50 Reasons to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

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VPNs are everywhere these days, but what purpose do they serve? In this article I’ll be showing you a massive 50 reasons they’ll benefit you.

VPN technology has been around for ages, ever since privacy concerns first emerged among internet users. Considering how things seem only to be getting worse online, it is not surprising that VPN users are growing in number.

Meanwhile, VPNs themselves have advanced rapidly, which led them to develop all kinds of security features that can help you improve your online experience.

50 reasons a VPN will improve your life

If you’re wondering how a VPN help you improve your life – we came up with 50 different reasons why you should start using one.

See how many of these you already knew and those you didn’t and let me know in the comments at the bottom.

1. Remain semi-anonymous online

A VPN can help you hide your online identity and stay partly anonymous.

It does this through large networks of computers known as ‘servers’. Don’t believe anyone who tells you they can make you 100% anonymous though!

2. Shield your traffic from prying eyes

With security protocols employed, a VPN allows you to create a secure tunnel for your data to flow through.

3. Encrypt your internet traffic

VPN uses encryption to make your online usage unreadable to others who might get their hands on it. Handy when using public wi-fi.

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4. Shield from the government

Governments are known for their surveillance. With a VPN, you can limited your exposure to them. However, if you’re a major target – probably nothing can save you.

5. Avoid censorship

Censorship prevents you from reaching online content that the government doesn’t want you to see. Use a VPN to avoid it. Especially useful in countries with repressive regimes.

6. Bypass geo-restrictions

With a VPN, you can hop over virtual barriers and access content freely from across the world.

7. Perfect for online streaming

With a fast VPN like ExpressVPN, you can stream anything you want without restrictions.

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8. Enhance Kodi

Kodi is great for streaming, but some of the content is off-limits. With a VPN, you can avoid dealing with such issues.

9. Unblock restrictions in school

School and university networks often put restrictions on what you can access. Bypass them with a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

10. Protect your data

People use the internet for many sensitive things these days, including making payments. Using a VPN encrypts your data so it’s secure.

11. Protect your location

Your IP address reveals your real location in the world. Using a VPN will hide it and trick others with a fake IP.

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12. Protect your identity

We all wish to stay anonymous online. With a VPN, you can help stop your identity from leaking in certain situations.

13. Hide what you do online

You don’t want your actions monitored, so use a VPN to protect yourself.

14. Unblock US Netflix

Netflix does not offer the same content everywhere. Use a VPN to expand what you can watch.

15. Stay safe on public networks

Public wi-fi hotspots could be harbouring hackers. Stay safe if you must use one.

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16. Avoid malware

Some VPNs like NordVPN can protect you from being infected by malware.

17. Avoid dangerous websites

Some VPNs have large databases with reports of dangerous sites. They can protect you if you unknowingly try to access one.

18. Use it for gaming

There are restrictions on games by region. With a VPN, you can get your frag on anywhere.

19. Torrent safely

Protect the privacy of what you download and your download history. Enabling their kill switch keeps you secure even if your connection drops mid-download.

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20. Don’t let others monitor you

The internet is full of people who would spy on you and your activities. Use a VPN to prevent them from doing it.

21. Watch foreign shows

Many countries make their best TV networks such as BBC iPlayer only available within their borders. Make them think you are among them with a VPN.

23. Avoid large fines

Some online activities can get you in trouble.

Even downloading only a few songs by mistake could get you a hefty fine. While we don’t condone copyright theft, best to keep your online habits private.

24. Unblock websites at work

A lot of people face censorship while using the internet at work. A VPN will help you grab a sneaky five minutes on social media.


25. Stay safe on the go

VPNs also work on smartphones and tablets, among other devices. Use them always to stay safe.

Grab a portable hardware VPN to protect all your mobile devices in the coffee shop or elsewhere.

26. Make messaging apps more secure

Messaging apps are known for being the target of hackers, while some are secure, others are not. Strengthen your defences with a VPN.

27. Secure your VoIP calls

VoIP calls are prevalent these days, unlike traditional phone calls there are several people who could listen in.

28. Stop Google from tracking you

Google’s thirst for knowledge and information is infamous. Reduce the chances of them collecting data on you – but also ensure you don’t log in to any of your accounts.

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29. Great for journalists

If you work with sensitive information, as journalists do, a VPN is essential to research and communicate securely.

30. Keep your research protected

Researchers might be targeted by hackers or governments for their discoveries, especially in countries with invasive regimes. Do not allow your research to be stolen.

31. Useful for whistleblowers

Whistleblowers often risk their safety to deliver the truth a VPN in certain circumstances is essential.

32. Ensure your rights

You have a right to privacy. Use it.

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33. Do your college research

Colleges limit your online reach to help you focus, but they also damage your abilities. Use a VPN to fix that.

34. Block ads

Ads are annoying, and they pop up everywhere. Many VPN services like NordVPN come with built-in ad-blockers.

35. Improve your connection

There are many reports of internet providers throttling users’ internet speeds if you use certain services. Don’t allow them to restrict your traffic.

36. Reach out from China

If you are going to China, know that the country is under heavy censorship, and social networks and many other sites are out of the question. Use a VPN to access them.

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37. Protect your family

With a VPN, you can protect your entire connection by combining it with a VPN router like the InvizBox 2. Keep your whole family safe.

38. Many simultaneous devices

Most VPN services allow you to protect multiple devices with concurrent connections, choose a VPN like ExpressVPN allowing 5, NordVPN, 6 and IPVanish up to 10.

39. Get better prices

Online services offer different prices once they find out where you are from. Get the best ones by changing your location.

40. Great for sports

Many countries around the world have free live streaming services for sports events. Access them and enjoy the games.

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41. Improve your internet speed

Using a VPN usually leads to some speed loss, but in certain circumstances, it can improve your speeds. When connecting to the internet let your speed fly.

42. Secure your phone

Your phone is always with you, and we’re all using mobile internet and wi fi networks more often. Make it safe using VPN Android apps and iOS.

43. Online banking

Accessing your bank or using your cards overseas can result in them being blocked, connect to your home country and avoid this inconvenience.

44. Hide business secrets

Businesses need to stay ahead of the competition, which is why they must protect their communications from eavesdroppers.

45. Watch videos from anywhere

How many times did you get ‘This video is not available in your country‘ message? Use a VPN, and don’t see it ever again.

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46. No logs of your online activity

Many good VPNs delete your online actions after each session. Use this to make your actions go away.

47. Stay protected from surveillance alliances

VPNs are a target for 5/9/14 eyes government alliances. Use a VPN outside of their jurisdiction to stay safer.

48. Watch anime from anywhere

Many of the best anime websites, like Crunchyroll, are not available in some countries. With a VPN, that won’t be a problem.

49. Instant setup

Setting up a VPN is user-friendly, and you don’t have to worry if you are not tech-savvy, setting them up is as easy as it could be.

50. Gain access to dozens of countries’ content

The best VPNs have the most extensive networks, choose a VPN server and unblock anything from dozens of countries around the world.

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There you have it, 50 great reasons to use a VPN.

How many of these did you already know and do you have any we’ve missed? I would love to know so drop me a comment in the section below.

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