How to watch Drag SOS outside the UK

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Get ready to get your queen on, Drag SOS is taking the UK by storm, and in this guide, I’ll be showing you how you can watch this outrageous show anywhere in the world.

As soon as it appeared, Drag SOS became a massive hit, quickly and easily becoming one of the favourite shows on the UK’s Channel 4.

Unfortunately for fans of the show from other countries, however, you can only watch it if you are physically in the UK.

The UK is well-known for its TV geo-restrictions, meaning that travelling or living outside of the UK will make it impossible to watch. With there being very few shows of this type apart from RuPaul’s Drag Race, your options are limited.

Well, it’s ALMOST impossible to watch outside the UK. There is a trick to it that you can use, and I will show you what to do, allowing you to slay it and watch Drag SOS in any country.

What’s Drag SOS about?

The show is rather entertaining; it follows the Family Gorgeous – a drag collective originating in Manchester, UK.

We follow them as they travel across the UK, finding ordinary Brits, and transforming them into drag superstars.

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More than that, the Family also trains them on how to put on a lip-synching show for an audience. Further, the Family is led by Anna Phylactic and Cheddar Gorgeous, who stated that it does not matter whether a person is female, male, gay, straight, old or young – drag is about finding self-confidence and their own glamorous route.

The show is a real pick-me-up for anyone with poor body image, low self esteem or who just wants a fabulous way to celebrate.

What do you need to watch?

As mentioned, the show is accessible on the UK’s Channel 4 – provided that you live in the UK, and can be streamed online on Channel 4’s website, previously known as All 4 or 4OD.

Due to geo-restrictions, people outside of the country can rarely access any of the country’s content. As a result, those interested in watching it have to employ additional tools, such as VPN.

A VPN is the best way of unblocking any content, as it allows you to become anonymous, and hide your real location and identity. By hiding your IP address and replacing it with a new one, you can appear like you are located elsewhere — such as in the UK.

Allowing you to view Drag SOS in all its glory.

The best VPN to use is ExpressVPN. Not only does it unblock UK services like Channel 4, something that many VPNs can’t do anymore but it is also fast and cheap, perfect for streaming.

Alternatively, NordVPN, CyberGhost or IPVanish can do the trick as well, so the choice is yours.

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How to watch Drag SOS: Step-by-step guide

Once you have decided on which VPN to use, here are the steps you should follow next:

  1. Go to ExpressVPN’s website or one of the other services.
  2. Choose a payment plan.
  3. Download their app for the device you want to watch on.
  4. Install the app and open it.
  5. Login with your account details and press ‘‘ next to Selected Location.
  6. Pick the ‘United Kingdom‘.
  7. And, that’s it. You can now access Channel 4 and get your Drag on.
ExpressVPN app connecting to the UK

Watch the show anywhere using ExpressVPN.

These steps will work on any VPN you choose to use.

However, do remember that not all of them will work with the UK’s TV services, as they tend to block them.

While not illegal, TV services frown upon VPN use, as such it pays to choose one that has been tested as working.

When is Drag SOS being shown?

Drag SOS is a very new show, only having a single episode out at this point.

The episode premiered on June 25th. The next one will be out on July 2nd, with the third one airing on July 9th. In other words, you can watch it every Tuesday, at around 10:00 pm BST.

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Who’s in Drag SOS?

As mentioned, the show has two main leads, who are also its founders – Cheddar Gorgeous and Anna Phylactic. Apart from them, it will include anyone who might accept or ask to get a makeover.


As mentioned, both Cheddar Gorgeous and Anna Phylactic are legendary drag queens from Manchester, who started hosting events at various clubs back in 2013.

At the same time, they launched their ‘Cha Cha Boudoir.’ Apart from them, four other drag queens will join the show – Tete Bang, Asttina Mandella, Liquorice Black, and Lill.

Werk it! Here’s a Recap!

Drag SOS may only have a single episode out at this time, but that makes it no less of a hit.

Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race certainly seem to like it, and the first episode of the new reality show received excellent ratings.

Unfortunately, geo-restrictions will keep it within the UK, and no one on the outside will be able to watch the show.

If you want to view it, you can still find a way, as mentioned, by using a VPN. I recommend using ExpressVPN as I had no trouble streaming the show overseas.

Sign up for their service, download their app, connect to the UK and find your route to self confidence while enjoying this flawless, gorgeous show of happiness.


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