Watch 9Now in the UK: Beginner’s Guide

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Are you trying to watch 9Now in the UK but finding it blocked? We’ve got a simple workaround that will let you stream all your favourite Aussie shows right from the shores of raining old England.

9Now is one of the most popular online streaming services in Australia, allowing you to watch Channel 9 online.

It is free to use, and it features all kinds of shows, both ones made in Oz and others from across the world.

Unfortunately the service is only officially available within Australia.

But if you’re travelling in the UK, living here or you love Aussie TV you’ll want to unblock 9Now, and below I’ll be showing you how.

What you need to unblock 9Now

The way to unblock 9Now is to use a VPN.

VPNs are online privacy, security, and anonymity apps, and as part of their service, they can hide your real location. It stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’ (sounds more technical than you need to care about).

They let you connect to another country of your choice. Doing so tricks online services into thinking that you are in the country you connect to.

In this case – Australia!

There are loads of VPN options, but I found the best choice for this job is ExpressVPN.

It is fast, which is vital for streaming in high quality, and they have a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case you change your mind.

Steps to watch TV

Alternatively, NordVPN and IPVanish are also good choices, so you’re free to pick any.

Our #1 Recommended VPN to watch

30-day money back guarantee

How to watch 9Now in the UK

Once you choose a VPN to use, the rest is quite simple, and it will only take a few minutes to set it all up. Follow these steps to unblock 9Now and enjoy its content.

  1. Visit ExpressVPN or one of the other service providers you chose and sign up.
  2. Download their VPN app for the device you want to watch 9Now on.
  3. Install the app and then open it. You’ll need to login with your account details from step 1.
  4. Press the ‘Selected Location’ button.
  5. Click ‘All Locations‘, ‘Asia Pacific‘ and finally ‘Australia‘.
  6. Go to 9Now or use their app and enjoy viewing it from the UK.
ExpressVPN app connecting to Australia

Watch 9Now in the UK using ExpressVPN.

Of course, you can use a VPN for enjoying other geo-locked services, websites, and alike – not only in Australia but in any country where your VPN of choice has servers installed.

Other Australian services you’ll want to check out include TenPlay, 7Plus, Kayo and Stan although some do require a valid subscription.

You’ll only need the one VPN package and you can watch all those services and more.

What devices can I watch 9Now on?

You can watch it on pretty much anything, as long as you can install a VPN on it.

ExpressVPN covers almost every device type, from smartphones and tablets to desktops, laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more.

That, of course, means you can watch 9Now on any Windows, Mac OS, Android, Apple iOS, or Amazon Fire TV devices while you’re in the UK.

You can even use it in combination with your router and protect your entire internet connection and unblock more Aussie TV.

Our #1 Recommended VPN to watch

30-day money back guarantee

What can I watch on 9Now?

9Now offers all kinds of popular shows.

It is very diverse and ready to meet everyone’s needs. That way, if you are interested in a good murder mystery, you can watch Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

On the other hand, if you are somewhat into watching whipping hair salons in order, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover will be the best choice for you.

Ribbon with Australian flag

There are also shows like Tiny House Big Living, Jack Taylor, The Bachelor, Dance Moms, Secret Dealers, House Husbands, Filthy Rich, Married at First Sight, and many others.

Is using a VPN legal?

Yes, absolutely. You can view a VPN as an online privacy and security app, and people treat them no differently than antivirus software.

Of course, the ability to bypass censorship and geo-restricted content is frowned upon, especially by streaming websites themselves, but it is still not against the law.

In fact, in Australia, bypassing geo-restrictions and grey market imports are usually encouraged.

We should point out that we are not lawyers, but there are no cases of anyone getting in trouble for using a VPN to access TV content from overseas.


9Now is a great way to pass the time and enjoy some fun; good quality shows along the way.

You can use it for free and watch anything it has to offer. Unfortunately, you will discover that it is unavailable for anyone who is not in Australia. So that means you in the UK.

Luckily, however, this issue can easily be fixed with a VPN that will let you stream live or watch shows on catch up.

You need a VPN with servers in Australia, high speeds, and a stable connection. ExpressVPN is our recommended choice, as it truly lives up to the name.

Once you’ve signed up, download their app and connect to Australia, you can then watch both live and catch-up shows from 9Now.

If you change your mind, then use their 30-day money back guarantee and get yourself a refund.


Ready to watch? Try our recommended VPN service provider.

  • Watch 9Now anywhere
  • View live or catch-up TV
  • Easy to set up and use

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