How to watch Doctor Who Series 14 anywhere

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Whovians around the world were thrilled to recently learn that the next season of Doctor Who is returning after a long wait.

There is not much known about Series 14 as of yet, but it won’t be long before we once again join The Doctor on her adventures through time and space.

The best way to watch on release day anywhere is by using a VPN (ensuring you comply with the terms & conditions of the iPlayer service). Not only can you watch securely, but it can improve streaming quality in some cases too.

So, if you’re abroad traveling and want to watch at the earliest opportunity without missing out and having it ruined by spoilers, read on to discover how.

What do you need?

To watch in the best quality anywhere, we recommend using a VPN.

VPNs are the go-to technology for steaming content in high quality, but more than that – they can also keep you secure online.

Silhouette of person watching TV in a chair

Of course, you may have heard that VPNs are used for online privacy and security, and while that is entirely true – they serve a multitude of purposes from streaming content, bypassing censorship and a whole host more.

With a reliable VPN service, you can stream Doctor Who securely wherever you are.

Where to get a VPN?

Now, this is the important part – not all VPNs are equally as good as each other.

There are hundreds of services, headquartered in almost every country around the world. However, BBC iPlayer doesn’t work well with all VPN services.

To stop people accessing the service from overseas, they’ve blocked many VPN connections. There is still a handful that works well.

ExpressVPN is our recommended choice and the best one for watching BBC iPlayer.

It features excellent speeds that are perfect for streaming, and it offers top-quality privacy features.

Best of all, if you decide that you don’t like it, it will return your money at any point within the first 30 days from the moment you pay for it.

Alternatively, you can also choose CyberGhost or NordVPN, both of which still work with the UK streaming services.

30-day money back guarantee

How to watch Doctor Who in any country

If you are ready to start using a VPN and gain access to Doctor Who as soon as it starts showing, here are the steps you need to take to prepare.

1. Choose a VPN

As mentioned, choosing a reliable VPN is the most important step, and we highly recommend ExpressVPN.

However, you are, of course, free to use any service you like.

2. Sign up

Once you make your choice, go to the VPN website and sign up.

Enter your email, payment details, and other information, depending on what the service asks.

3. Download the app

Next, you need to decide what device you want to watch the show on and download their dedicated app for that device.

You can find computer apps on the ExpressVPN website, or search your usual app store for your mobile or tablet.

4. Install and connect

App installation is relatively simple and straightforward, and it’s no different to using your banking app or your favourite social media one.

Once installed, launch it, log in, and locate the list of servers.

Find the United Kingdom, select it, and hit ‘Connect.’

ExpressVPN connecting to the UK

Stream Doctor Who using ExpressVPN.

5. Watch the show

And, that’s it. You are now ready to watch the new series of Doctor Who. You can watch it on the BBC iPlayer website or use their app.

30-day money back guarantee

When does Series 14 start?

According to what is known so far, the series will start on 11th May, 2024.


Doctor Who is returning once again with its 14th series this October.

The first episode will air on the 11th May.

The best and most secure way to watch where you are in the world is by using a VPN app. There are loads to choose from but not all work with BBC iPlayer.

We recommend ExpressVPN.

Sign up for their service, download their app, connect to the UK and start preparing yourself for the return of everyone’s favourite Sci-Fi show, that appears to be coming back with a bang.


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