Popcorn Time watchers face hefty fines

Legal Action

Popcorn Time exploded on to the scene in 2014. After gaining a wide following the illegal movie streaming service is now giving Netflix a run for its money. Using the P2P network Popcorn Time offers users the chance to stream high quality new movies absolutely free. While highly illegal the ease of use has caused a mass uptake.

As with all things in life you get nothing for free and Popcorn Time has seen regular pressure from the movie industry. The original creator bowed out after pressure in 2014 but the program was reborn via other groups and is now offered by two successful websites at Popcorntime.io and Popcorn-time.se.

Legal action on the horizon for Popcorn Time users

The service which is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android has experienced mass popularity and it is no surprise that the movie industry are now planning to go after its users.

It is generally accepted that services that offer the ability to stream movies for free are usually chased around the internet with tactics such as shutting the site down, having domains revoked plus a whole host of other ways to curtail their activity. Now users find themselves in the firing line.

Popular torrent news site Torrentfreak are reporting that Danish users of Popcorn Time find themselves at risk of being landed with heavy fines. According to the Torrentfreak report local film makers in Denmark are not too happy with the illegal streaming app and feel it is time to shake users down for some cash.

Legal Action

The threat of legal action may make some users pay up.

An anti-piracy law firm called Maqs earlier chased users by sending out legal notices to those who shared the successful American move, Dallas Buyers Club. With users receiving requests for 250€ each a nice sum of money could be collected if only a percentage of users paid up. It appears that users have been paying up and based on the success of this it seems now they’ve set their sights on Popcorn Time users.

Popcorn Time got POPular!

Although Popcorn Time offers illegal movies it is no surprise that film makers in Denmark are planning to go after users. The streaming service is being quoted as that forth most widely used streaming service in Denmark by 15 to 29 year olds. Not bad for an unofficial illegitimate movie streaming service.

Popcorn Time

Young danes love Popcorn Time

While no figure on how much money was generated from the Dallas Buyers Club legal letters the amount is obviously enough to of kept the fire burning of the movie industry in collecting funds in this manner.

Law firms use the tactics of sending out speculative letters in the hope users will settle purely on the basis of receiving a strongly worded legal letter. This practise has been criticised in many countries due to the fact that the legal firms in many instances have no real intention on taking most of the users to court but expect a payout based on scare tactics.

Users look to VPN providers for protection

The practise of sending out speculative letters may be a grey area at best but as a result of such actions in many countries around the world many Popcorn Time users are turning to VPN providers to protect their identity. When streaming movies users are connecting to a VPN to remove themselves from the chance of receiving such a letter.

Many VPN providers are happy for users to make use of P2P networks and with them not being able to see what a user is doing or logging any of the traffic it seems like VPN uptake will continue for those Popcorn Time users who wish to avoid legal action or even speculative letters.

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