VyprVPN team up with Dashlane to offer password protection

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Leading VPN provider VyprVPN are pushing the boundaries of their offerings by teaming up with Dashlane to offer 6 months of their password manager product to current and new customers absolutely free.

A yearly package from Dashlane costs US$39.99 so by being a VyprVPN customer or becoming one you’ll get access to US$20 of free service as long as you haven’t previously been a Dashlane customer.

Dashlane for VyprVPN customers

More sites require passwords

Passwords, passwords, who can remember them all

Years ago passwords weren’t such a big issue. Very few sites required one and apart from your email account most sites didn’t require you to sign up. As the years have passed and our lives have become ever more integrated with the online world through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and the numerous shopping sites most users now have a mass of passwords to remember.

The more websites you use the more passwords you need. Sadly, the human brain is very bad at remembering passwords that are considered secure and so many users make use of basic passwords such as names and dates of births most of which are made up of common words. The situation gets worse because we’re all often guilty of reusing the same or similar passwords across a range of sites just so we can remember them.

For the past few years I’ve been using individual passwords for each different site made up of combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. However, I’m not blessed with an unusually good memory and so have a huge A4 piece of paper full of passwords. While this offline solution is secure from internet hackers it wouldn’t be so good in the event of someone breaking into my home.

6 months free password manager from VyprVPN

VyprVPN is no stranger to adding new features, but this handy 6 months free of Dashlane is another bow to their ribbon. Dashlane is a password manager that can store and create secure passwords for all services you use. It also offers the option to store these securely and encrypted online becoming available across all your devices or if you’re extra cautious storing them locally encrypted on your own system.

Basically Dashlane is like a password brain keeping all your passwords secure and allowing you to use unique passwords on each site. In essence increasing the security of your online accounts. Not only can Dashlane store and create passwords but it can also automatically enter them on sites for you even on sites such as your bank or Google that have two or three step authentication.

Many deals offered by companies are often for new customers only to entice you to subscribe and while the deal is certainly encouraging because after all from our tests we find VyprVPN to be one of the better providers, luckily though if you’ve already got a VyprVPN account you can still take advantage of the 6 months free Dashlane premium offer. Thumbs up to VyprVPN for remembering their current customers!

There has been a lot of news recently about password security and many sites have had whole loads of passwords stolen. One of the features of Dashlane is to warn you when sites have been compromised to encourage you to change your password for that specific site. The bonus of using difficult to crack and unique passwords on each individual site is even if one site was compromised nefarious hackers and criminals couldn’t use that same password to access your other sites.

New and current customers can take advantage

Customers wishing to take advantage of the VyprVPN Dashlane deal can firstly sign up for a VyprVPN account ranging from US$6.67 to $10.00 per month by follow the link below.

Once signed up or if already a customer VyprVPN users can get their free 6 month Dashlane account by following the link below.

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