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VPN for BusinessRunning a small business can be a challenging task. Anyone who hasn’t run their own business either in a self employed capacity or with workers employed by themselves will not understand the difficulty and stresses it involves. For those stuck working for “the man” – as in working for a company, they may have always dreamed of the freedom that self employment or running your own small business may bring. Unfortunately for those of us who have been self employed or run our own small companies the truth couldn’t be further away. I’m sure any of you who do work for yourself will recognise the stresses that it can entail and the way in which “work” then encroaches on your everyday life.

No longer do you have free time, family time and work time. Work time always seems to push its way in to your non-work time regardless of what you do. Being your own boss has its perks but it isn’t all milk and honey. If you’re lucky enough to take a vacation then anyone running their own small business will know that the phone, tablet or laptop are always on and there is very little down time so to speak. That aside the rewards of running your own business if successful can be plenty but the logistics of the day to day running of your office or home office can be a nightmare. This can be especially true if you employ a small army of employees.

Many small businesses send employees out to remote locations, depending on the type of business you run depends on the movements of those that work for you. Regardless of business type if you have workers out on location then the chances are they’ll need to hook back up with the office at some point if not at regular intervals. With business details being highly sensitive in both the legal sense such as the UK Data Protection Act and similar laws in other countries plus the fear of a competitor getting hold of critical documents leads to a need for your employees to contact the office in a safe and secure manner.

With employees being out on the field or even yourself travelling to meetings or trying to keep up with the office while you’re meant to be enjoying your home life the security of your business documents and information is critical. The tendency to connect to any public wi-fi system to “just check your emails” is high, I’ve been a willing victim of this myself on vacation. Sat in a sunny climate with a drink of your choice only to notice that the restaurant has public wi-fi, any small business owner is likely to be tempted to see if there are any important emails to respond to while you have 5 minutes. Then there are hotels, the airport and more locations.

Going on vacation isn’t the only time you’re likely to put your companies sensitive documents in a precarious position. If you have employees they can also be logging in to the office from insecure wi-fi, mobile networks and other such locations. Contrary to popular belief public wi-fi systems are not secure and any sensitive information is at risk of being intercepted when making connection. The solution is to use a Virtual Private Network service. For those of you who aren’t already aware they allow you to make connection in an encrypted manner which when using public networks is a huge security plus. Even when connecting on private networks the increased security will be a bonus to any business. Depending on the type of business you run you may find your employees needing to access your office and/or emails from clients systems, so even though they’re technically on a “private” network the network is private to that location, in essence this is basically a “public” network to your employee.

A Virtual Private Network encrypts the data from the user end to the VPN server end so that anyone snooping in between will 1) not know what your employee is doing and 2) not be able to decrypt any sensitive information that is being transmitted over the network.

Looking for VPN solutions for small businesses can be a difficult task, there are hundreds if not thousands of public user VPN services and then there are huge corporation VPN services from the likes of Cisco. For any small business with only a handful of employees either solution is unsuitable which leaves you in a difficult position. You want to enable the security and encryption that a VPN service can offer but you can’t afford corporation type VPN solutions nor is a single user based solution ideal. Luckily VyprVPN have introduced a VPN solution for business which is also ideal for those running smaller businesses. The reason it is ideal is because packages start at 3 users only and can be increased with your needs. So if you have a few more employees you can take out a package in accordance with your needs and not have to buy accounts that you won’t use.

Some of the perks of the VyprVPN Business accounts are :-

  • Plans start at $299.00/year for 3 users
  • Simple admin interface to manage users
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Unlimited speed and data usage
  • 24x7x365 support

Having reviewed their public system a few months back I really recommend their service from a reliability and professional perspective. If you’re interested in taking a look then head over to their dedicated VPN for business page.

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