VPN and Privacy news round-up July 2017

VPN and Privacy news

It’s the height of summer, yay! and a VPN becomes more necessary now than ever.

If you love to stream online content such as sport or other events then now is the time to get a VPN. Summer signals a huge wealth of sporting events and a VPN can help you watch them, mostly free!

Let’s not forget Summer also signals good weather which means you’re likely to be out and about more using public wi-fi hotspots that demand you should definitely use a VPN service to protect your privacy.

Below we’ve rounded up the latest developments over the past month from the leading VPN services.

IPVanish Apps

IPVanish looking for Android beta testers

Mobile use is booming and more and more internet use is being carried out on mobile devices.

VPN services have long supported mobile systems and Android is one of the easiest. This month IPVanish has been looking for beta testers to test early versions of their Android app.

IPVanish already offers one of the easiest to use apps but they’re looking for testers to try out new releases and give them feedback if required.

If you’re an Android user and an IPVanish customer this will allow you to see latest developments before other users and help shape the app for the future.

If you’re interested in testing the newest versions just sign-up to IPVanish using the orange button below and then apply for the Android beta test.

VyprVPN Website

VyprVPN up their action ante

VyprVPN parent company Golden Frog has this month been upping their commitment to privacy and general internet good causes.

After the FCC in the US threatened Net Neutrality leading to the possibility of a two speed internet Golden Frog has signed a letter along with other tech companies supporting the Open Internet Order.

The Open Internet Order is essentially in favour of net neutrality and rejects the latest developments that threaten it.

Along with signing the Open Internet Order they’ve created an “Action Center” which is basically a central point for all important campaigns in the tech and privacy arena.

The action centre lets users find links to relevant privacy related campaigns and sign them.

If you’re interested in taking action against internet wrongs then this list of worthwhile campaigns will help you access them all in one place without the need to scour the internet.

Three cheers for Golden Frog and VyprVPN for championing internet good causes.

HideMyAss header

HideMyAss increase device limit to 5

HideMyAss is probably the most well known VPN service in the world.

However, their device limit has been somewhat lacking. For as long as we can remember it’s only been possible to connect 2 devices at the same time to the service.

This has all changed and HideMyAss are getting with the times in an effort to keep up with the competition.

The new device limit allows you to connect 5 devices at any one time using just one account.

This means you can either protect your whole range of devices or your entire family.

Great news for HideMyAss customers which means you now get more service for the same amount of money.

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