UsenetServer Review: Is it worth the price?

What is Usenet

You may wonder why you need some kind of premium service provider to access Usenet. The answer to this question is that you actually don’t as you can always access UseNet free of charge. Why pay then?

Well, having a UsenetServer subscription offers a variety of significant advantages like the ones described below:

  • Longer retention of files as ISPs tend to only keep them for a few days, so you can find what you are looking for, regardless of the date posted e.g. you can even find files posted up to almost 7 years ago (2500 days to be exact).
  • Most ISPs don’t usually allow certain UseNet groups.
  • Unlimited data transfer that will allow you to maximize your speed using concurrent connections.
  • Increases your level of security as it uses an SSL connection for all users (except if you acquire a 3-days subscription) and even offers a VPN for a price. This way your ISP won’t know what you are downloading.

Step by step guide

  1. Firstly, you obviously have to buy a subscription from UNS, choose any of the additional features like VPN and create an account.UsenetServer Create account
  2. Then you just have to log-in and you will automatically be redirected to UNS search engine where you can find anything you are looking for.UsenetServer Login
  3. After that, you have two options; Either download the NZB file or save it at the shopping cart, so if you are looking for various files, you can download them all together at a single NZB file.UsenetServer Global Search
  4. Then you have to install (if you haven’t already done so) the software needed to import the NZB file and download the segment files contained inside.
    Importing NZB file.
  5. You will have to log-in using your credentials at the software (usually, by choosing the add server option, but have a look at the FAQ section for specifics).UsenetServer NZB

Setting up the software.

  • That’s it.
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Accessibility (4.5 out of 5) is easily accessible to almost anyone, regardless of their level of understanding as far as Internet issues are concerned. This is something I can relate to since from my personal experience the vast majority of people have little knowledge of how Usenet actually works, but they manage to comply with it adequately.

All this, are possible due to the fact that offers you everything needed to use it:

  • Global Search 2.0 offers this new version search engine that appears to be faster and makes your experience easier. It also offers a number of different filters to narrow down your search for a specific newsgroup or even the timeline it was posted.

Search engine’s interface

  • Shopping Cart

Allows you to save what you want to download, review them later and even download a single NZB file including them all.

  • VPN offers you (for a price) a VPN connection to help you to maintain your privacy while searching or downloading NZB files. It gives you access to more than 70 VPN servers in 17 countries. UNS states that doesn’t store logs on your VPN activity and allows P2P. use.

  • SSL Encryption

UsenetServer provides a free 256-bit SSL connections to all of its monthly users to protect your privacy.

  • Software Needed

Despite the fact that offers no software of its own, it promotes two options:

  • NZB-O-Matic for Windows use, which is fairly easy to set up and use.
  • NZBCortex for Mac OS, that is also easy to use.

For both of them you will find a couple of YouTube videos, on FAQ section (after you log-in) that will guide you step by step on how to set it up.

Setting up NZB-O-Matic.

Price (4 out of 5)

  • 3 days for 3$ (+2$ for SSL, 0.99$ for VPN)
  • 1 Month for 14.95$ (+3$ for 10 more Connections, 4.99$ for VPN)
  • 3 Months for 39.95$ (+8$ for 10 more Connections, 12$ for VPN)

Both 1 Month subscription and 3 Months include a 14 Day trial (limited to 10gb)

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Maximum number of connections (2 out of 5)

Unfortunately, offers up to 20 connections, even when you pay for the extra ones. In comparison with most other providers, that usually offer up to 60 connections, that seems to be limited but the speed achieved seems to be more than enough, even when you use up to 10 connections.

Speed (5 out of 5)

As being a multitasking person, I find it of utmost importance to be able to download various files, of different size, simultaneously, without any disturbance, as quickly as possible. I am pleased to report that I suffered no issues whilst using it. I managed to achieve the highest speed possible (limited to my Internet connection).

UsenetServer Speeds


Support (3 out of 5)

There is a “Common Errors” and a “New Users” section available that can help you out on multiple occasions. Other than that, you have the option to contact them via e-mail in order to resolve any other issues you may experience. The company states that they try their best to answer as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, I consider it to be a great disadvantage that no live support is available, with the exception of billing issues (phone line, only).


To sum up, UsenetServer, is a good choice because it combines relatively competitive prices, especially when you choose a long-term subscription, adequate speed, both an SSL encryption, while you are logged in, and a VPN connection to protect your identity while downloading. But if I had to pick only one advantage, it would be the fact that is oriented to both novice and expert users.

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Author: Alexandros Nikolakakis

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