VyprVPN Review 2017: Professional and Easy

VyprVPN Review 2017
  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Policy
  • Support


VyprVPN have made massive improvements over the past 12 months.


  • Exceptionally easy software and apps.
  •  3-day Free Trial.
  • 70 VPN countries.
  • Chameleon VPN protocol.
  •  Parent company registered in Switzerland.


  •  Fast but not the fastest.

We’ve been reviewing VyprVPN every year since 2013 and found their service to be one of the better ones in the industry.

The pace of change moves fast in the privacy world and we’ve been taking a look at VyprVPN in 2017 to find out if they’ve kept up with the competition.

Read on in this VyprVPN Review 2017 to find out what we thought.

The Packages:

The packages from VyprVPN have recently been overhauled and this alone has made a massive improvement to the service.

Gone is the cheapest package that offered low security with the PPTP VPN protocol only, now all packages offer the higher standard of protection.

Choices are slightly different to many other VPN providers because there are two package options:

  • VyprVPN – $5 p/m billed annually (£4.03)
  • VyprVPN Premium – $6.67 p/m billed annually (£5.38)

There isn’t a huge amount of difference between the two packages except on the more expensive package you get access to VyprVPN’s proprietary VPN protocol “Chameleon” and their VyprVPN Cloud service.

You are also allowed 5 devices connected at the same time whereas on the lower priced package this is limited to 3.

For normal users the standard “VyprVPN” package will certainly offer enough.

If you live in a country that has a restrictive internet regime such as China or Iran then the added Chameleon mode will allow you to break through restrictions and access websites and services that are blocked.

A 3-day free trial is available regardless of if you want to test the service or not.

You won’t be charged until the 3-days have elapsed which gives you time to test the service and see if it’s suitable for your needs or not.

If you aren’t happy then you can simply cancel. If you are then you need to do nothing and you’ll be charged as normal.

The Service:

All packages from VyprVPN now offer the standard VPN protocol list including PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN.

As detailed in the packages section above if you sign up for their Premium account then you also get the Chameleon protocol thrown in.

In a nutshell Chameleon is an OpenVPN based protocol with modified headers allowing you to evade strong internet censorship and firewalls.

Custom Software & Apps

As part of this review I took a look at both the Windows software and Android app.

VyprVPN have for the longest time offered one of the most beautifully designed interfaces and if you’re a beginner then you’ll love their clients.

The Mac software and iOS app are almost identical visually and in use as the Windows and Android app so you can take what you need from my findings below if you use either of those devices too.


The Windows software is extremely easy to navigate.

If you’re new to VPN use then you can pretty much launch the software and hit Connect.

It’s automatically set to connect to the “Fastest Server” and if you wanted you could then minimise it and forget about it.

If you want to change the location of connection then this is possible via the server list.

Server selection is sortable via:

  • All
  • Region
  • Favourites

You can even search the server list by typing in the first few letters of a country or city to find your required location.

VyprVPN Windows 2017

VyprVPN Windows software

When you open the server selection list the servers are automatically “pinged” which gives you an indication of their distance and essentially the speeds you’re likely to get from that server location.

In the settings area it’s possible to customise many options from how the software functions, the VPN protocol to be used all the way through to the DNS servers used and some advanced OpenVPN settings.

The Windows software is certainly easy enough to use if you’re a beginner but it also has some advanced features should you be more technically capable.

VyprVPN have created a Windows one size fits all solution that works well and covers all ability levels.


The Android app is essentially a continuation of the desktop app and the layout is very similar.

If you’re familiar with the desktop software then you’ll have no trouble navigating the Android app.

The interface is easy to use, again like it’s big brother desktop counterpart you can just hit connect and it will connect you to the fastest server.

VyprVPN Android 2017

Android app

Selecting a server is simple enough and with the automatic pinging of every location it makes it easy to choose a server that will give you good speeds.

A neat feature of the app is it can block malicious websites if you choose to enable it and kill your mobile internet connection should the VPN service drop.

For a small mobile app there are a lot of features packed into it and it far surpasses many other provider’s apps in terms of ease of use, functionality and features.

Server Locations

I last reviewed VyprVPN roughly 1 year ago at which time they had VPN servers in 48 countries around the world.

This has increased dramatically and over the past 12 months and they’ve expanded to a further 22 countries making a total of 70 available.

VyprVPN Servers 2017

VyprVPN offer VPN servers in 70 countries.

