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This week we’re doing a VPNPrivacy.com review. After a comment popped up on our VPN Comparison Table by “Alex” we decided to put them to the test and have a go of their service.

We’ll start off by taking a look at their website and payment options and move on to their actual service, what you get for your hard earned cash and explore the good the bad and the ugly (if any!) of their service.

VPNPrivacy.com offer a standard service which gives you access to one of their 4 available gateways, there is no difference in price for more or less services but only a difference in price based on the length of time you wish to take the service out for. So for the purpose of this review we’re reviewing the standard service they offer which was tested over a 4-5 day period including both weekend peak times and weekday off peak. We had access to all servers for the purpose of the review so tested them for different uses.


The Website:

VPNPrivacy Site

VPNPrivacy Site

The VPNPrivacy website appears to be your standard VPN service website. Adorning the top area of the site is the usual VPN type “anonymous” men in suits followed by a serious looking woman in a business suit. This is standard practise for most VPN services and gives a sense of authority and security. Nothing particularly stands out about the design of the website and it appears similar to many others, the site could do with a little livening up but after buying one of their services you won’t really be concerning yourself with what their website looks like after all!

All the required information is easily viewed from the main page including their contact details which includes both email and ICQ, a set up guide, their available payment options, their service locations, the types of systems the service supports, eg; Windows, Mac, Android etc. plus the available protocols (PPTP, SSTP (SSL), Open VPN) and the speed of their services which is given as “All the VPN servers are connected to 1Gbit channels”

This in itself makes the main features obvious and answers many of the questions you may have in advance when looking for the best VPN service for your money. Once you’ve satisfied yourself that the main operation of the service suits your needs the Terms & Conditions and other policies and terms of service are available at the bottom of the site which as with any VPN service should be read through carefully to understand if they meet your needs in terms of logging and what is and what is not allowed to be done on the service.

As a short side note we noted nothing of major concern in the Terms & Conditions, only the usual agreement not to use the services for anything illegal etc etc. Although you should always read these thoroughly to understand your rights.

The Sign Up Process:

The sign up process appears simple, add the package required from the main screen, fill in your usual details and make payment. One thing that should be noted is it appears as if the process is not automated and after payment you may need to wait for a few hours before your details are emailed through to you.

Although this is not a major concern, if you are after an instant VPN and after using it straight away then you may need to take in to consideration that the account creation and receiving your login details is not an automated process.

One of the more disheartening options of the sign up process is you are required to choose which VPN server you require access to and with a choice of only 3 different countries we would of thought that allowing access to each server would be more suitable to most customers considering the pricing options are comparable to other VPN providers, I suggest that the owners of VPNPrivacy.com might want to considering allowing access to all servers for the prices they are charging in an effort to compete with the large competition for VPN providers available.

A nice option of the Sign Up process is the fact they offer a range of lengths of service, the most appealing being a one week service which at the time of writing is just small pocket change at US$3.50; this would be ideal for those off on holiday or who only have a short term need for a VPN service.

They also offer the standard range of 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and a one year service which again at the time of writing are US$10, US$28, US$52 and US$98 respectively. These appear to be offer prices with no indication of how long they are on offer for so you may find they are a dollar or two higher if you take out an account with them some time after this review was written.

The Service:

We put their servers through a variety of tests to see how reliable they are for a range of services.

VPNPrivacy.com provide a basic network connection profile for the VPN server of your choice, this is simple enough to use but is basic compared to some of the larger VPN providers who gear their custom built software towards ease of use.

We initially had issues making a connection which we conversed in detail with the email support of VPNPrivacy.com who located the issue down to a firewall issue, this turned out not to be any software related issue but we discovered the issue was being caused by a block on our router. VPNPrivacy was helpful and quick in response, most replies being within a few hours with only when asking late at night having to wait until the next morning to receive a reply. They did offer to connect to our system to take a look over teamviewer which would of allowed them to look and remotely control our computer but it wasn’t necessary. It is however a nice touch for those less technically inclined that they would look in to the issue and attempt to fix it on your behalf, support like this could be useful if you’re a beginner or get stuck.

