Shellfire Box updates confirm August 2015 release date

Shellfire Box

To recap – A German company called Shellfire has set out to revolutionize the way we implement VPNs into our online presence. The Shellfire Box, a tiny yet ambitions plug-in-and-play peripheral, aims to bring VPN to users of all technical ability. Whether you’re not very tech-savvy or are a complete computer nerd, the chances are that Shellfire is the solution for you.

The company first announced the Shellfire Box in an Indiegogo campaign a few months ago – and since then, they have raised over $70,000. The campaign is still up and running for those wanting to get their last minute deal, but keep in mind that several configurations are completely sold out.

Since the crowdsourced campaign was successfully funded in May, the company has been bringing steady updates to their backers. And today, they broke the silence on the status once again.

Shellfire Box Update

“The last weeks have been extremely exciting for us,” Shellfire has published on their blog – and rightfully so. The backers placed more than 700 orders, and now the pressure is on Shellfire to keep up. According to the blog post, everything in pre-production is going smoothly. The firmware development has been finalized, and the manufacturing deal has been sealed. Shellfire has even posted a low-resolution photo of their prototype in action. Apparently, the ‘boxes’ are functioning head to head with their design – great news!

Shellfire Box prototype

Now, for our more technical readers, let’s dive into some of the details shared in the update. Shellfire uses firmware that is based on the open source OS called OpenWrt Chaos Calmer – an operating system that contains everything needed for a fully functional Wi-Fi router. What’s great is the fact that Shellfire has published their source code to GitHub so that anyone interested can take a look.

Shellfire Box interface

Shellfire Box to feature an easy to use interface

So, how will the Shellfire Box actually work?

During its first launch, ‘the box’ will establish a secure connection and download all of required data. Immediately after the download is complete, a VPN connection is established. That’s it, it really is that simple. At this point, any device that you connect to the Shellfire Box (be it via Wi-Fi, or through ethernet) is secured, and your privacy is protected. A red LED indicator will be a great visual tool to help you figure out the status of your connection – a blinking light means that the connection is being established, and a solid red means that you’re securely connected to a VPN server.

Shellfire has also shared some details on the performance of their VPN solution. Reportedly, we can expect download speeds upwards of 15 Mbps – assuming the connection to the VPN server is strong. To quote the blog directly – “HD Video streaming in 1080p quality and a fluent browsing experience on multiple devices is thus no problem!”


Shellfire has mentioned that they will begin manufacturing these boxes in the coming days. They have also put to rest any concerns about importing the device – all Shellfire Boxes will come with CE and FCC certifications and their corresponding logos. And to sweeten the deal, Shellfire still claims to be on target with the original shipping date of August.


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