How to watch Emmerdale abroad for beginners

Watch Emmerdale abroad

In this guide I’m going to show you the best way to watch Emmerdale abroad. The good news is it’ll take just a few minutes and just 6 simple steps. Best of all, you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to be able to do this!

Emmerdale is one of the best soaps in the UK and it’s also one of the longest running. If you’re an Emmerdale fan then you’ll know like the rest of us that it’s important to watch every episode. If you miss one you often can’t keep up with the storyline and you might miss out on some juicy gossip too.

When you’re abroad the options for watching Emmerdale are far and few between. While one or two countries show Emmerdale, most don’t and those that do are well behind the UK.

You’ll be pleased to know there’s a really simple way you can watch all the latest Emmerdale episodes both on catch-up and at the same time as they’re shown in the UK. Even better news is there are no dodgy websites or downloads needed.

Watch Emmerdale abroad

If you’ve already tried to access the ITV Hub (formally ITV Player) website to watch Emmerdale abroad then you’ll know you’re blocked from viewing.

Instead of being able to watch you’re hit with a message telling you that it’s not available outside the UK. It’s not even available in the EU with recent portability rules because unlike services such as Netflix, ITV is not a subscription-based service.

To watch Emmerdale anywhere in the world, including inside the EU or even outside the EU you’ll need to get an app called a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A VPN works by changing your online location. Say for example you’re in the United States, when you visit ITV Hub to watch Emmerdale it knows this and blocks you. A VPN makes you look like you’re in the UK even though you’re in the United States or anywhere else and so ITV Hub lets you watch Emmerdale anywhere in the world.

Just follow the 6 simple steps below and you can be watching Emmerdale in any country in minutes.

How to watch Emmerdale abroad Step-by-Step:

  1. Visit the IPVanish VPN website by clicking here and sign-up for their service. There’s a 7-day money back guarantee so in the unlikely event you can’t get it working then you can simply get a refund.
  2. Head over to the ‘Apps‘ area of the IPVanish website and download the correct app for your device. It’s available for Windows and Mac computers and also Android and iOS phones and tablets.IPVanish Apps Menu
  3. Install the app and open it. You should then login with your account details which were given to you when you signed up for the service.
  4. Next, select the United Kingdom from the country selection list.
  5. Press Connect and wait for the app to make connection.
  6. Once it’s connected head over to the ITV Hub Emmerdale page where you can watch the last 30 days worth of Emmerdale episodes or use the Live TV option to watch at the same time the latest episode is shown in the UK.

When you’ve finished watching just press ‘Disconnect’ on the IPVanish app which is in the place the ‘Connect’ button was previously.

You can reconnect as much as you want and as many times as you want. There are also no limits on the amount of time you can stay connected or how much Emmerdale you can watch.

You can use the same service to watch other UK services like Channel 4 and Channel 5. You can also use it to watch many services you have a subscription for such as Sky or BT Sport.


If you’re a little worried and think it’ll be too hard just take a look at the incredibly easy steps below.

Android / iOS:

IPVanish Android UK

Android app.

Windows / Mac:

IPVanish UK Server

Windows Software.

Or see our example video below where we connected on a Windows PC.


What if I don’t have the ITV Hub app?

It’s easiest to watch Emmerdale abroad on a Windows or Mac computer because apart from the VPN app from IPVanish you don’t need any additional apps to watch.

If you want to watch on a phone or tablet then you’ll also need to have the ITV Hub app installed on your device. If you haven’t yet left the UK then it’s best to install it before you go because it will save you time and effort.

If you’re already outside the UK then the first thing to try is to visit your regular app store and see if you can install ITV Hub directly. You may be blocked from installing it because you’re abroad and this is more likely if you’ve been abroad a longer time.

To install the ITV Hub app if you’re already abroad, follow the instructions below.


  1. Go to the Settings area of your device and then the Security area.
  2. Enable the option that allows you to install apps from unknown sources. If you have a newer Android device then you may not have that option.
  3. On your mobile web browser visit:
  4. Download and install the latest ITV Hub app.

You can now follow the 6-step instructions from earlier in this guide to watch Emmerdale abroad on your mobile device.

iOS (iPhone / iPad):

To download the ITV Hub app on an iPhone or iPad it is more difficult and you should read this How to download apps outside your country on iOS guide.

How can I watch Emmerdale on a Smart TV

If you’re abroad for a longer period of time and you’ve got a Smart TV then it also may be possible to watch Emmerdale on your Smart TV abroad.

However this all depends on your type of Smart TV. It’s best if you’ve already got an ITV app on your Smart TV or if it’s possible to install one. If not then you’re out of luck and it won’t be possible to watch.

It also depends on the type of Smart TV you have and if you can edit something called your DNS Settings. You should search google for your ‘Brand of TV + Model + DNS Settings‘ to see if it’s possible to edit them on your TV. Many Samsung, Panasonic Viera & Sony Smart TVs allow you to do so.

If you can then follow the instructions below to get yourself a ‘SmartDNS‘ service from StrongVPN.

  1. Visit the SmartDNS provider StrongVPN and sign up for their service.
  2. Next, visit the StrongDNS website and login with the account details you just created.
  3. Go to the Members section of the website. In the drop-down box select the location nearest to you and press Save.StrongVPN SmartDNS Region
  4. Then write down the two sets of numbers under Primary and Secondary DNS.
  5. On your Smart TV go to the Network Settings and edit the DNS Settings to match those you wrote down – You should write down any current settings in case you need to change back to them in future.
  6. Save the setting and restart the device if required.

You’ll now be able to launch the ITV Hub app on your Smart TV and watch Emmerdale abroad.

How to watch Emmerdale abroad Recap

If you want to watch Emmerdale abroad on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone you’ll need to get yourself a VPN app. Click the orange button below to get our recommended service.

You should then connect to the United Kingdom on the VPN app and then visit the ITV Hub (formally ITV Player) website or launch their dedicated app on your device.

If you want to watch on a SmartTV then you’ll need to get a SmartDNS service from StrongVPN, see the section above for more details.

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