As well as the basic network connection tool they provide you there is the option to follow their easy to read instructions on their website which has about 6-7 steps and set it up manually, the guide that we used was made for Windows 7 but we easily adapted it to our Windows 8 system which actually took less steps. The process includes screen shots and could be followed by someone with a low to medium computer knowledge.

Starting off with their east coast US server we connected to Hulu to take in a little American TV, we found no problems when streaming shows like Hell’s Kitchen even when using SSTP (Secure Socket Tunnelling Protocol – an extra secure encryption process) which is slightly overkill just for streaming public TV. A little buffer now and again caused by the extra encryption of the data.

Next we connected to their EU server which is located in Luxembourg, this is the closest server to our physical location. Originally we started off with some simple web surfing again using SSTP, we did struggle to visit websites easily and the slowness caused by the encryption made the process quite unusable. Compared to other services we would of liked this to perform a little better but coupled with the encryption and the distance of the server from our location it made this type of connection not feasible for day to day surfing use, you may wish to consider this depending on how far you are located from the Luxembourg server.

After discussion with VPNPrivacy.com regarding this they suggested making the connection using PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol) This is an encrypted connection but on the lower end of the scale. For the extra security conscious amongst you this type of encryption will not be up to par and is possible but unlikely that the information could be decrypted by nefarious types. For everyday use of non-sensitive information this type of encryption will be more than enough for most peoples needs.

When changing to PPTP we found browsing a joy and noticed no slow down or speed impact when connecting through the Luxembourg server. We surfed general news website both in the UK and US as well as our day to day general surfing of websites and had no trouble navigating around any page, a thumbs up to VPNPrivacy.com for the connection speeds when making use of PPTP.

Although Torrents aren’t something we review or score by, nor something we personally make use of, you should be aware that the Luxembourg server is the only server that VPNPrivacy.com authorise you to use for downloading via Torrents, they are not allowed on their North American servers. Some food for thought if you’re located far away from their European servers as it would have a knock on effect of your download speed.

We did our usual speeds tests which included checking the download speeds also.

SSTP download speeds using the EU server fluctuated between 1.8MB/sec and 2.5MB/sec

SSTP Download

SSTP Download

A loss of around 1MB/sec was recorded when doing a speed test over SSTP to the closest speed test server of the VPN server.

SSTP Download

SSTP Download

We ran various speed tests using PPTP which show little to no drop in our normal internet speed which is a very good result and made for a nice web browsing experience.

PPTP Download

PPTP Download

The Verdict aka tl;dr:

Overall we found the service to be very good, when making use of internet browsing using the standard PPTP connection we found no issues and the speeds achieved are more than satisfactory. Downloading would be no problem and when it comes to using the US servers for accessing the likes of Hulu then this would be entirely possible.

The service that VPNPrivacy.com provide would suit those who would like the added security that a VPN provides for their everyday surfing needs from light encrypting of their connection to the anonymity that connecting using a different IP address gives.

We do not feel however that the service would be suitable for the extreme security conscious user as the browsing issues we encountered when using extra secure connections such as SSTP would severely limit the use of the service. This to the point that we couldn’t use the connection for our daily surfing needs. This may be down to the fact that the servers are located too far away and perhaps if you’re a user who is physically closer to one of their server locations then you may get better results.

The only other two downside points we could see regarding VPNPrivacy.com is 1) the lack of choice of servers and 2) the fact that you have to specify which server you wish to use and are restricted from connecting to their other servers, as we mentioned earlier it may encourage more user signup should they allow you to connect to all of their servers.

Overall a good service and we hope that VPNPrivacy.com may be able to answer some of our criticisms in the comment section of this article and take on board some of our suggestions.

If you’re interested in taking a look at their service then head over to their website using the link below.

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