NordVPN roll out built in malware & advert protection

NordVPN malware protection

NordVPN have rolled out a security suite as part of their VPN service called CyberSec.

Users of the NordVPN service will now not only have VPN protection they will also have additional protection against security risks.

When connected to the NordVPN network users will now be protected against malware, have intrusive adverts automatically blocked and be protected from being used by botnets to launch DDoS attacks even if the device is infected with malware.

Value Added Features

The VPN market has become incredibly crowded in the recent years and there are now so many services it is difficult for consumers to choose.

With many offering a similar level of service it is often difficult to separate providers.

Pricing has already been forced low by the high level of competition so VPN providers are ever looking for ingenious ways to increase the value of their service.

Security protection

NordVPN have taken the bold step to include added security features automatically introducing services that are traditionally offered by virus checkers such as AVG, Kaspersky and others.

Users are not automatically required to make use of the new service but can enable it if they wish.

Services that originally offered protection products have for some time been trying to make headway into the VPN market with AVG purchasing HideMyAss in 2015 and Kaspersky offering their “Secure Connection” service.

One size fits all

The new security features offered by NordVPN are not a replacement for users usual anti-virus software but they do introduce another layer of security that will be welcomed by many.

  • Shield against malware

When a user attempts to visit a website that is known to serve up malware it is automatically blocked by CyberSec meaning there is no chance of the malware infecting the user.

  • Avoid botnet control

If a user of NordVPN has previously been infected with malware the CyberSec solution will halt any use of the system to take part in DDoS attacks against other organisations. While it won’t remove the issue it will stop it in its tracks.

  • Avoid annoying ads

Adverts have become the bane of many internet users browsing. From annoying pop-up ads to potentially dangerous ones the CyberSec solution blocks ads at the source so the user never needs to experience them.

CyberSec is available now for all current and future customers as part of the standard package price. It is currently working on the Windows and Mac edition of the VPN software and can be enabled in the settings area.

New users interested in taking advantage can use the button below to sign-up to NordVPN.

Christopher Seward

Author: Christopher Seward

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