How to play PUBG Lite PC in any country


PUBG fans with slightly older PC computers should rejoice right now as Bluehole has just officially released a public beta of their ‘Lite’ edition of the popular shooter for PC, titled PUBG Lite PC.

Unfortunately… and it’s one big ‘Unfortunately’ it’s restricted to use in Thailand only right now. While it will release across the world later (hopefully) there’s no current time frame and right now only Thai players get to experience this reduce graphics version of the game that continues to be on everyone’s lips.

That is until you’ve read our guide. In this guide I’ll be showing you how you don’t need to wait and you can play PUBG Lite PC right now in any country.

Yes, that’s right, you’ll be able to play PUBG Lite PC in the UK, United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, South Africa or in fact any other country on the planet.

Step 1

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the PUBG Lite PC client.

For this you just need to visit this link or type the link directly in your web-browser:

Click the large orange button in the middle of the screen (you can’t miss it) and download the ‘PUBG-Lite-Setup.exe’ file to your desktop or your usual download location.

PUBG Download button

Click to download the PUBG Lite PC installation file.

Step 2

Double-click the ‘PUBG-Lite-Setup.exe’ file to start the installation process.

Step 3

Click the following button to proceed with the installation.

Install PUBG Lite PC Step 2

Step 4

Click the top option highlighted below.

Then click the button that’s revealed also shown below.

Install PUBG Lite PC Step 3

Step 5

Again, click the following button to proceed with the installation. You can change the installation directory here if you wish.

Install PUBG Lite PC Step 4

Step 6

Simply click again to proceed with the installation.

Install PUBG Lite PC Step 5

Step 7

Again, one more time, click to continue.

Install PUBG Lite PC Step 6

Step 8

Finally, click the last button to complete the installation steps.

Install PUBG Lite PC Step 7

Step 9

Close the PUGB launcher for now.

Now, you’ll need to sign up for a VPN app. Without one, you won’t be able to play PUBG Lite PC. It lets you pretend you’re in Thailand unblocking the game.

For this, you should sign up to either ExpressVPN or NordVPN. It doesn’t matter which you choose.

  1. Sign up to either of the VPN services recommended above.
  2. Then download their app. With ExpressVPN you can get it from the ‘Products’ section.
  3. Install the VPN app, open it and login when required.
  4. Then connect to Thailand. On ExpressVPN you’ll need to press ‘Choose Location’ (1), ‘All’, ‘Asia Pacific’ and then click ‘Thailand’ (2).
  5. Press ‘Connect‘ (3).
ExpressVPN Thailand

Connect to Thailand.

30 day money back guarantee

Step 10

Press the right mouse button on the time in the corner of your Windows desktop and press ‘Adjust date/time‘.

In the new window click ‘Set the time zone automatically‘ to ‘Off‘.

Then under ‘Time zone’ select ‘(UTC+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta‘.

Windows Time zone

Step 11

Now you’re connected to the VPN app and have changed your time double-click the newly installed PUBG Lite icon on your desktop.

If you don’t already have an account you’ll need to press ‘Create Account’ which will take you to the PUBG Registration website. Create an account here.

Once you’ve created an account or if you’ve already got one enter your login and password details and press ‘Login’.

Install PUBG Lite PC Step 8

Step 12

Press the large button in the corner. The very first time you press it, it will start to download approximately 1.4 GB of additional files. You need to stay connected to the VPN app at all times, if you disconnect or quit it then PUBG will exit automatically.

Install PUBG Lite PC Step 9

Once the installation files have fully downloaded you can click the same button to launch the game.

Enjoy PUBG Lite PC

You’ll now be able to play the full PUBG Lite PC game in any country.

It’s important to remember to stay connected to the VPN app both through the login and additional downloads phase and when in game.

By quitting the VPN the game or the installation process will exit automatically.

Can I use a ‘free’ VPN?

Hold my mouse and keyboard while I groan a little at the term ‘free’ VPN.

OK, not only are ‘free’ VPNs really bad for your online privacy (and if you don’t believe me – read this) but for PUBG Lite PC they’re a whole new level of bad.

To unlock and play PUBG Lite PC right now your data is already being sent from wherever you are (let’s say the UK for example) all the way to Thailand. This adds in latency. Basically the time it takes for your data to travel from you to Thailand and also back again.

For this you need a fast VPN, like a paid for one from ExpressVPN.

Most ‘free’ VPN apps are massively overused which means they’re slow. So you’re taking an already speed critical game (a first-person shooter) and adding even more lag to it. Basically, by the time you’ve seen someone, they’ve already shot you and you’re dead… you just don’t know it yet.

On top of that ‘free’ VPN apps generally don’t support Thailand connections so good luck finding one that does.

In my opinion, you’re getting to play PUBG before everyone else. You’re also getting to play it for free. In that case, it’s well worth stumping up the couple of dollars for ExpressVPN.

Oh, and if you’re looking for the best way to save money then take ExpressVPN’s 12-month package because they’ll give you 3 months absolutely free making it 49% cheaper than paying on a monthly basis.

30 day money back guarantee

In Summary: How to play PUBG Lite PC anywhere

To play PUBG Lite PC right now anywhere in the world you’ll need to get yourself a VPN app.

This allows you to pretend you’re in Thailand bypassing the current region restrictions.

I recommend using ExpressVPN because they’re fast and easy to use. This means you’ll reduce the possibility of lag giving you the greatest chances of getting the ‘Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner‘. Or in other words – being the last man standing.

You’ll also need to change the time settings on your PC to those of Thailand.

Apart from that, you’ll be able to play PUBG Lite anywhere in the world on your PC until you’re heart’s content.


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