Much of the expansion has brought servers to North Africa, Central and South America, Eastern Europe and Asia making the service more appealing if you live in one of those regions.

With already well covered North America, Europe and Oceania regions the service is now truly open to a world market and regardless of where you live or find yourself you’ll be covered by a nearby location.

There are still one or two VPN providers bigger in terms of locations but VyprVPN is now definitely up there with the best of them.

General Observations

For the longest time both BBC iPlayer and Sky Go from the United Kingdom were blocked when using the VyprVPN service and it definitely became a huge negative of the service.

If you like to stream content then these two providers are top of the list.

The great news is that since my last review VyprVPN is now working with both BBC iPlayer and Sky Go. Both services have worked for a good number of months meaning the service is now suitable to stream both services while you’re abroad or if you live outside the UK.

VyprVPN owns all of the equipment on their service which means all the server hardware belongs to them, this is actually very rare in the VPN market and a good security feature.

Private DNS servers are available to use when connected ensuring the names of the websites you visit (URLs) can not be logged by your ISP or other third parties.

More than 200,000 IP Addresses are available across the service and are Shared IP Addresses which means your data will be mixed with other users for maximum privacy.

The Speeds:

Speeds across the VyprVPN service are generally quite favourable.

For everyday web browsing, video streaming and other general internet tasks I noticed no noticeable slowdown.

I connected to a range of local servers including Sydney, Australia and Melbourne.

I even connected to my home connection back in the UK and using the ISP Virgin Media connected to London and the Netherlands.

Using both locations I left the VPN service running in the background and was able to go about my daily internet tasks without any issues.

VyprVPN isn’t quite the fastest VPN provider as when connected to their London, UK connection and downloading I only managed around 70Mbps on a 200Mbps connection.

That alone is a favourable result but if you’re a heavy downloader or you have many people making use of your internet connection giving you limited bandwidth then you may want to stick with a provider who can offer the peak speeds of your connection.

That aside VyprVPN is very capable in the speed stakes and for 95% of users their speeds will be more than sufficient.

The Encryption, Policies & Support:


VyprVPN offers four VPN protocols, the standard PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN plus a further Chameleon mode that will help you bypass restrictive internet firewalls.

OpenVPN is available in both 160-bit and 256-bit modes.

A 2048-bit RSA key is used for handshaking.

PPTP makes use of 128-bit encryption with L2TP/IPSec utilising 256-bit.


VyprVPN’s policies are some of the clearest in the industry and are broken down into a Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Copyright.

First and most importantly, they do not store or log any of your activity while connected to their service.

This means the websites you visit, the emails you send, the videos you watch and everything else you do while connected is not logged or stored.

However, VyprVPN does retain connection logs which include:

  • User’s home IP Address
  • VyprVPN IP Address assigned to the user
  • Connection start and stop time
  • Amount of data transferred

Although VyprVPN uses Shared IP Addresses that can be assigned to more than one user the risk remains that you could be the only person assigned an IP Address at any given time.

If a third party has claims for copyright or other legal reasons then there is the small possibility that your actions could be linked to yourself.

VyprVPN has in the past terminated accounts for downloading or sharing copyrighted material.

Although this all sounds pretty scary the simple fact remains that most VPN providers store connection logs, the majority just aren’t clear that they do.

So while VyprVPN’s policies may not be suitable for a handful of users they are clear about their policies and this is definitely welcomed.


VyprVPN offers support via ticket and also has a live chat feature.

Live chat is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

It’s definitely a plus of the service to offer this because not all providers do and it allows you to get issues resolved quickly without the need to wait.

The Verdict:

VyprVPN have always been a very good VPN provider but a few kinks in the system have previously let them down.

Over the past 12-months the service has massively improved.

The new packages are simplified and offer more for the same price. Gone are the confusing options to be replaced by two clear choices.

Massive server expansion over the past year to over 70 worldwide locations also brings the services up into the top tier of VPN services.

I was especially pleased to see streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Sky Go working with the service which was not previously possible and will be a bonus if you’re a Brit abroad or if you like to watch British TV services.

The software and apps are still as easy to use as ever and a few little additions have been added to make them even more feature full.

Speed on the service is generally good and while they aren’t the fastest provider out there they do provide speeds good enough for the majority of uses and users.

It’s difficult to fault VyprVPN, I found them to overall offer an all round great service and with a 3-day free trial available there shouldn’t be much stopping you from giving them a go.

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