Top Gear spin-off to debut on Amazon Prime

Top Gear

Amazon have answered the prayers of many car loving fans around the world by signing the former Top Gear crew to host a motor related show on Prime Instant Video.

This year was filled with controversy for now former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson. After a fracas involving Clarkson assaulting a Top Gear producer weeks of speculation ensued over the future of both the presenter and the well-loved show itself.

The resolution was swift with Clarkson not being invited back to continue the show soon followed by fellow presenters James May and Richard Hammond opting not to return.

According to the media Top Gear will return hosted by Chris Evens and a plethora of other presenters and while it may retain the same title it is evident that the former stars of the show are what attracted viewers in the first place. How well the new Top Gear on the BBC will be received is left to be seen.

Top Gear

Clarkson, May & Hammond will be back on the screen, online at least.

Amazon sign Clarkson, May & Hammond

Fans of the original presenters of Top Gear can now rejoice as Amazon has announced they have signed not only Clarkson, May, and Hammond but also the original executive producer of Top Gear, Andy Wilman who also quit following the kerfuffle that was 2015’s Top Gear-gate.

Amazon have signed the well-loved trio (plus one) for their online streaming service Amazon Prime also known as Prime Instant Video.

The news is excellent for lovers of the original Top Gear format and more importantly it has been confirmed the presenters will be creating an up to now unnamed motoring show in the ilk of Top Gear for the Prime Instant Video service which is expected to first “air” in 2016.

Regional limitations of Prime Instant Video will limit exposure

While the move will obviously delight motoring fans around the world the realisation that Prime Instant Video is officially only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and Austria will soon hit home. Top Gear is one of the most popular TV shows worldwide with spin-offs and licensing rights sales around the globe. With such a tight distribution network for the Prime Instant Video service, the availability for worldwide viewers will be massively curtailed.

However, a small glimmer of hope may exist for those around the world who will no doubt be eager to catch the new Amazon incarnation of “Top Gear”. While Prime Instant Video is currently only available in a handful of countries it is possible to access the service with a VPN service from providers such as those offered by the likes of IPVanish and VyprVPN.

Signing up for the Amazon service may be problematic as the service may not accept a foreign registered credit card although this is untested by myself and may be entirely possible but for those with family or friends in the serviced countries it will be possible to “borrow” their Prime account and stream the new version of Top Gear anywhere in the world.

Users will need to sign up for a VPN service and connect to a server in the relevant country. Without doing so a message restricting access due to you not being in the correct region would be displayed but by using a VPN service to access Amazon Prime Instant Video users will be able to give the impression they are in the correct region and as such watch the new motoring show from Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

So while fans around the world will no doubt rejoice at the thought of a return of the bumbling motoring trio there will obviously be some workaround needed to actually view the new show in the first place.

Bittersweet indeed.

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