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The country of India has a population of over 1 billion people, it was estimated in 2012 that the true figure actually sits just over that at 1.22 billion. Over a billion people! That’s a lot of people who are looking for VPN servers in India, or at least the possibility of a lot of people. Trying to understand just the numbers behind a billion is difficult, in fact it is a thousand million, as a number that’s 1,000,000,000!

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India is currently the second most populated country in the world and set to become the first when it is estimated to overtake China within the next 40 years. As with any populous country and one with such a rich history like India it goes without saying that the people of India have travelled the world far and wide with massive communities of Indian and Indian descendants in nearly all countries worldwide.

No more than my own country the United Kingdom which boasts over 1 million people of Indian descent making up nearly 2% of the over all population of the country. This is actually a massive bonus to our country both culturally and for those who are a fan of Indian food a huge boost to our food range, in fact Curry is said to be the UK’s number one favourite dish.

So if you need access to an Indian VPN server, what’s the solution?

Best VPN for India

Perhaps you’re not actually travelling to India but require an Indian internet presence, connection or to give the impression you are in India to access geo-restricted content or something similar, like actual visitors to India the following providers will be ideal as they all offer Indian VPN servers :-

  1. Indian HandIPVanish
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Overplay
  4. VyprVPN
  5. HideMyAss
  6. PrivateInternetAccess
  7. TorGuard
  8. Proxy.sh
  9. EarthVPN
  10. VPNSecure.me

So no matter if you’re travelling to see family, on vacation, backpacking, on business or just want to appear as if you’re in India then the above services all offer Indian VPN servers which will cater for your needs. I’d love to hear how you used the connection, so if you feel you want to share please feel free to drop a comment in our comment box below.

So why do I need a VPN for India?

All those facts and figures aside it leads to one possible problem and that is that the huge numbers of Indian descendant people who regularly travel from the UK and other countries back and forth to India itself for family reasons and also due to strong business links. There are plenty of products made in India, especially in the clothing trade which means not only are Indian descendants frequently travelling back and forth but also a large number of businessmen and women who use the country as a base to source good quality and low cost products.

Although India has a long history of press freedom and has instilled in it many freedoms the western world take for granted it does however have a very selective internet censorship regime that although not publicly flaunted is without a doubt in full swing.

Internet snooping and surveillance has generally increased since the terrible terrorist events that were carried out in Mumbai in 2008, although this is entirely understandable for prevention of terrorist activity it is little different to what we are experiencing in the UK, Europe and the US in which government use powers meant for terrorism to routinely snoop upon their citizens.

Blogs, websites and more being restricted in India

Indian restrictions go further in which blogs, websites and other online activities are blocked without warning and sometimes without warrant. All this leads to a rather restricted internet access and for any travelling business people or Indian’s visiting family or friends if one of the big social media sites became blocked it would be difficult to keep up with developments in your circle of contacts or friends back home.

Most worryingly for travellers to India it appears that the government is happy to block sites that many British Indians, Indians from other nations and business / recreational travellers are likely to want to access. In 2011 Facebook amongst other websites were blocked without any prior warning, being one of the most popular social networking sites in use by millions if not billions of people it should cause concern for those travelling to India.

So while website blocking continues to be on the increase it leads to the first reason for actually making use of a VPN service while in India. Not only are you looking for VPN servers in India but we must firstly consider making use of a VPN service so that we can access sites outside India while visiting India. This is a major consideration, luckily all good VPN providers that have Indian VPN servers generally have a range of other servers outside India so you can use the same service for dual purpose.

When looking for a VPN provider that offers servers inside India it can be a tough task, there are only a handful of providers who offer Indian VPN servers which is why I’ve compiled a list of the most reliable and best providers who have such servers available.

The need to use an Indian VPN service is evident not necessarily due to website blocking but more in relation to government snooping, as with what we are used to from Governments in the West the same is now being seen from the Indian government, privacy is our basic right in nearly all democratic countries and we should take every step to exercise that right. Making use of an Indian VPN server not only secures your privacy but also encrypts your data from yourself to the Indian server which is then sent out to the wider internet.

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