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Surfshark is a VPN service that has burst onto the scene and while other providers spend years building up a reputation with their name languishing in the sidelines, Surfshark has done what others can only dream of doing.

For a name that is starting to make inroads into an already competitive market, we wanted to find out who they are, what they hope to achieve and ultimately what makes them stand out from the sea of VPN services that have popped up in the last few years.

We spoke to Naomi Hodges, cybersecurity advisor of Surfshark about this plucky little upstart hailing from the British Virgin Islands.

VPNCompare: Who is Surfshark and when did you get started in the VPN industry?

Surfshark: Surfshark is a privacy protection software based on virtual private network architecture which is designed to protect one’s digital life. Surfshark Ltd. was established in the first part of 2018, in the British Virgin Islands, while our first product was launched in April 2018.

VPNCompare: The VPN market is incredibly crowded, what made you decide to add your offering to the market?

Surfshark: At first glance, the VPN market might appear crowded. However, there is only a handful of VPN service providers who offer a quality product, and only a few who can deliver their customers with an inherent aspect for such type of product – trust.

Also, there is a great potential in the area of privacy protection, especially while taking into an account the context of a frightful number of recent data breaches and restrictive or surveillance-based legislative developments in various countries.

We are confident that well-made VPN software can offer a haven for privacy-conscious people, and sure that the number of such people is destined to skyrocket.

VPNCompare: What do you feel you offer different to other VPN providers out there and why should users choose you over another service?

Surfshark: Surfshark offers all the features one would expect from a premium VPN service, but for a much more user-friendly price. Also, Surfshark is one of the very few VPN providers who can deliver on the promise of trust as we have successfully passed an independent security audit and penetration testing by the German security company Cure53.

Additionally, we have a very fast live 24/7 customer support, offer dedicated apps for all the most popular operating systems, as well as niche platforms such as Android TV and Amazon Fire stick TV.

Finally, we react fast to user needs and demands and have been working on a good few of unique value-added features which will soon be launched.

VPNCompare: As a relatively new VPN service you have made good headway with many positive reviews. Why do you feel this is?

Surfshark: This is because one of our core premises is flawless user experience and we are determined to deliver on our marketing promises. We offer only those things and features which we are sure to be working smoothly and can satisfy our customers, including the reviewers.

VPNCompare: With new VPN services appearing almost on a weekly basis, how do you feel the industry will change in the coming years?

Surfshark: The VPN industry will continue to grow exponentially both product-wise and user-wise. As mentioned before, it is a relatively young market, and thus many people want to hop on a trending subject of privacy and personal data.

In the upcoming years, we expect to see even fiercer competition among popular VPN providers which will strive to offer some additional value-added features and product functionalities.

VPNCompare: What do you make of the industry in-sniping? Accusations and counter-accusations are rife. Is this pressure a positive or negative for the VPN industry?

Surfshark: We believe that such pressure is a good sign as customers start asking to deliver on the promises of trust. Only those providers who will manage to justify their claims on privacy protection and online security will succeed and grow.

VPNCompare: With decentralised-VPN and other technologies emerging, do you feel there is a future for VPN as we know it now?

Surfshark: VPNs will have to change, and it is a fact. More and more VPN users will start to ask for additional features and services by simply comparing one provider to another by price and functionalities. The competition will lead to changes in the whole market in a few years’ time.

We will probably see a growing number of VPN acquisitions by competitors or other software companies as such technology is on a really high tide. What we are sure about is that the future of the VPN market is going to be exciting.

VPNCompare: Thanks for your time.

If you’re interested in taking a look at what Surfshark has to offer, head over to their website.

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