How to watch Annihilation on Netflix in the USA or elsewhere

Watch Annihilation

In this guide you’ll learn how you can watch Annihilation the movie on Netflix in the USA, Canada or anywhere else in the world where it hasn’t been released.

Annihilation is the movie that is taking Netflix by storm. In Australia it’s been called “really loved” and in the UK reviewers said it was a “brilliant existentialist genre piece”.

In the US, Canada and some other countries it’s a completely different story.

Annihilation is not even available on Netflix, in fact it’s only available at the cinema. In this guide we’re going to show you how you can watch Annihilation cosied up at home in your pyjamas in the USA, Canadia, or in fact anywhere else in the world.

How to watch Annihilation on Netflix anywhere

Annihilation is available on almost all Netflix services worldwide bar the USA, Canada, China and a handful of other locations.

It is available in the UK though. If you’ve got a US, Canadian or Netflix account from another country where it isn’t available you can tap into the UK site and watch. All you’re going to need is an app called a VPN.

A VPN allows you to alter your location so it makes it appear as if you’re in another country.

In the case of watching Annihilation you use the VPN to change your location to the UK. The UK Netflix website has a completely different catalogue than the US and others.

You can however use your US or other country Netflix details and login to the UK website to watch Annihilation. Just follow the instructions below.

How to watch Annihilation:

  1. Visit the VPN provider ExpressVPN and sign-up to their service.
  2. Go to the Products section of the website and download the correct app for your device.
  3. Install the app, run it and login with the account details you created on sign-up.
  4. Press Choose Location.
  5. Press All, Select United Kingdom and select UK – Docklands.
  6. Press the Connect button.
  7. Once ExpressVPN has connected visit the Netflix website.
  8. Login and in the search box type Annihilation.
  9. Enjoy the movie!

When you’ve finished watching Annihilation you can simply press Disconnect on the ExpressVPN app.

You can of course use the VPN account to watch more content on UK Netflix. There are different movies and TV shows available on the UK Netflix website so you may find some other interesting things to watch.

Below you can see an example of how easy it is to connect to ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Docklands

Why isn’t Annihilation available on US Netflix?

If you’ve searched US Netflix or other Netflix sites where Annihilation isn’t available then you’ll be presented with a screen that looks a little like this:

Annihilation US Netflix

In a weird twist of events Annihilation has been released on Netflix across most of the world but in the USA, Canada and China it was released on the big cinema screen.

The original intention was for the movie to be released across the world on the cinema. Due to poor viewing figures in the US, the decision was made for it to go straight to Netflix in other territories.

The problem is, the movie is just too intellectual and complicated for the average cinema goer. Or that’s what we’re led to believe. Coupled with the fact it has an almost all female cast it seems the execs with the power just weren’t feeling the movie.

We can hardly blame them though, the numbers of viewers in the US have been pretty disappointing.

However, although cinema figures were less than expected the reception on Netflix has been mostly positive.

So, if you want to watch Annihilation in the US, Canada, China or anywhere else on Netflix then just follow the steps earlier in this guide.

What’s Annihilation about?

Annihilation is the latest movie from Ex Machina director Alex Garland.

It’s a classic sci-fi horror that will leave you with more questions than answers by the time you’ve watched it.

The movie is filled with strange creatures that the 5-women main cast discover throughout the movie. Natalie Portman leads the cast which isn’t short of a star or two.

After discovering her military husband has been inside the “Shimmer” which has seriously changed him, Portman who plays Lena embarks on a mission to enter Shimmer herself.

Portman is accompanied by four other women who also venture into the Shimmer which turns out to be a seriously weird and mind-boggling world.

If you’re into a bit of sci-fi, like a bit of horror and don’t mind having your mind confused at the same time then Annihilation is well worth checking out.

Just grab yourself a VPN from ExpressVPN, connect to the UK and then head over to the UK Netflix website to watch now from anywhere in the world.

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