Overplay 15% off coupon valid August 2015 – January 2016


It’s the summer season of discounts. Overplay the number 1 provider of SmartDNS solutions today announced they are offering 15% off all packages from August 2015 right through until January 2016.

The Overplay coupon has been launched because of the English Premiership Football season starting but you don’t have to be a football fan to take advantage as their 15% coupon is open to everyone.

Overplay offer a SmartDNS solution for those wanting to access only entertainment services from across the world without encryption but also offer a combined package of SmartDNS + VPN that gives users the best of both worlds. This allows access to restricted streaming services and the security and privacy of a Virtual Private Network.

Readers wishing to take advantage and save 15% on standard prices just need to follow our special green link below and enter the coupon code 2015PL when prompted.

At the checkout page users should press the small “Have a Promo Code?” option that will reveal a box and then enter the coupon 2015PL as illustrated in the box below.

Overplay Checkout

Have a Promo Code?

The promotion is applicable to all packages including their SmartDNS service and SmartDNS + VPN and is available across all package lengths. Once the discount is applied the following savings are made:


  • 1-Month, $4.95 -> $4.21 (Approx £2.68)
  • 3-Months, $13.95 -> $11.86 (Approx £7.56)
  • 6-Months, $26.95 -> $22.91 (Approx £14.61)
  • 12-Months, $49.95 -> $42.46 (Approx £27.09)

SmartDNS + VPN

  • 1-Month, $9.95 -> $8.46 (Approx £5.39)
  • 3-Months, $27.95 -> $23.76 (Approx £15.15)
  • 6-Months, $52.95 -> $45.01 (Approx £28.71)
  • 12-Months, $99.95 -> $84.96 (Approx £54.20)

About Overplay

Overplay offer two different services. The first and most popular for Overplay is SmartDNS. This allows users to access geographically restricted content from over 21 countries without altering their internet connection.

Unlike a VPN service, there is no loss of speed because the service is handled via DNS allowing you to achieve the full speed of your internet. SmartDNS allows the bypassing of geographical restrictions on systems that don’t support VPN services such as games consoles, SmartTVs and any system that allows the changing of DNS servers.

SmartDNS can be set-up on a PC system using software such as DNSJumper.

Their SmartDNS + VPN offers all the benefits of the SmartDNS system but comes with a VPN service with over 48 server locations around the world. Software is available for both PC and Mac with set-up guides available for other systems.

With VPN servers in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia, and Africa the VPN service from Overplay definitely has most locations covered and whether you’re a traveller or resident you’re bound to find a VPN server close by.

Time to grab yourself 15% off!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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