losses, Holloway is no pushover.

UFC 212 is Brazil vs the USA and whatever the result the fight is bound to be explosive.

Don’t forget you can watch all the coverage live online from any country in the world, just click the orange button below to get started.

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