ORGCon2014, London, 15th November 2014

ORGCon 2014 Logo

ORGCon 2014 Logo

One of the most respected digital rights organisations in the UK the Open Rights Group will be holding their annual event ORGCon2014 in November. ORGCon2014 is set to take place over the weekend of the 15th and 16th November 2014.

Where is it held

The event which is to be split over two locations on Day 1 will be held in central London not far from some of the capitals best loved landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Bridge and the London Eye at Kings’ College London, Waterloo campus, at the Franklin Wilkins building.

Day 2 will be held at a separate location not all too far away and still within central London at The Foundry, 17-19 Oval Way, London, SE11 5RR.

The aim of the event is to raise the awareness of and make digital rights one of the major topics of the UK’s 2015 elections. The event looks to be an excellent weekend for those interested in internet freedoms and digital rights and will be packed with debates, talks and workshops.

Who will be there

Some major names will be in attendance of the event with an opening speech from legendary Cory Doctorow, better known as the Canadian-British blogger, journalist and science fiction author who amongst contributing to many publications is co-editor of the well respected Boing Boing website.

Throughout the first day many speeches and lectures will be available to listen to and take part in with some interesting topics covering Free Speech in the UK, details on the ORG Blocked project plus other projects in the pipeline and Victims of Surveillance will be discussing their experiences. Other topics set to be covered include Privacy Not Prism, digital rights including harassment online, details on how to secure your communications and where the line is drawn between freedom of speech in relation to revenge porn that has been gracing the headlines recently.

The full programme of speakers and talks are available on the ORGCon Day 1 Programme page.

Day 2 will take the form of a more interactive event bringing together users to discuss best practise where digital rights and online security are concerned. Centred around the ORG’s launch of a election campaign entitled Don’t Spy on Us aiming to push MPs to commit to surveillance reforms, something that can only be considered a good thing in light of recent revelations of the previous few years. The full arrangement of Day 2 is available on the Day 2 programme page.

VPNCompare will be in attendance bringing you a full report of the event letting you know what was discussed and hopefully bringing you some excellent photos of the event too! So for those of you who can’t attend please keep an eye on our site in the week after the event for the full low down.

How much does it cost

There are a range of ticketing options for the event, the most cost effective and beneficial to supporting the Open Rights Organisation is the ability to receive a free ticket should you sign up to donate to this worthy organisation before the event takes place. If you join the Open Rights Group before the event you can secure yourself a free ticket worth £35 and also support an excellent cause in the process.

For those of you who are already members an £8 “early bird” ticket was available which has now completely sold out reaffirming the popularity of this yearly event, however there is as of the time of publication of this article a £10 ticket for current members of ORG.

Those who are students or unwaged can also take advantage of a £10 ticket. All others wishing to attend that don’t fall in to one of the earlier categories or wish to sign up to make a worthwhile regular donation to the organisation can buy a ticket for £35.

Finally for those who have spare time, expertise and a willingness to help at the event a free ticket is available and those interested should contact ORG directly via [email protected].

Day 2 can be attended for an additional £3 which at less than the price of a bottle of water and a small snack at London prices isn’t bad at all.

Who are the Open Rights Group

The Open Rights Group are a UK organisation who campaign for digital rights and openness of the internet. Their main areas of concern pertain to a free society without unaccountable surveillance and censorship. They actively pursue avenues to ensure the state is transparent and accountable. They support the understanding and education of users regarding their digital rights thus allowing free and creative individuals.

A full and in depth guide to their goals and how they achieve them can be seen at the Open Rights Group about page.

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