VPNArea bites the dust and vanishes

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In a bizarre turn of events, VPNArea, a supposedly popular VPN service which we haven’t personally reviewed but has been covered by major publications like The Independent, has seemingly vanished without a trace.

Users attempting to access the provider’s site are met with a non-c0nnecting website, and the VPN servers themselves appear to be offline.

Additionally, the company’s social media profiles have shown no activity, leading to growing concerns and speculation among its user base.

This sudden disappearance has left many users scrambling for answers. Without any official statement from VPNArea, the community has taken to forums and social media to share their experiences and theories.

Who’s behind VPNArea?

We tried to call VPNArea via the number listed on their Trustpilot page but were met with a message telling us the call could not be completed and to check the number. Another number at Crunchbase said the subscriber did not exist.

We attempted to reach out to Sam Sawalhi (aka Wisam Sawalhi) a Washington DC based, Palestinian-American via X (formally Twitter) who is listed as the ‘Global Managing Director’ for the parent company of VPNArea, Offshore Security LTD but discovered he doesn’t receive private messages.

We’ve tweeted directly to him, if we hear back, we’ll update you with more.

We attempted to find contact details for other leading names at the provider, but to no avail. Perhaps Dimitar Dobrev, the listed Chief Executive Office of VPNArea knows what has happened?

We hope they reach out to clear things up.

Interestingly, VPNArea’s owners also own a leak testing website called IPLeak.org, this domain is also unreachable at the time of writing.

Another potential connection is a website called offshoresecurity.global that is still functioning but seems nothing more than an unfinished website. It lists Sam Sawalhi and another Dublin-based Hungarian as the owners.

There is no suggestion that the Hungarian has any relation to VPNArea, but the domain of the website is uncannily similar to the parent company of VPNArea.

Will the real owner of VPNArea please stand up?

A Ghost Ship in the VPN Industry

The current situation with VPNArea is reminiscent of past incidents in the VPN industry.

Notably, EarthVPN faced a similar scenario in 2018.

As we reported at the time, EarthVPN, once a popular choice among privacy-conscious users, began to experience service disruptions and lack of communication from its operators.

For years, it operated like a ghost ship, running without any clear guidance, updates or answers to support requests until it finally disappeared entirely.

Similarly, Proxy.sh, another promising VPN from the early boom era of VPN services, vanished overnight.

This sudden disappearance was reportedly due to the tragic passing of one of its main owners. These incidents highlight a troubling pattern in the VPN industry where users are left in the dark about the fate of their chosen services.

It also highlights a larger issue with VPN services run by smaller teams or even individuals about what happens to their service should their owners succumb to an untimely fate.

Community Reactions and Theories

The VPNArea subreddit has been buzzing with activity as users share their thoughts and concerns. One thread titled “VpnArea dead?” has garnered significant attention.

A user commented, “I’m having the same problem. Been with them for many years, but I don’t have a good feeling about this.”

Another user speculated, “I wonder if this has some link to kaspersky being banned in the US. Does VPNArea use Kaspersky’s API?”

VPNArea reddit quotes

One user on Reddit expressed their frustration, stating, “It’s a shame since I’ve been with them since at least 2018 and never had any issues up until now.”

VPNArea website

The lack of communication from VPNArea has only fueled these theories, with users mainly concerned about unused time that has been paid for as part of their subscription.

The mysterious disappearance of VPNArea underscores the importance of transparency and reliability in VPN services.

Users entrust these companies with their online privacy and security, making it crucial for providers to maintain open lines of communication, especially in times of crisis. The incidents with EarthVPN, Proxy.sh, and now VPNArea serve as cautionary tales for both VPN providers and users.

For VPN providers, these situations highlight the need to establish contingency plans and clear communication strategies to handle unexpected disruptions.

For users, it serves as a reminder to thoroughly research and choose VPN services that have a proven track record of reliability and transparency.

It may also serve as a stark warning not to sign up for lengthy subscriptions simply because they offer the best deals.

What’s Next for VPNArea Users?

As of now, there is no official word from VPNArea regarding the status of their services.

VPNArea trustpilot

Users are advised to seek alternative VPN solutions to ensure their online activities remain protected. We’ve covered plenty of reliable providers and our reviews section has reviews of most of the recommended options. I personally use ExpressVPN on a daily basis but other good options are there.

Opening cases with your payment provider sooner rather than later may yield some result in recovering funds for your lost service time.

In the meantime, the VPN community continues to watch closely, hoping for any updates or clarifications from VPNArea.

The silence from the company only adds to the frustration and concern among its user base, who are left to wonder what went wrong and if their data remains secure.

The case of VPNArea is a stark reminder of the volatility in the VPN industry and the critical need for trust and transparency. Sadly, as past situations have shown, often when a VPN provider vanishes, it never returns.

Author: Hans Wagner

With a Computer Science degree in his toolkit, Hans is passionate about online privacy and cybersecurity. He loves breaking down complex tech topics so that everyone, from beginners to experts, can understand and benefit. He's all about empowering people to navigate the digital world safely and confidently.

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