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Perfect Money

Perfect MoneyFor any of you that remember the good old days of Liberty Reserve you’ll no doubt shed a nostalgic tear at the very mention of the name. Easy money transfers worldwide, little hassle with signing up and the bare minimum of identity required and let’s be honest, even that was laughable in the majority of cases as users were not required to verify their identity or payment details. While this sounds like a nirvana type state for any money transfer service it also caused great headache for Liberty Reserve in the long run.

Years before Bitcoin burst on to the scene to offer the sudo-anonymous payment system that is so loved today those who preferred the less than regulated money transfer route bought in to Liberty Reserve en masse. While it was actually a rather smart payment system, in the world that we live in anything which involves currency transfer or banking needs to be regulated heavily. In fact if they could, they would regulate Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin Liberty Reserve had central locations and as such was much easier for the authorities to shut down when deemed necessary. May 2013 saw the shut down of Liberty Reserve which was the end of a chapter that had spanned over 7 years.

When Liberty Reserve closed the internet scurried around looking for a replacement payment service, one that was similar in values to Liberty Reserve and would allow easy transfer of money worldwide with little hassle. Many settled on the processor, Perfect Money.

While not as well known in name as the earlier mentioned payment processor it did start to pick up traction directly as a result of Liberty Reserve being shut down. So for those who have funds at Perfect Money or who like to make payment via Perfect Money then it is an ideal solution. In countries that are not in the typical banking areas or where mainstream processors such as Paypal don’t operate paying for services online can be tiresome and difficult. So when you’re looking for a VPN provider that accepts Perfect Money your job can be made twice as difficult. There aren’t actually all that many VPN providers accepting Perfect Money but from our best VPN provider guide we’ve managed to hunt down a selection that you can easily pay for using Perfect Money.

VPN providers accepting Perfect Money :-

TorGuard LogoTorguard is an excellent VPN provider and one we reviewed in the middle of 2014. We found them to be fast, easy to use and reliable and if you’re looking to sign up to a VPN provider using Perfect Money as your payment option then you can’t go wrong by signing up to Torguard.

IBVPN Large Logo

Invisible Browsing VPN is another well respected VPN service provider that accepts Perfect Money. Located in Romania they have access to many servers around the world and would make an ideal choice of provider.

VPNSecure.me Large Logo

VPNSecure.me are an Australian based VPN provider so are good for worldwide users but especially those located in Asia and Oceania regions. They have servers worldwide and also accept Perfect Money.

There we have it, currently just 3 VPN providers that we know of that accept Perfect Money. All three are extremely good choices so feel free to have browse through each of their individual sites to find one that meets your exact needs most closely.

Author: Christopher Seward

Having used the internet since 1994, Christopher launched one of the very first VPN comparison websites in 2013. An expert in the field his reviews, testing and knowledge have helped thousands of users get the correct VPN for their needs.

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