Top 5 Best VPNs for Africa

Best VPN for Africa

Africa is completely under-resourced in the VPN world and mainly due to the patchy internet infrastructure that exists across the whole continent. Unlike Europe, Africa has a collection of countries that are pushing internet speeds and uptake and others that have very little internet use at all.

Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and some of the North African countries have relatively high internet use amongst their citizens and decent internet speeds while other countries seriously lack.

The internet has been seen as a significant development tool in Africa allowing payment systems such as M-Pesa to flourish which allows easy money transfer across many African countries from a simple phone-based system.

The freedom of internet use through Africa is also wide and varied. While some countries have relatively open internet access, others are more heavily monitored.

If you’re an African resident or planning on travelling or living there then a VPN service is essential to ensure freedom of speech, privacy and access to an unrestricted internet.

Below I’m taking a look at the 5 Best VPNs for Africa that will help you secure your privacy, access geo-restricted content and more from across the continent.

Top 5 Best VPNs for Africa

Rank Provider Lowest Price Review Link
1ExpressVPN Small Logo$6.67
per month
2Hidemyass Small Logo$6.55
per month
3IPVanish Small Logo$6.49
per month
4VyprVPN Small Logo$6.67
per month
5PureVPN Small Logo$4.16
per month

The biggest issue facing African VPN use is the lack of providers offering servers in African countries. Due to poor internet infrastructure and lower demand servicing nations in Africa is a lesser priority of international VPN companies.

When events such as the Arab Springs take place VPN companies often operate free VPN services to allow citizens access to a free and unrestricted internet but outside of those events it’s difficult to find a good selection of African VPN servers, especially if you look further down than North Africa.

Luckily there are a few providers offering servers throughout Africa so below is my rundown of the Top 5 Best VPNs for Africa.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Small Logo

Best for travelling through Africa or short-term stays

ExpressVPN is an excellent choice of VPN provider for those in Africa. Like most services they don’t have a massive range of servers in Africa but they do have African VPN servers located in Algeria, EgyptSouth Africa and Kenya which is more than most.

For those in North Africa or heading around that region ExpressVPN would make an excellent choice and for South Africa and surrounding countries they would also be highly suitable.

While the majority of the continent isn’t widely covered they again would make a good choice for expats or travellers passing through any African nation as their worldwide server choice is vast and wide letting many access entertainment content from back home on sites that would otherwise be geo-restricted.

ExpressVPN offer software for PC and Mac as well as apps for Android and iOS meaning no matter what device you’re using or taking with you then you’ll be covered and be able to get easily connected while in Africa.

2. HideMyAss

Hidemyass Small Logo

Best for African residents or long term stays

HideMyAss is undoubtedly one of the most well-known names in the VPN industry and with the buy-out by leading anti-virus firm AVG it is only set to get bigger.

They used to be our favourite service because they cover much of Africa but sadly most of those servers aren’t physical servers. While when you connect you look like you’re in the country, your connection is physically somewhere else.

These are what are known as ‘virtual servers’ and don’t paint an accurate picture of African coverage.

While you’ve got plenty of options you may find your speeds impacted because the servers aren’t physically near you and could be located anywhere in the world.

HideMyAss have software and apps available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux and offer international servers in most locations such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia and more meaning you’ll be able to access geo-restricted content from across the globe like BBC iPlayer or Netflix from within Africa.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish Small Logo

Best for travelling through Africa or short-term stays

IPVanish is one of the leading VPN providers that offer some of the fastest speeds possible.

While they don’t offer anywhere near as many African VPN servers as the provider above they are more reliable in terms of speed and quality of connection.

Sadly, IPVanish closed their Egyptian VPN server and so now the only remaining one available is in South Africa. If you’re in North Africa, you’ll need to connect to their nearest servers in Israel or the UAE.

You can also connect to their European servers of which they have many.

If you’re travelling in Africa then all the major VPN locations are covered with North America, Europe and Australasia well covered allowing expats, backpackers and holidaymakers the opportunity to access content from back home in their respective country.

If you’re using a mobile device then IPVanish have this covered with free apps for Android and iOS plus they also have software for Windows and Mac computers.

4. VyprVPN

VyprVPN Small Logo

Best for travelling through Africa or short-term stays

VyprVPN wasn’t historically the best VPN service for Africa due to little coverage there. However, in the past few years they’ve expanded coverage to north Africa including both Algeria and Egypt as supported countries.

It may seem odd to include a provider that doesn’t serve many African countries, however, for those who visit Africa on business or for leisure accessing content from your home country will be a significant requirement.

There is nothing like watching Hulu or Netflix from the US or BBC iPlayer or Sky Go from the UK while you’re in Africa and if you’ve ever spent any length of time there, you’ll appreciate having a link back home.

VyprVPN is one of the most popular and most reliable VPN service providers in the world which means for those travelling they are an excellent VPN choice in Africa.

5. PureVPN

PureVPN Small Logo

Best for African residents or long term stays

PureVPN is probably the second best VPN provider for users who actually live in Africa or will be spending extended amounts of time there. They have 16 servers in Africa covering a range of countries from Nigeria to Ethiopia and Egypt to South Africa.

However, we can’t be sure how many of these are physical servers and how many like HideMyAss are ‘virtual locations’. This is important for both speed and if you need physical access in a specific country.

PureVPN was embroiled in a scandal that saw them hand over user data in a criminal case even though they claim not to log any of your activity so you may wish to stick with one of the earlier providers due to this.

If you’re after accessing content from outside Africa then PureVPN like the other providers makes a good choice as they have servers located around the world in all the entertainment hotspots such as the US and UK.


There are plenty of different needs for a VPN service in Africa and what one is the best all depends on your situation.

Above I have listed the 5 Best VPNs for Africa as a whole for situations such as those who were born and live there permanently to those who are travelling or staying there for a period.

Ultimately if you are born and live in an African country then services from ExpressVPN and HideMyAss are likely to be the best options due to the local connection points.

If you’re travelling through Africa or only staying there for a period then services from IPVanish and VyprVPN are likely to be more suitable due to the better speeds achieved for connections to North America, Europe and Australia allowing you to keep up with TV and other services from your home country.

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