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Santa Travel VPN

Santa Travel VPNIn this article I’m going to discuss the best VPN for travelling and how that can keep you safe online. Christmas and the holiday season bring chaos to the travel network, with many attempting to escape the winter cold and millions of people travelling to visit family and friends, no matter which type of transport method you use, the inevitable travel chaos is sure to ensue within the next few weeks.

We are well accustomed to taking personal safety issues seriously over the Christmas period when travelling, either from walking more carefully on slippery paths, taking a shovel in your car to wrapping up warm.

Don’t forget internet security

One area where many are lacking or forgetful at this time is our internet security, with travel high on the agenda and a massive rush, remembering to secure our online activity can be the last on our lists of things to do. With online spending and last minute shopping at a record high, it is imperative to make sure your online security is a paramount concern, buying that last minute gift while waiting at the airport or connecting to the coffee shop wi-fi to browse gift options can open you up to possible breaches of your privacy.

If you aren’t already aware, public wi-fi systems are not secure and in certain circumstances anyone on the same network can snoop on your browsing habits.

So while you pass through the airport, train station or any other network you’re likely to connect to free wi-fi systems when available. If you’re likely to do this you should be looking for a travel tool to keep yourself secure online, the best and industry standard to do such a job is to use a travel VPN. There are no specific VPN providers for travelling because the service can be used wherever, but there are a few who have a larger number of connection points (or servers) that will aid those who do distance travelling more.

Even if you aren’t spanning the globe while visiting family or getting away from the daily grind over the holiday period, it is still imperative to secure your online usage regardless of the type of travel you do and a travel VPN should be an essential component to ensure you have a safe and hassle free holiday break.

Protect your bank account and social media

With a mass of spending done online the last thing you want to find this Christmas is that someone has accessed your bank details, stolen your facebook account or spent wildly on your credit card. To ensure this doesn’t happen you can encrypt your online usage on insecure public wi-fi networks by using a tool known as a VPN or a Virtual Private Network to give it its full name.

A VPN encrypts all of your online activity on your computer, laptop, tablet, phone or other device and sends it to a third party server hosted by the VPN provider, it then decrypts it before sending it on to the wider internet. What this does is creates a secure tunnel between yourself and the internet meaning that anyone on the same public wi-fi network cannot snoop on what you’re doing online. This provides a safe, private and secure method of surfing the internet while travelling.

How to keep your internet connection secure

This may sound like a complicated system but they are in fact extremely easy to use and companies such as IPVanish, ExpressVPN and HideMyAss have created simple software that allows you to easily connect and then surf the internet in a hassle free and secure manner, you won’t even realise you’re connected and can leave their software running in the background on your desktop, laptop, tablet and even phone!

We list a range of good VPN providers in our VPN Comparison Guide. If you want three recommendations that have plenty of servers worldwide then we suggest taking a look at the following three.

  1. IPVanish
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. HideMyAss

While your online security over the Christmas period is a major concern, there is another intriguing sideline that a VPN can help you with and one that can actually save you money. VPN provider VyprVPN recently did a study that found depending on your location, the price you’re charged for things like airfares and car rental can fluctuate vastly. A VPN masks your location and gives the impression that you’re in a different city or country, by connecting to various servers around the world they found that the price of both flights on the same site changed dramatically leading to savings of up to hundreds of dollars.

We wrote about their findings a few months back and you can see the original article on how to save money on flights using a VPN by following the link.

So using a travel VPN can not only protect your personal security but also save you money in the long run, they’re definitely worth considering to save you some heartache this Christmas period.

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