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Popcorn Time appeared about a year ago to change the way we think about online streaming services. And how did it manage to do that? It’s pretty simple, it allowed easy access to everyone just by downloading the application, to hundreds of Movies, TV series and Anime for free.

Although it’s still in beta form, it has an excellent, user-friendly layout that allows even the most ignorant of us to use it. In other words, it made the piracy easy and that’s why it’s now widely known as the “Netflix for pirates”.

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Hollywood hits Popcorn Time websites in the UK

Even though, Netflix seems to be the service that is threatened by Popcorn Time and Hollywood studios were the first to take action against it. They have just won a case at the UK High Court and now all ISPs of the country received an order to block five URLs that offered the software. So the UK’s block website list will grow in the next couple of weeks.

Will this result in the end of the Popcorn Time’s era? Probably not. Since Popcorn Time is an open source software and anyone can work on it and offer a different version, new websites offering the software will most probably pop up by the time one is blocked.

Many argue that this kind of policy against piracy offers more publicity to the matter and results in an increase of users, since even in the UK, 100s of blocked websites are available either by proxy or via VPN.

Will the Popcorn Time block affect UK usage?

But why in the first place is Popcorn banned? Well even though it hosts nothing illegal and the developers don’t make any money out of it, since there are no ads nor any paid premium accounts available, it is a torrent based application. This means that when you start watching a movie, the torrent is downloaded to your PC and if you wish seeded (uploaded!) to others, which is illegal.

Just streaming a movie on the other hand via your browser seems to be still in a grey area, in most countries. That’s why many use a VPN service to help them hide their identity and avoid receiving a speculative letter from a law firm (depending on your country of residence) claiming hundreds or even thousands of pounds for copyright infringement.

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– Original Popcorn Time developers

Now for the fun stuff, the Popcorn Time app offers an in-built VPN (VPN.HT) that you just have to create an account, pay your subscription and log-in! They offer just two pricing plans:

  • A monthly plan for $5/month (The first month costs just $1!)
  • A Yearly plan for $39.96/year ( that’s $3.33/month paid upfront)

They do not however offer a customized software available at other VPN providers so you will need a third-party software to use your VPN connection outside Popcorn Time.

So if you are looking for the whole package, which will allow you to surf the web anonymously and offer you the kind of privacy everyone should have and at the same time access Popcorn Time without trouble take a look at the detailed VPN reviews!

Those who are looking for a suitable VPN provider without using the in-built service may wish to consider LiquidVPN, and IPVanish who all allow P2P use across their network.


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