VPN offering extremely time limited lifetime deal VPN Sale VPN is offering new and old users the opportunity to pick-up a whole lifetime of VPN protection in what is an extremely time-limited deal.

The VPN service known for its advanced encryption options and highly commendable ethics policies are offering a one-time payment option costing US $299 (approximately £213).

The deal gives you access to the service for your entire lifetime or the lifetime of the service, whichever ends first.

The package available is the Solid VPN package which usually costs $90 per year. As long as you get a little more than 3 years worth of the service you from then on make a saving which seems like a great deal to us. VPN Lifetime Price

Lifetime VPN service

The lifetime VPN offer from is extremely limited and is expected to only run for a few days. have given no cut-off date but are likely to pull the plug once they have enough quota signed up.

If you don’t want to miss out on getting one of the best security VPN services around then it’s best not to delay.

Aside from being a fantastic deal in itself, have opted to offer the promotion in the most secure way possible. Users signing up for the deal either via Paypal or Bitcoin are provided with a voucher code.

This voucher code can then be redeemed on the website without creating an account.

This means there are no personal details stored about you associated with the account and anyone can redeem the voucher. This does not have to be the original purchaser.

Good Causes

In a break down of where your $299 is actually going to go, will donate a total of $20 to good causes namely Unicef, Amnesty International, The Linux Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that VPNCompare is also a supporter of.

Each organisation will receive $5 each from the price of your lifetime VPN subscription.

$179 of the payment is being reinvesting into the network in terms of better encryption and software development.

The final $100 is earmarked to pay for the bandwidth that you will use over the lifetime of your account and to ensure the service continues to operate well into the future.

What’s included in the Solid VPN package

The lifetime VPN account offers the same features as the regular ‘Solid’ VPN package offered by which includes the following:

  • 1Gbps Shared network (300+ nodes)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Custom Safejumper app for all major devices + OpenVPN access
  • SoftEther and CGIProxy
  • Custom DNS Servers, Tor and Socks access
  • VPN servers in 57 countries across the world

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the deal simply click the orange deal link button below or read our 2018 review of the service to find out more.

If however you want to sign up for but don’t want to take advantage of the lifetime deal then you can use this link.

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