NordVPN launch dedicated Linux VPN app

NordVPN Linux

NordVPN has announced the latest app in their VPN arsenal for Linux systems.

Linux is massively under-resourced when it comes to dedicated VPN support. With their new app release, NordVPN’s Linux VPN app aims to plug a gap in the market.

While many VPN providers offer apps for more mainstream platforms such as Windows and Mac plus apps for mobile devices running Android or iOS many lack on supporting Linux systems.

What’s new in the Linux app

Linux is often thought of as a system intended solely for ‘geeks’ or those ‘who know what they’re doing’. While in some respects this is true there are less able users who enjoy the security and benefits of Linux.

NordVPN intends to tap into this market and has removed the complicated set-up process required to use their VPN service on the Linux platform.

The new app is as plug-in-and-play as it can be on a Linux system. After initial set-up users can simply issue the “nordvpn connect” command to get connected instantly.

CMO of NordVPN, Marty P. Kamden said: “We have a strong belief that online privacy and security should be accessible to everyone with a connected device, no matter what operating system they are using”.

Going on to say “Most VPN providers offer Linux connectivity without the app support, and that is not always the easiest way, especially for beginners. That’s why we did our best to create a simple app with minimum setup, dedicated especially for Linux users”

Linux App features

Most importantly, NordVPN has ported some of their most critical features from their other apps. This includes their CyberSec service and Kill Switch function.

CyberSec is a dedicated mode that stops malware, phishing, adverts and other types of trackers from infiltrating your connection.

Alongside this the built-in ‘Kill Switch’ ensures that should the VPN connection drop for any reason the internet connection is cut retaining your privacy.

Previously features like these were unavailable easily and would need to be manually configured along with actual connection on Linux systems. The new NordVPN Linux app does away with that need.

The Linux client has no graphical interface and so retains the command-line type structure that most Linux users will be accustomed to.

Alongside the Linux specific features users gain access to all the regular service features. This includes the ability to use one account on up to 6 devices at the same time and an option to switch between UDP and TCP protocols.

Furthermore, users will be able to connect to one of 4,901 VPN servers at the time of writing in 62 different countries across the world.

Apps, apps and more apps

Alongside the new Linux client, NordVPN offers dedicated apps for Windows and Mac OS computer systems and mobile or tablet devices running Android or Apple iOS such as the iPhone and iPad.

If you’re interested in checking out the new NordVPN app take advantage of their latest deals by clicking the link below.


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