How to watch Dorticos vs Masternak and Rodriguez vs Moloney live online

World Boxing Super Series

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The World Boxing Super Series tournament is hitting Orlando, Florida this weekend and in this guide I’m going to show you how you can watch for free from anywhere.

The two standout fights will see Puerto Rico’s IBF World Bantamweight Champion Emmanuel Rodriguez take on the unbeaten Australian Jason Moloney.

It will also see Yunier Dorticos of Cuba take on Mateusz Masternak from Poland.

If you want to watch the action then this guide will show you how and best of all you don’t need a cable subscription nor will you need to resort to sketchy streams either.

What you need; to watch WBSS

To watch the World Boxing Super Series quarter finals between Rodriguez and Moloney and Dorticos and Masternak you’ll need to get yourself a ‘VPN‘ app.

A VPN allows you to watch an official overseas stream of the fights.

In Russia both fights are being shown completely free online on the service MatchTV. If you try to access this directly then you’re blocked but by using a VPN you can make it appear as if you are in Russia which will unblock the live stream.

Don’t forget the MatchTV stream is the totally official stream for Russia, it’s not a sketchy illegal stream.

There are hundreds of VPN companies to choose from but to watch the boxing I recommend using ExpressVPN. I’ve been testing a whole host of services over the past few years and found them to offer some of the best speeds.

If you want to check out the available options then the following three will all be suitable to watch the WBSS quarter finals.

  1. ExpressVPN – Recommended
  2. NordVPN
  3. VyprVPN

ExpressVPN also has a huge 30-day money back guarantee too so if you can’t get it working then you can just get your money back.

To use the VPN to watch Rodriguez vs Moloney and Dorticos vs Masternak at the World Boxing Super Series continue reading the section below.

30-day money back guarantee

How to use the VPN to watch the WBSS

Now you’ve signed up for a VPN it’s incredibly easy to use it to watch the WBSS live.

Below I’ve put together the simple steps you’ll need to take to watch it anywhere in the world.

In my example I’m using ExpressVPN but you can use any of the three providers from above as the process is mostly the same.

How to watch the WBSS live online from anywhere:

  1. Visit the ExpressVPN website, choose a package length and sign up for their service.
  2. Download their app for your device and open it.
  3. Login or activate the app when required.
  4. Press the Choose Location button, then All, Europe and finally Russia.
  5. Press the Connect button or wait for it to automatically connect.
  6. Once connected visit the MatchTV Live Stream page to watch the fights live.
ExpressVPN Russia

Watch the WBSS with ExpressVPN.

Now you’re connected to ExpressVPN or one of the other providers any websites you visit will think that you’re in Russia.

This allows you to watch the fights live online from any country in the world. Don’t forget MatchTV is the official broadcaster of the fights.

When you’ve finished watching you can simply disconnect from the VPN.

It’s worth keeping hold of the service because it will allow you to watch other boxing fights and other sports such as MMA and football totally free.

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When are the WBSS quarter finals on TV

The World Boxing Super Series quarter finals are taking place on Saturday, 20th October 2018.

Live coverage will start from 10 pm local time in Florida, USA which is 3 am in the UK on Sunday 29th.

You’ll be able to watch both the Dorticos vs Masternak and Rodriguez vs Moloney fights and any pre-match or post-match build up or action.

The WBSS also known as the “Ali Series” has generated great interest with Callum Smith recently winning the Super-Middleweight final.

This time it’s the turn of the Bantamweight and Cruiserweight fights hoping to progress to the semi-finals.

Cuban born Dorticos who is now based in Miami, Florida will no doubt have large local support and Puerto Rico’s Rodriguez will be hoping to use the large local Puerto Rican population to his advantage.

Dorticos took part in the first ever WBSS and claims the tournament taught him a lot. He’s back again to prove why they call him “The KO Doctor”.

Conclusion: Watch Dorticos vs Masternak and Rodriguez vs Moloney

To watch both Dorticos vs Masternak and Rodriguez vs Moloney live online you’ll need to get yourself a ‘VPN’ app.

This will allow you to watch an official live stream of the fights from overseas.

You can watch anywhere in the world on any type of device using this method. You’ll need to sign up to ExpressVPN and download their app.

You should then connect to Russia on the app. Once connected you can watch both fights live for free on the MatchTV website.

ExpressVPN has a huge 30-day money back guarantee so if you can’t get it working then you can simply get a refund. They’ve also got a deal right now that gives you 3-months entirely free with their 12-month package.

This works out 49% cheaper than paying monthly so if you want to watch more of the WBSS or other boxing or sporting events then it’s well worth getting to save money.


Ready to get a VPN? Try our recommended VPN service provider

  • Watch the fights live
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Which fight are you most interested in and more importantly, who do you think will win? I would love to hear your thoughts so why not post in the comments section below.

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