How to unblock Facebook in only 3 steps

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Facebook blocked? No worries.

We’ve got the solution you need so you can access it anywhere at any time and in this guide you’ll learn how.

We all know how popular social networks are these days, and while the younger generations may be more inclined to join networks like Instagram or Discord – Facebook is still believed to be the ruling one. If you are a Facebook user, you likely already know how annoying it is to lose access to it.

Unfortunately, this does tend to happen, often for several different reasons.

Today, we will explore why, how it happens, as well as what you can do to get around the block and gain access to it once again.

Top reasons why Facebook is blocked

As mentioned, there are plenty of reasons why your Facebook access could be denied to you, so before we get into how to avoid the block, here are the top reasons you’ll find it inaccessible.

1) School/Work block

It often happens that you have full access to Facebook from your home or your mobile net, as you always had, which changes once you get to your school, university, or work.

This is because institutions that operate their own network have full control over it, and they might block social media networks like Facebook to prevent you from getting distracted (boo!).

2) Country-level block

If you happen to live in a country that is firmly into censorship and content control, they might also block social media networks, Facebook included.

These are typically quite oppressive countries such as China, and they do not want you to have that much contact with the ‘outside world.’

In fact, even our website here at VPN Compare is blocked in China!

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3) Network restrictions

Similarly to being blocked at school or work, Facebook can also be blocked elsewhere. Parental blocks are quite common, as well as blocks on public Wi-Fi, in libraries, and otherwise.

What you need to unlock Facebook

Luckily for all of us, Facebook is easy to unblock if you have the right tools. The best tool for this job is known as a VPN.

VPNs are online privacy and security apps that can secure your traffic, hide it from view, and make you semi-anonymous online.

They do this job well, and the only issue is choosing the right one, as there are hundreds of them, and making the right choice can be difficult. Although they all look the same on the surface, the quality varies widely.

In our extensive tests, we discovered ExpressVPN is the best one to use. It has a massive number of servers which is excellent for use with Facebook wherever you are in the world. It also features robust security options keeping you safe online. They also have a neat 30-day money back guarantee.

There are other good options too, and if you’ve got time to shop about and make some comparison then NordVPN, IPVanish and CyberGhost VPN are also worth checking out.

30-day money back guarantee

How to use a VPN to access Facebook

Now that you know what you need – let’s talk about how you can set it all up.

It is straightforward, and best of all, even if you’re a complete beginner if you can use the Facebook app then you can certainly use a VPN app.

Follow these few steps, and you’ll be liking, sharing and browsing Facebook in minutes.

1. Sign up

The first thing to do is to choose a VPN such as ExpressVPN, go to its website, and create an account.

You will also have to pay to use it, but the price is usually around $5-10 per month, and it can be even cheaper if you sign up for 12-months.

2. Get the app

After signing up, you need to download the VPN app for the device you plan to use it on.

If you plan on using multiple devices – most VPNs allow simultaneous use on several devices at once. So you’ll be able to use Facebook on your phone, computer, laptop, tablet or most other devices.

Download the apps from the VPN website or the app stores, and install it like any other.

3. Connect

The next step requires you to launch the app, click on the Selected Location button and then select any country. If Facebook is blocked in the country you’re in, then you’ll need to connect to the nearest country where it’s allowed.

You can connect to any server, and you will appear to be located in the same place where the server is at.

ExpressVPN connecting to the UK

Access Facebook using ExpressVPN.

And, that is pretty much it. Nothing else to it than that. It is simple and fast, and you should find your way around easily enough.

30-day money back guarantee

Which countries have banned Facebook?

As mentioned, Facebook is entirely off limits in multiple countries, such as China and obviously North Korea.

In fact, Facebook has quite a list of countries that have blocked it, either completely or at least partially at some point. Iran has banned it, Bangladesh did so too, in the past and Turkey, albeit briefly.

Facebook emojis

Egypt blocked it also for a few days during the protests in 2011, and India is one of the countries that has censored it the most.

Uganda and Thailand add to the list, and even Russia has threatened to ban Facebook in the past.

More often than not, the governments have a problem with specific posts, or topics, rather than with the entire website but it pays to use a VPN in all situations to continue accessing unhindered.

What devices can I use Facebook on?

VPNs offer dedicated apps for all kinds of devices and systems.

You can use them on desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more. They cover Windows systems, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and more.

So pretty much any device you can use Facebook on – you can unlock it.


If you find that Facebook is unavailable for you, then no need to be down.

There’s a simple way around this bu using a VPN app. There are hundreds to choose from, but we found ExpressVPN to be about the best.

Sign up for their service (remember, longer packages are much cheaper), download their app and connect either to your own country or another country.

Then enjoy following your friends, family and acquaintances like usual, restriction free!


Ready to unblock? Try our recommended VPN service provider.

  • Use FB anywhere
  • Quick to set up
  • Easy to use

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